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Rider Down

Hannes Klausner’s story



Mountain bike team rider Hannes Klausner had a crash that could have easily ended his career. In his TSG saved my life story he tells you why he wasn’t knocked out totally.

story by HANNES KLAUSNER – photos by ROMAN KLOTZ

A Day like any other

Entrance check. Get ready. Focus. Go. A Day like any other. Been out riding and shooting. Aggressive and fast trail riding as I love it.

mountain biker Hannes Klausner

Ritual. Last check of the trail entrance. Line choice is crucial.

mountain biking on the trail

Hannes loves to find and use natural berms. Extremely good support in loose and slippery trail conditions and a lot of fun to gain propulsion from the counterpressure. Aggressive riding the way he likes it best.

Out on trails I know very well. Trails I know every single root, every single rock and every single hole on.

Trails I really know my lines on. Trails I feel comfortable on going fast.

Mountain biker trail biking freeride

Full Speed. When you fly over bumps like roots or stones and get support and control again when the front tyre touches down. That’s where flow comes in!

A good day

A good day spending time in my comfort zone doing what I love most. A day feeling super well on my bike and being happy with my riding.

mountain biker in the sunlight

What a mood of light. Hannes loves being in the forest. Absolute happy place.

TSG Sentinel Helmet custom by Hannes Klausner

Concentrated look back at a tricky part of the trail and the question in him if another line is possible there. It’s definitely worth a try. Let’s go!

Good fun. Good times. Good day. Pretty much all perfect.

Hannes Klausner Mountain biker on the trail

Trail mode. Fully in preparation for the approaching next section.

Hannes Klausner Mountain biker on the trail

Set high to be early enough for the rest of the section and take the speed with you. This is the only way to maintain the flow. You sometimes have to accept that you have to cross higher roots.

All of a sudden everything changed

But then. All of a sudden everything changed.

I still don´t exactly know what happened, but I went down hard on a very fast section right in between the trees.

I went down and it felt like one of the hardest impacts I ever had.

Not rolling down the hill after going over the bars. Not loosing my front tire and sliding down the trail. Just a very hard impact that stopped me on point and felt really painful.

A tough one.

Rider Down TSG Saved my life

Rider Down. The moment shortly after everything has taken a different course than originally planned. That’s when you have to lie still for a while. But everything was going really well.

Rider Down TSG Saved my life

After staying on the ground for quite some time to even realize what just happened, I got checked in hospital and luckily walked away with no major injuries. Scratches and bruises all over and a sore body like never before, but no broken bones and no major inner damages.

A crash that could have easily ended my career, but also a crash that left me extremely thankful to be alive and be able to come back to do what I love most.

Super thankful for the high-quality pads and helmet

Such a privilege.

TSG saved my life

Looking back, I´m also super thankful for the high-quality pads and helmet that helped a lot to protect me from bigger injuries on this one and for every single gym session to keep my body fit and be able to take slams like this without being fully knocked out.

A day that ended a lot different than planned, but happy and thankful to be alive after a crash that could have ended a lot worse.

After a crash that could have changed the rest of my life pretty much. Make sure to keep your body fit and use high quality protection if you´re keen to get out there and ride bikes properly. It´s an amazing sport that we have and so much fun to shred bikes down the hill and through the woods, but it´s also a dangerous one.

You wanna keep riding bikes a lot longer, right?

Get out, enjoy the ride but make sure to stay safe and protect yourself.


Click to visit Hannes’ rider profile.


Check out Hannes riding gear:

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Brand new


Designed with women riders

We are really excited that our brand new women’s mtb apparel line designed in collaboration with legendary sportwear designer and athlete Heida Birgisdottir is now available.

We have been making bike apparel since 2014 but 2022 will be the first year that we are delivering a women’s specific apparel line to all women out there shredding the trails, parks and single tracks, or just pounding the tarmac on heavy commutes to work.

The line consists of two technical long sleeve riding jerseys, the Floral LS and Race Jersey LS and two short sleeve riding jerseys, the Floral SS and Trio Jersey SS. The performance all-mountain Ridge Shorts and the Ridge DH pants are designed for race days, days out on the trails and beyond.

Kara Beal TSG women mtb apparel

Mountainbiker and YouTube star Kara Beal riding in out new women’s line.

Designed to make a day in the saddle more comfortable

Each piece is brimming with bike specific features designed to make a day in the saddle more comfortable, safer and of course more stylish. Jersey’s are built from a quick drying, moisture wicking stretch fabric with zonal airflow panels for freedom of movement and a cool comfortable ride even when putting the pedal to the metal. This is complemented by both race heritage design on the Race Jersey and Trio, while the Floral SS and LS feature a subtle pattern inspired by rain forests.

Our playground is the nature

Kara Beal TSG women mtb apparel

The Floral Jerseys come in a short- and long-sleeved version and both rock a cool rain forest inspired pattern print.

Kara Beal TSG women mtb apparel

“Most of the time when designing prints I’m inspired by nature,” says Heida. “Rain forests feel exotic, are so beautiful and diverse, home to hundreds of plant and tree species. And they are also essential to our planet but endangered. We all need to be more aware and protect and respect nature our planet. For us mountain bikers, our playground is the nature, and that’s why I felt this was the right path to go with the print.”

TSG Ridge Shorts for women

Light and stretchy with a great comfortable fit for a long day in the saddle: TSG’s new women mountain bike shorts and pants.

Both the Ridge Pant and Ridge Short are built from a toughened 4-way stretch fabric for freedom and flex, with double stitching adding to their durability for seasons worth of riding. A high-waist with an inner anti-slip band and extra stretch back yolk provide secure fit and comfort in and out of the saddle. While a race-ratchet closure delivers a confident fit with on-the-fly adjustability.

We wanted to work with a women designer that rides bikes as well

Designed specifically with the needs of women bikers in mind Heida Birgisdottir was a logical choice to design the collection. As well as having over 20 years experience designing women’s riding gear – including for her own label Nikita, the vanguard of women’s snowboard gear – Heida is a dab hand on a bike as well as boards.

Throughout my carrier as a designer I’ve also been the end customer for the product

Heida Birgitsdotter Mountainbiking women

Heida testing the new gear herself in the islandic playground.

“Throughout my carrier as a designer I’ve also been the end customer for the product,” says Heida. “I would never feel true to myself as a designer or to the brand if I wasn’t involved in the sport that I’m designing for.”

When we decided, we wanted to work on a women line, Heida was the first person who came to our mind. We didn’t want a man designing it because of the female specific cuts and fit. So an expert like Heida was the obvious choice.”

Kara Beal TSG women mtb apparel

The jerseys are made from a very light, quick drying, breathable fabric.

Like all TSG gear this new women’s bike line is on the cutting edge of performance and functionality with style an evident nice addition to the package. It is also lighter and more stretchy than the men’s editions. Perfectly tailored to the female shredders who are going to be blasting around in it.

The Women’s Bike Apparel line has now hit the trails, so keep your eyes pealed as it will fly out of the shops as fast as TSG rider Kara Beal points it down hill.

Kara Beal TSG women mtb apparel

Great to perform in, Kara is shredding down the trail.

Check out the whole line TSG women’s mtb apparel line

In this video below, Kara talks you through each piece of the line:

Eurobike 2022

Meet & Greet the TSG Pro Team

Signing Session at public day

Eurobike brings together our top riders and we are happy to announce that you can meet & greet them at our booth at Public Day. Or win a set of signed posters.

I. Meet & Greet at Eurobike 2022

Seven of our mountain bike and BMX team riders will be visiting Eurobike trade show in Frankfurt a.M., Germany from July 13th-17th. The first 3 days are reserved for business only, but at the weekend the Eurobike opens its doors for the public and you get the unique opportunity to sneak peak all the great new stuff that hits the stores next season.

Eurobike 2019.TSG

Sam Pilgrim is entertaining the crowd at Eurobike 2019.

II. Signing Session at public day

Meet & Greet UK mountain bike youtube stars Sam Pilgrim and Kara Beal, Swedish Slopestyle machine Max Fredriksson, freestyle mtb shredder Marc Diekmann, one of the best bmx female riders Lara Lessmann, BMX young talent Lennox Zimmermann and German mountain biker Jonas Sonnenberg.

They bring new signing cards for you. And will for sure throw some TSG gear into the crowd as they did in the previous signing sessions.

Saturday, 16.7.2022
TSG Booth: 12.1 D32
13:00 – 13:45 pm

TSG Signign Cards at Eurobike 2019

The team signed posters for more than an hour.

III. Win if you can’t make it to Eurobike

Can’t make it too Eurobike? We give away 5 packs of hand signed A5 posters from our riders. Email us your address and tell us who is your favorite rider of the TSG bike team.

Send email to: info@ridetsg.com

Put into email header: I want to win!

Closing date for entries: 01.08.2022

Competition Terms: The competition is open to all European residents. All entries submitted correctly by 01. August 2922 will be entered into the draw. The winners will be selected by TSG employees behind closed doors. Prizes will be delivered to European addresses only. No cash alternative. Participants will be contacted using the contact details provided. If TSG does not receive a response within ten calendar days (based on the date of receipt by TSG), the winner shall forfeit their prize and TSG shall be entitled to draw a new winner. By entering the competition, participants agree to the data they provide being stored for the duration of the competition and used for the purposes of conducting the prize draw. Substantive Swiss law applies exclusively. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the competition. The judges’ decision is final. By entering the competition, participants agree to the conditions of participation.

The perfect surf camp


Offering surf camps and surf lessons since 1993




Wavetours represents quality and safety. With a welcoming approach, the team is always happy to offer their guests the best support finding their dream surf camp. That’s why we are proud to work with them at some of their camps.

If you are interested in trying out surfing, Wavetours is the place to go. From family surf camps in France, to surf houses in Portugal, surf hostels in Spain and even some exciting surf destinations beyond the European borders, they offer surf camps all over the world.

Foremost on the French Atlantic coast, Wavetours has been known as a pioneer since 1993 when they opened their first surf camp in Léon. TSG is proud to be the official safety partner of Wavetours. We support them in building branded skate ramps and provide their test centres with safety products for surf camp guests.

Moliet Plage Wavetours Surf Camp

Learn to surf with the specialists.

TSG has equipped 3 test centres at their camps on the French Atlantic coast with TSG helmets and protector kits in different sizes. At Moliet Plage you can find a  TSG supported mini ramp and a longboarding and skateboarding test centre. In the Wavetours area in St. Girons Plage, we set up a longboarding test centre for the 24plus and Family camps and helped to build a really cool rental station. Our third longboarding test centre is located at the Wavetours Familycamp in Biscarrosse Plage, where we as well helped to create a nice and inviting rental station.

Find out more about Wavetours and their camps by visiting www.wavetours.com

Moliet Plage Wavetours Surf Camp skateboard

Get some surfing skills…

Moliet Plage Wavetours Surf Camp skateboard

…and have fun in the mini ramp.

St Girons Wavetours Surfer

St Girons Wavetours Surfer

After the lessons the surf instructors enjoy the swell.

Want to see what gear is available at the camps?

Check out our helmets and protection for skateboarding 

New helmet

The TSG Geo Helmet

Reshaping the sphere of head protection

TSG Geo: The bike helmet for urban design lovers!

video & photos by Dmitri Shushuyev


I. Introducing a revolutionary new look in urban bike helmets

Our brand-new Geo is a first in urban bike helmet design. We sketched the helmet in collaboration with Dr. Holger Hoffmann, the founder of Berlin-based paper art company, Papertrophy. Its angular silhouette references the defining geometric forms of Papertrophy’s award-winning creations, producing an urban bike helmet that it is safe as it is design savvy.

TSG Geo Helmet urban bike helmet LED light

The Geo reshapes the sphere of head protection with its polygonal silhouette.

The Geo’s In-Mold construction incorporates a ten hole ventilation system for ultimate climate control plus Dial-Fit system adjustability and removable sizing inserts that provide hassle-free customizable fit and comfort. A removable LED rear light and reflective detailing add to the GEO’s visibility on the road, making this the ultimate cool two-wheeler’s head protection for city riders.

TSG Geo Helmet urban bike helmet with LED light

Stay visible with a removable LED light and reflective details.

TSG Geo Helmet urban bike helmet with LED light

Initiated by our late CEO and product developer Ruedi Herger, we had the idea of an angular helmet design in our heads for a while but couldn’t bring it to life on our own. So when we discovered Papertrophy’s creations, we immediately got in touch with Holger to collaborate in the creation of this unique looking helmet.

“In my opinion, the result is amazing!”

stated Ruedi after we received the first samples.

TSG Geo Helmet urban bike helmet

The bike helmet for urban design lovers

II. Minimalist polygonal structure creating a noble surface texture

Papertrophy was founded in Berlin, in 2015, by Dr. Holger Hoffmann and makes paper animal trophies, that are delivered as pre-cut and pre-folded kits. The buyer then glues them together to make their own deer, elephant or rhinos, staying true to the company motto: “don’t shoot them – glue them”. The products’ look is inspired by old-fashioned animal trophies, but transformed into timeless animal-friendly form, with their minimalist polygonal structure creating a noble surface texture.

Papertrophy & TSG Geo Helmet cooperation

The Geo helmet and Papertrohy share the same minimalist polygonal structure.

Find a 10% discount code for your new Papertrophy wall art in the Geo helmet box.

Papertrophy has been awarded a host of international awards for its design, including the iFDesign Award 2016 and the German Design Award 2017.

And TSG are so excited to bring this design pedigree to the streets in the form of the Geo. This unique urban cycling helmet is certified to CE EN 1078 and CPSC specifications and is a key product in the 2022 summer collection.

urban biker with TSG Geo Helmet in Tallin Estland

The Geo helmet seen in the streets of Tallinn.

It is available in solid black in XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL and XXL.

Shop from mid April:


Nendaz Freeride 2022

official sponsor

Nendaz Freeride is back in 2022 and TSG is happy to once again be the official helmet supplier.

The Nendaz Freeride is one of the biggest freeride competitions in the world. The best skiers and snowboarders of the Freeride World Qualifiers gather to secure a place on the Freeride World Tour the following year.

The ten-day event includes a total of seven competitions (Junior, 1* FWQ, 2* FWQ, 3* FWQ, 4* FWQ, Kids and Backcountry Invitational), more than 500 participants, a music and film festival and two competition villages in the ski area and on the mountain.

TSG helmet blowup at Nendaz Freeride

TSG blowup tent on the event site.

Backcountry Invitational by Nendaz Freeride

The first event on the Nendaz Freeride 2022 calendar will be the Backcountry Invitational, hosted by Tanner Hall. The event weather window runs from 28th January to 13th February 2022. 48 hours in advance, the organisers announce the date of the contest to find the best weather during the week.

Some huge names in the backcountry freestyle world will compete in a head-to-head battle format. Keep an eye on the Nendaz Freeride Instagram for further details and lots of content.


The BC Invitational will be followed by the Nendaz Freeride 2022, which will take place between 25th February 2022 and 9th March 2022.

Discover more here: nendazfreeride.ch

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Cooperation with the professional association for snowboarding in Germany

Snowboard Germany

Supporting their Junior Freestyle Tour and Junior National Team




TSG has cooperated with Snowboard Germany for several years and is happy to support their Junior Freestyle Tour and to be the safety gear supplier for their Junior National Team.

The Junior Freestyle Tour (JFT) is the biggest freestyle snowboarding contest series in Germany and is looking for the best up-and-coming park shredders.

The idea is to learn new tricks, exchange ideas and gain contest experience. An essential part of the JFT are the Coaching Days including photo sessions. Together with experienced coaches from local clubs and Snowboard Germany, the riders can get together in the park and work on their skills for the following contests that are divided into the age groups U12, U15 and Open. The best riders can win cool prizes as well as points for the JFT overall ranking and the international World Snowboard Tour. No wonder the JFT has become the stomping ground for all young freestyle snowboarders in Germany!

“We are proud to help Snowboard Germany develop their young guns at various levels.”

Snowboard Germany’s Junior National Team has proved very successful in previous years bringing up riders such as Leon Vockensperger, Annika Morgan, André Hoeflich, TSG’s Leilani Ettel, or Johannes Hoepfl.

Learn more about Snowboard Germany, the JFT and the Junior National Team by visiting www.snowboardgermany.com

FIS BIG AIR Goetschen 2021

The FIS Big Air Goetschen is part of the Junior Freestyle Tour. Photo by Andrea Mohaupt

podium Big Air Götschen 2021

Men Podium at 2021 Big Air in Goetschen. Photo by Andrea Mohaupt.

Junior National Snowboard Team Germany 2022

The 2022 Junior National Team. From left to right: Heli Bockhorni, Jakob Ganserer, Peter Lotz, Yugala Perach, Anne Hedrich.

For the tour calendar check this link: Junior Freestyle Tour

Design. Plan. Build


The Masters of Action Sport Parks




We are proud to collaborate with action sports park planners and builders Schneestern to keep their hard working staff and engineers safe in TSG Helmets emblazoned with a custom Schneestern graphic.

This partnership is a match made in heaven, or at least among the bumps, jumps and transitions of pump tracks, skate parks, trails and snowparks the world over. TSG builds premium protection for the action sports communities. While Scheestern is delivering the infrastructures and obstacles on which riders can go crazy.

Schneestern has been building progressive winter and summer parks since 1999 and knows a lot about balancing fun and progression with safety. “As a company in the action sport industry, we are well aware of the risk these sports involve”, they state. “And we see it as our duty to safeguard the users of the parks we design and protect our construction crews and shapers – our most valuable asset – who build them.”

With their lightweight, low-profile hardshell design and customisable fit, the Gravity helmet for winter and the Evolution helmet for biking and skateboarding are the perfect protection for the Schneestern crews and at least now they have an excuse to be testing their own builds.

From massive snow projects that include the slopestyle course at the Pyoenchang Olympics to the Oberhof Bike Park, Urban Sports Park Salem and all obstacles beyond TSG has got the Schneestern crews covered!

Learn more about Schneestern by visiting https://www.schneestern.com/en/

Schneestern TSG Helmet on shaper

Schneestern Shaper preparing the park

Schneestern TSG Helmet

Customer TSG x Schneestern helmet for the staff

Schneestern TSG Helmet

Snowboard Park rail

Staff testing the park, safely protected with TSG Gravity helmet and goggles.

Schneestern Snowboard Park Crans Montana

Schneestern set up in Crans Montana . Photo by Theo Acworth.

Schneestern Ischgl

Slope Fun in Ischgl

Schneestern Skatepark Neuaubing

Skate Park in Neu-Aubing, Germany. Photo by Panik Steiner.

Schneestern Bikepark Linz

And a nice example for a pump track in Linz, Austria. Photo by Matthias Schwarz.

Read more about our Collabs & Friends


team news

BMX team roster just went golden

Marin Rantes, Declan Brooks and Daniel Dhers now ride TSG



We are super excited to announce the addition of three brand new BMX riders, Marin Rantes (CRO), Declan Brooks (GBR) and Daniel Dhers (VEN) to our Global BMX Team.

TSG’s BMX global team roster just went golden with the inclusion of three of the disciplines brightest and boldest stars: Croatian 2021 UCI World Championship winner Marin Rantes; UK’s Tokyo BMX Freestyle Bronze medallist Declan Brooks; and the legendary Venezuelan master of freestyle and park and winner of Silver at the Tokyo Games, Daniel Dhers.

We are really proud of all the squads who ride TSG protection

I. Best BMX team ever

They join veteran team members Daniel “the flying Dutchman” Wedemeijer, a medal winning local of the Area51Skatepark and coach to the future stars of Dutch BMX; Australian star of the Vans flicks, Illustrated and Welcome to Cult and 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup world Champion Jason Watts; Olympian and UCI, national and NASS multi-medal winning German freestyler, Lara Lessmann; Vans Pro Cup winner, and arguably the best female bowl rider in the world, Teresa Fernandez-Miranda; Anthony Jeanjean, an Olympian, European Champion and French Champion; and the newest recruit to the squad, and one of the most respected bowl and park riders on the planet Paul Thoelen.

Not the sort of team you would want to challenge in a game of quick fire tricks.

Declan Brooks TSG BMX Team Rider Adrenalin Alley

Declan Brooks. Photo by @adamlvphotography

“We are really proud of all the squads who ride TSG protection,” says TSG founder and CEO Ruedi Herger, “but especially of our newly fired up BMX crew. Marin, Declan and Daniel will bring so much raw talent, dynamism and pure fun to what is already a solid crew of rippers and they are going to test our protection kit to its limits wherever they ride.”

II. Daniel decided for TSG even before he signed up

“I’m psyched to be biking for a brand I’ve looked up to since I was a kid,” says legendary BMX star Daniel Dhers. Daniel won the Silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, rocking the Meta helmet before he had even signed up to the team. Daniel is no stranger to the podium, with 5 gold XGames medals, the first ever FISE World Series Championship gold and medals from the Baltic Games and UCI circuit.

BMX is more than a sport, is a culture

Check out Daniel Dhers profile page

Daniel Dhers TSG BMX Team Rider

Who can resist that laugh? photo by Donald Barros

III. Marin is stoked to join the TSG BMX family

Croatian rider Marin Rantes is also amped to be shredding under the gold standard protection of TSG: “TSG are like family,” he glows after joining up. “And they make the most comfy helmets and pads.” Marin first made a name for himself when his arsenal of whips, flips and spins earned him the title of best BMX rider in Croatia and since then he’s won a host of titles, including gold at the 2018 UCI World Cup and 2021 UCI World Championships. No surprise then that he’s pegged as one of the best freestyle BMXers in the world.

Amazing brand with the most comfy helmets and pads

Read more about Marin Rantes here

Marin Rantes TSG BMX Team Rider

The best rider from Croatia and beyond.

IV. Declan has never felt safer than with his new TSG helmet

Rocking the Dawn helmet and hailing from Portsmouth, in the UK, Declan Brooks is the last – but certainly not least – additive to the team, and joins sporting a shiny new bronze medal from the BMX Freestyle contest at the Tokyo Olympics. “I’m super stoked to have been put on the most prestigious protection brand in the actions sports world,” declares Declan. “And I’m looking forward to working with TSG for many years to come.” With a bronze at the European BMX Championships, in Valmiera and silver in the Freestyle World Cup in 2019, Declan now has his sights trained on the Paris Olympics, so if you want to see some world-class trickery head down to his home spot, Adrenaline Alley.

I’m riding the TSG Dawn Helmet and I have never felt safer.

Get to know Declan Brookes

Declan Brooks TSG BMX Team Rider

Feeling at home in Adrenalin Alley. Photo by @adamlvphotography

The BMX team rides with these TSG helmets and pads:

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Released now


A Pirate Movie Production with Snowboarder Gigi Rüf




DRIVEN is a film about the motivation, inspiration and drive that fuels a three-year snowboard movie project featuring TSG team rider Gigi Rüf together with John Jackson, Manuel Diaz & Victor Daviet.

DECEMBER 6, 2021

Watch Driven

Three-year harvest captured with state-of-the-art filming equipment

In a time of 12 second Instagram Reels and disposable TikTok clips, all shot on devices that fit in your pocket, DRIVEN bears the fruits of a three-year harvest captured with state-of-the-art filming equipment, deployed by some of the most experienced professionals in the business.

snowboarder Gigi Rüf

photo by @maxbaloo

This is a film about what drives these four men to snowboard.

And this movie will definitely drive you to go snowboarding!

snowboarder Gigi Rüf

photo by @erikhoffmanphoto

DRIVEN follows these four powder hounds across America, Austria, Canada, Japan and Kamchatka. The crew spent one month in each location to maximise potential, while minimising their carbon footprint.

The most unique locations around the world

Pro snowboarders are lucky enough to visit places that many can only dream of. And DRIVEN transports viewers to far-out corners of the world they may not otherwise get to experience. From the steep, snow-capped pillows of British Columbia to the ash scorched slopes of Kamchatka’s volcanic mountains which overlook the Pacific Ocean. Visiting far flung places to go snowboarding elevates the risk factor. And so working with a tight knit crew is essential, which forms life-long bonds.

snowboarder Gigi Rüf

photo by @erikhoffmanphoto

DRIVEN explores the camaraderie formed by such bonds. It shows the different ways our four heroes decompress, motivate and thrive together. But what is a rider’s biggest concern making a movie over three years? “Seeing if our riding and work from three years ago would stand the test of time and stay relevant,” puzzles Gigi Rüf. 

By Pirate Movie Production & Red Bull Media House.

Driven -Gigi Rüf

photo by @maxbaloo

Gigi always rides safe with our Gravity Helmet:

read more about Gigi Rüf here