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Bike safety tips for kids

Kids Bike Helmet Guide

What helmet should I buy for my biking kids?



Read on for our tips on finding the right helmet to keep your kids safe while biking.

Find the right helmets for biking kids

In this guide, we’ll provide practical advice on selecting the appropriate helmet for your child’s biking needs. We’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing a helmet and how to match it with your child’s biking activities to ensure their safety.

A comfortable secure fit is key

TSG Kids Helmets Nipper Mini

Keep them safe while having fun.

What makes a good fitting helmet? 


A kid’s helmet should fit snuggly without wobbling around and should definitely not obscure their vision. A comfortable secure fit will boost them confidence, not distract their minds from riding and keep their mellow in one piece when they do come off.


Good helmets come with adjustability and range from easy micro adjustments with sizing wheel – not to be used to fit an oversized helmet in the hope that they might grow into it – and removable sizing pads. These are a feature of skateboard and slopestyle helmets, and different thicknesses of sizing pads can be used to get the perfect fit. These helmets are lightweight, provide superb coverage and unimpaired lines of sigh and are perfect for kids stepping up their freestyle game.


Children are still growing and their necks are not yet as strong as a full-grown adult. Therefore, a light helmet is an advantage. Our smallest helmets are all built in a lightweight in-mold construction and start at a weight of 210 gr.

What type of helmets is the best for my kid?

Helmets for Mini Kids / Starting out

Kids starting out on a balance bike or riding with stabilizers need a snug fitting helmet, with a deep fit that provides full coverage, including the back and sides of the head. It is also advisable to avoid having a peak, as super groms tend to keep their heads down when they start out.

TSG Kids Helmets Nipper Mini

Helmets should fit low without restricting the vision.

TSG recommends:

Nipper Mini helmet  & Nipper Maxi helmet

Our lightest helmets in the line and the first inmold half shell helmets every made when we launched them back in 2010. Our Snug Fit does not need a dial adjustment system. The Nipper helmets simply fit perfectly and, thanks to their low fit, also cover the child’s temples and the back of the head securely. The Mini Version protects heads from 48-51 cm head circumference. Maxi from 52-54 cm. 

Meta helmet

The Meta is a helmet model for life. We offer it in a total of 4 shell sizes and within the shell sizes there are also size adjustments. So you can start with it as a toddler and as your head grows, you will always find a suitable Meta helmet. Lightweight Inmold construction with integrated size adjustment system. Smallest size Meta starts at 48 cm head circumference

Helmets for Trail riding kids

Once your kids are out riding trails they’ll need to change up their helmet. Firstly, ensure that the helmet has fine tune-ability with either removable pads or a dial system and once fitted the helmet should not move backwards or forwards, so it doesn’t distract them while riding and stays firm in bails – always good to remind them that the chin strap is not decoration but an essential part of the helmet. Also the harder they ride the hotter they will get, so ventilation is key to keeping them comfortable.

TSG kids Trail Helmets with removable chin bar

You can remove the chin bar on the Seek Youth FR helmet and convert it into a open-face helmet.

TSG recommends:

Seek helmet

The Seek helmet is robust thanks to its hard shell construction and super ventilated with 17 large air vents. For kids we offer it from 52 cm head circumference (size XXS/XS).

 Seek Youth FR helmet (with or without mounted chin bar)

The Seek Youth FR comes with a chin bar that can be optionally removed. This means you have two helmets in one.

As your child begins to push the envelope on progression and starts going bigger, faster and higher, you might want to consider a half-shell skate style lid design for more protective coverage.

biking kid on a pump track

A halfshell skate-style helmet like the Evolution Youth covers all sensible parts of the head.

TSG recommends:

Evolution Youth helmet

The Evolution Youth features a tough ABS hardshell in a shell size optimised for youth and young adult riders. The low profile skate-style fit fully protects temples and nape.

Nipper Maxi helmet

Helmets for Park/BMX kids

When your young recruit moves into the park the frequency and severity of slams goes through the roof, so their helmet needs to be even more protective with a deeper fit for more coverage for the back and sides of their skull. A secure fit is imperative in these conditions and it’s also worth noting that they will be spotting landings so a clear field of vision is essential.

Lennox Zimmermann at Butcher Jam in Flensburg

Lennox Zimmermann goes big on his bmx and needs to rely on a helmet that fits perfectly and protects all sides of his head. His choice: The Evolution Youth helmet.

TSG recommends:

Evolution Youth helmet

Nipper Maxi helmet

Helmet for Urban kids

Urban riding is perhaps the most frequent type of biking that your child will do, so comfort, lightness and perfect fit are paramount. We recommend that you choose a helmet with a deep fit and nice overall head coverage, as concrete and cars have big consequences for bikers. Also, on a more ephemeral note, always consider the aesthetic taste of your child, as they will be keener to wear a helmet if they think it is cool. We offer a great selection of colors and designs.

kids bike protection urban biking

Let your kids cruise around town with friends and know they’re well protected with our Meta helmet.

Happy biking kid with helmet

The Nipper Maxi helmet is super light, safe and comfortable.

TSG recommends:

Nipper Maxi helmet, & Nipper Mini helmet

Meta helmet

Evolution Youth helmet

Little child with helmet on a balance bike in the pump track

Let’s go outside and have some fun.

Want guidance on bike protective gear for kids? Then click here: Kids Bike Protective Gear Guide

Bike safety tips for kids

Kids Bike Protection Guide

What protective gear should I buy for my biking kids?



Read on for our tips on finding the right protective gear to keep your kids safe while biking.

Find the right protective gear for biking kids

Kids have no mental brakes when it comes to biking as they haven’t yet earned the forethought that experience brings. It is therefore the responsibility of us parents to step in but with no hope of slowing their learning curve all we can do is make sure they’re padded up to keep them riding happy.

There are a few key questions that need to be asked when padding up your children and hopefully the following feature will give you the answers you need.

So here goes: Droppin’!

TSG Kids Protective Gear Junior-Set

It’s more fun when the first tries don’t hurt.

What to consider when buying kids’ pads?

Protecting your child’s head is of paramount importance but if you really want to keep them safe then perhaps you should consider rigging them up with elbow, knee and shin protectors. This is certainly important if they’re keen to take their riding to the park.  

A good secure fit is essential when buying knee and elbow pads as slippage is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, as you don’t want pads sliding around in bails. If possible get your child to try on the pads for a guaranteed fit.

We recommend choosing ergonomically shaped pads that mimic the little ripper’s riding position and stay fitted around the joint.

Smart foam padding is also good as it molds to the kid’s form and is comfortable as well as protective.

kids bike protection

Better to pad your kid’s knees and shins when they check out the local bike park.

Bike protection for mini kids / Starting out

At this stage of a grom’s biking history they are going to spend plenty of time rolling about on their pads, so hard capped protection is recommendable for durability. Kids’ sets are two a penny and can be cheap but remember you get what you pay for. Better quality pads are a fraction more expensive but the benefits of better fit, comfort and protection will ensure your loved one is keener to wear them.

kids bike protection

Kids have less frustration and therefore more fun if they wear good protectors on their knees and elbows right from the start.

TSG recommends:

TSG Junior Set

A high quality beginner’s set including knee pads, elbow pads and wristguards. State-of.the art manufacturing with flatlock seams for maximum durability.

TSG JR Plain-Set

Same as the Junior Set but without the Wristguard. Knee and Elbows perfectly padded.

TSG JR Skate-Set

A full set including knee pads, elbow pads and wristguard for a lower price. Same materials as Junior Set but a more simple sewing process in order to offer it for a more affordable price. 

(Tip: Use Elbow pads as knee pads for very slight kids when starting out.)

Bike protection for Trail riding kids

Now your little one has ditched the balance bike and outriggers and pushing hard on the pedals of progression its time to get them into knee and shin combos and elbow pads. Again, we advise that these pads fit snuggly with no movement; are ventilated for all-day comfort; and provide good coverage to defend against bails and the sharp teeth of pedals. Pre-shaped pads with ride-savvy articulation are top of our recommendation list, as they deliver a secure fit with less slippage and more comfort, which equals more time in the saddle.  

kids bike protection

TSG kids protectors are perfectly adapted to the body dimensions of the little shredders.

TSG recommends:

Youth Knee-Shin and Youth Elbow

These knee-shin and elbow pads  give your child full coverage with an pre-bended fit and strong protection. Available in two sizes. 

Junior Bike Set

This set is for the young ones that don’t fit into Youth Knee-Shin and Youth Elbow and it comes in an attractive price. 

Bike protection for medium to advanced kids pushing the limits

As your kids combine hard, fast riding with next-level tricks the risk of injury goes through the roof and the need to pad up with advanced protection is paramount. We recommend that knee and elbow pads provide good coverage and preferably are ergonomically pre-shaped for all-day comfort and wear-ability with a secure fit. On the legs there is an option to just protect the knee joint or go for full coverage with a knee and shin combo which can spare a rider some serious pedal scrapes or worse. The same goes for arms with combined elbow and forearm pads reducing the damage from slams and slides.

Once biking at this level it’s pointless telling your kids to “ride safe”. So if you can pad them up to the point where they’re protected then your job as parents is done and our purpose as a protection supplier to the action sports stars of the future is fulfilled. The safer we can make your kid’s journey from grom to pro the better.

kids bike protection

Dermis Knee-shin combo and full elbow protection for trail shredders.

TSG recommends:

Youth Knee-Sleeve Dermis Pro A and Youth Elbow Sleeve Dermis A

Softshell and really comfortable. The Dermis Sleeves are great for trail riding. They provide a good coverage and the ACF foam inside and the foam reliably absorbs the impact energy. Also a very good choice for bmx racing kids. 

Youth Kneeguard Escape A

The Escape A is our dirt pad for young riders. It reliably cushions your youngster’s knees when his riding becomes more aggressive. Thick layer of ACF foam inside a slip-free neoprene body.

kids bike protection

Maximum protection for kids knees with our Youth Kneeguard Escape A.

Let’s go and have some fun!

TSG kids protective gear

Find here an overview with a range of use chart for all TSG kids’ protective gear

range of use chart TSG kids protectors

Want to see all TSG Kids gear, click here.

new TSG eyewear

Loam Sunglasses

TSG launch their first sports-specific sunglasses for S23.



This summer sees the launch of our first sport-specific sunglasses

Sport-specific sunglasses

Designed with mountain bikers in mind, these performance wraparounds will really suit any serious cat that wants to look cool while getting sporty. From the track to the beach and back these flash sunnies scream pure class.

Try them and enjoy clear and safe vision whatever your sport

We designed the Loam for our team riders and their sports. Their secure fit, durability and all-round protection give them universal appeal on and off the sports arena.

Mountain biking women on the trail with TSG products

Clear and safe vision on any trails and light conditions.

mountain biking women with enduro helmet and performance sunglasses

Full protection

The Loam is equipped with interchangeable, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. They are 100% UV protective. And, for long-lasting clear vision and durability, they feature scratch resistant, anti-fog, and hydrophobic coatings.

TSG Loam sunglasses black with rainbow chrome lens

Full U- Protection.

Adjustable Fit

The Loam’s T90 frames are also full-on sports focused, featuring a featherweight, flexible and durable design. Adjustable TPE rubber nose pads and arm tips also add to their sportiness, give them ultra-grip for all sports.     

TSG Loam sunglasses with adjustable tips and nose pads.

Temple tips and nose pads are fully flexible to perfectly adjust to your face.

Storage case included

And to round off the Loam’s bundle of eye-love TSG also thrown in a case to keep them safe; and clear a clear lens for low-light visibility and protection.

TSG Loam eyewear case

The Loam comes with a nice and protective case that has an additional slot for the replacement lens (also included).

TSG Loam eyewear case

Oh, and we nearly forgot, the packaging is plastic-free and eco-friendly.

Enjoy the ride!

Explore the Loam here:

tradeshow news

TSG at Eurobike 2023

Come visit us


Come visit us at Eurobike in Frankfurt, Germany from Jun 21.-25.

TSG Eurobike 2023 Newbies

At this years Eurobike we present you some exciting new products launching in 2024. 

Find us in Hall 11.1  Booth # C10

Discover our new revolutionary open-face MTB enduro helmet with tool-free customisable side protection. Explore our newly structured glove collection with three new models up for grabs. It’s never been so easy to find the perfect glove for your ride. And don’t miss checking out our new bike apparel including Sam Pilgrim and Max Fredriksson’s New Jersey styles. 

Tom Cardy and Kara Beal already tested some of the new styles.

TSG line 2024 Eurobike

Tom stays cool in the super ventilated Grip Jersey L/S.

Kara Beal S24 TSG women bike apparel

Kara is visible in the wood with this striking Seen Jersey L/S in desert gust colour.

Eurobike Skyline Contest

we are stoked to be partner and supporter of the Eurobike Skyline Contest. During the public days you find us also in the outdoor area right next to the contest. Pass by F10.0 / E03 and turn our wheel of fortune or grab a signing card from our team riders during the signing session.

Signing session takes place:

Saturday at 15:00

Sunday at 12:45

Announced TSG bmx riders are:

Declan Brooks, Lara Lessmann, Teresa Fernández, Daniel Wedemeijer, Lennox Zimmermann,Timo Schulze and Tobias Freigang

Eurobike BMX Festival 2023

New team rider

Welcome to the TSG team Leonardo Vinicius

Skate prodigy Leonardo Vinicius joins TSG

We are over the moon at signing the vert skate prodigy, Leonardo Vinicius, to the team. From now on he’ll be rocking TSG protection. Welcome on board Leo!

Leonardo may only be 11, and in the words of Jason Ellis pushing “three foot high”, but his mastery of vert and prodigious pop have certainly put the cat among the pigeons in the world of skate.

“To be that little and go that high with the body power he has … It’s incredible …” blurts Ellis on Hawk Vs Wolf. And he’s even blown Hawk’s mind, with enough airtime for double airwalks which Tony once thought just were the stuff of THPS.

Leo Vinicius skateboarding vert

Almost touching the ceiling of Burgos.

“In 5 years I’ve gone from riding a skate for the first time to competing with the best in the world,” says Leo proudly of his meteoric rise. Last year he was invited to the World Skate Games in Argentina and scored a 16th place; and in May 2023 Leo will compete for the first time at the XGames, in Chiba, Japan. “Since I began skating I always watched videos of XGames to motivate me,” Leo writes on his Instagram account. “I could never have imagined being there so soon. But I am and now I’m going to enjoy it.”

My goal is to set milestones in skateboarding

Leo Vinicius skateboarder

Leo is trying on the new TSG gear.

Welcome on board Leo

Hopefully he will be able to enjoy it that little bit more, now he’s ripping in a TSG Kraken Helmet, Force III A Kneepads, Elbowpads and Crash Pants. “TSG has been a very good discovery,” says Leonardo of our new partnership. “In a single brand, I’ve got all the protection I need.” TSG are very proud to offer an incredible range of helmets and protective gear for young skaters that are made from the same materials and deliver the same performance as the adult version.

Sport is a way of understanding life

We are thrilled to have Leo as a new member of the TSG team. He is a young talent with balance and dedication that is second to none. We are here to support him right at the beginning of his promising career and look forward to the journey together!

Leo Vinicius skateboarding vert

Mind-blowing air time!

According to Leonardo, his skating is mainly self-taught, although his dad assumed the role of coach pretty early on and moved the family to the neighbourhood of the Burgos vert ramp so Leo can train daily.

Leo Vinicius portrait skateboarder

TSG has been a very good discovery. In a single brand, I’ve got all the protection I need

“Sport is a way of understanding life,” says the young Brazilian and Spaniard, sounding beyond his years. “My goal is to set milestones in skateboarding.”

He is already well on his way to doing that and we at TSG are stoked to keep him safe as he keeps on ticking them off.

Follow him on instagram: @leonardovinicius.skater and check out his rider Profile ridetsg.com/rider/leonardo_vinicius

YouTube player

Leonardo skates with the following TSG products

Internatinal Women’s Day 2023

Words of Wisdom from the TSG women’s Team

Learning the Hard Way on International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, on March 8th, we give seven of our women riders the opportunity to tell you about their experiences in the world of action sports.

Not always a level playing field our crew of rippers has had to go out on a limp to succeed in their chosen action sports. And while the jibe “you ride like a girl” may have at one time been a put down thanks to the likes of TSG women riders the expression is now a genuine compliment.

Find out how they made it to the top and feast on a few tasty titbits of advice and inspiration from the crew to help you on your ride.

I Aimee Fuller – snowboarder, broadcaster & author

Despite being born in the UK, far away from any mountains, Aimee Fuller become a professional snowboarder with two Winter Olympics under her belt.

Remove that layer of pressure. Get out there and have fun.

snowboarder Aimee Fuller

Aimee runs from meeting to event, broadcasts for BBC, writes a book in between, but there always has to be time for a few days of shredding in the mountains.

snowboarder Aimee Fuller

Listen what Aimee has to tell you:

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)


II Anna Pixner – downhill skateboarder

Austrian skater Anna Pixner is a true speed demon on her longboard, but also wildly courageous and inspiring off her board.

My sport thought me to not care what other people think about me. So just forget about the people around you, do what you enjoy and have fun.

downhill skateboarder Anna Pixner

Anna shares some advices with you:

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)

III Kara Beal – mountain biker and YouTube star

Kara Beal is blazing new trails on her MTB while inspirating up and coming girl mountain bikers the world over on her social media channels.

The best way to overcome fear is to trust in your own ability. Repetition for me is really good because it builds on my confidence.

female mountainbike rider Kara Beal

You can follow Kara’s mountain biking progress live on her YouTube channel. In the reel below she gives you tips on how to push yourself and grow on the trail.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)

IV Lara Lessmann – bmx rider

Lara Lessmann is a German pro BMXer who has paired luck with hard work to climb to the top of the global bike elite.

I’ve learned from my coach to ride with my heart and not my head.

bmx rider Lara Lessmann portrait of bmx rider Lara Lessmann

Did you encounter any difficulties when you first started your sport?

In my sport, BMX freestyle, I felt like everyone was always welcome, no matter where they were from or where you’re at. Of course, when you get older and start growing up, people don’t treat you like “their brother” anymore but as a respected woman. I really like that I always felt myself and it was like coming home when I came to the park. 

How did you end up doing bmx freestyle?

I started riding my bike because my older brother was very good at it. Unfortunately, he stopped a few years later. He still supports me and I think he’s very proud. I always tried to stay focused, doing what I love and going my own way. Sometimes it worked and sometimes maybe not so much but today I live in Berlin and I’m living the dream, riding my BMX and training every day to get better.

What do you suggest to overcome fears in your sport?

For me personally it helps to talk to friends about it. I’ve learned from my coach to ride with my heart and not my head. In extreme sports it’s not always easy to overcome your fears, especially for me as a woman, but there is no better feeling than when you land the trick you’ve trained for or dreamt of for years. It is very motivating to have friends trying the same trick or pushing me and for sure the best part is when we’re all happy that we’ve learned something new. 

What advice would you give to a girl/young woman who’s just starting in your sport?

Trust the process.  An advice that helped me a lot was to take it step by step to reach my goal. Everyone has their own tempo of learning or doing well in life. There is no rush. Don’t worry about what people think of you. You can’t change them. Just be yourself, be happy and enjoy the moment. 

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)


V. Lea Jugovac – snowboarder

Lea Jugovac, from Croatia, is constantly pushing her limits on a snowboard, overcoming fear and conquering obstacles in her path like an absolute queen.

Fear is nothing you have to be ashamed of but it is important to remember how much hard work you’ve put into it and continue believing in yourself.

snowboarder Lea Jugovac on the rail in the snow park portrait of snowboarder Lea Jugovac

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)

VI. Leilani Ettel – snowboarder 

From snow and water to concrete, German young-blood Leilani Ettel loves to shred hard whatever the board is under her feet.

let your actions speak louder than words!

portrait of snowboarder Leilani Ettel Leilani Ettel snowboarder riding the halfpipe

Did you encounter any difficulties when you first started your sport?

I’m very grateful that I grew up skating, surfing and snowboarding with an amazing family. Early on I fell in love with all three sports. I feel comfortable skating big transitions and therefore snowboarding in halfpipes but nothing beats a sick powder day! 😀

What do you suggest to overcome fears in your sport?

Fear is almost always present in my sports and it’s important to learn to live with it and use it for good. For me, if I’m scared of a new trick I try and channel that energy and use it as motivation and give me confidence to stomp it. It always works like magic. Invest your energy wisely!

What advice would you give to a girl/young woman who’s just starting in your sport?

Of course, I had a couple of encounters of having to work against the typical stereotype of girls in action sports but it’s always best to just be who you are and let your actions speak louder than words!

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)


VII. Teresa Fernandez – bmx rider

Spain’s Teresa Fernandez is one of the world’s best bowl riders on a bike and is not one to shy away from the scary bits of action sports.

I encourage all the girls who are afraid to keep trying

bmx rider Teresa Fernandez bmx rider Teresa Fernandez

Did you encounter any difficulties when you first started your sport?

Starting out is never easy, but little by little I made a place for myself among the boys and ended up being one of them.

How did you end up doing the sport, you’re doing now, what brought you here?

Mainly out of curiosity. Seeing the boys doing BMX impressed me and I love extreme sports, I asked them to lend me a bike and learned it was fun.

What do you suggest to overcome the fear in your sport?

Well, you overcome fear through practicing, so I encourage all the girls who are afraid to keep trying. When you are motivated and do something with enthusiasm, everything ends up being positive.

What advice would you give to a girl/young woman who’s just starting in your sport?

Don’t be ashamed to practice these sports and do the tricks you want to learn as many times as you need, no matter how many times you fall.  With effort you can achieve anything you want.  Perseverance is the most important thing when you like something.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG Helmets & Protection Gear (@ridetsg)


The overriding words of wisdom from our women riders is that if you tackle challenges head on, while being true to yourself you can be the mistress of your own destiny and succeed. Keep trying and never give up however hard the line ahead looks. And don’t forget the girls of the past cracked the codes that got us this far and it’s up to you to keep on shredding and help unlock the future for the women that come after you.

Happy International Women’s Day!


interview and video release


Paul Thölen has really come into his own in 2022


Paul Thölen just released a new bmx video, which he’s been working on secretly with his good friend Felix Prangenberg. Time for us to ask him some questions.


2022 sure was a busy year for Paul Thölen. He tore up bowls in Spain, Italy and on the Gold Coast, joined the infamous Fast & Loose Crew for a month-long trip across the United States, and also entered every stop of the UCI World Cup Series.The 24-year-old also managed to finish up a new web edit, which he’s been working on secretly with his good friend Felix Prangenberg.

Rest assured that Paul did all of this with his signature style, enough altitude to reach Senator status on any frequent flyer program and a huge smile on his face. Let’s find out what Goldilocks has to say about traveling nonstop, giving up on circus tricks and filming street clips for his latest solo project.

Paul Thölen bmx portrait

Paul right before the toothpick in Bonn.

Hey Paul, how are ya? What have you been up to lately?

Whats up! I’ve been enjoying some downtime lately. I got home from Australia just before Christmas and been hanging at home since, which I really needed after a hectic, but super fun 2022.

How many days were you actually home in 2022 and what are your favorite memories from last year?

I can’t really tell how many days I spend away from home, but definitely a lot. I’ve been on tons of trips last year and all of them were special, but I think the Fast and Loose Colorado/Oregon one was a trip of a lifetime for sure. Awesome crew, camping and the best concrete skateparks in the world just do the job.

Amazing! Traveling is awesome, but it also can take its toll. How do you cope with being away from home so much?

Since I’m traveling a lot, I made a lot of friends in so many different places and so traveling is the only way to see everyone every once in a while, haha. I just enjoy exploring new stuff so much. The boundaries of my comfort zone have shrunk to a minimum, so that even if there is just a shitty tent, no toilet or shower and only bread and aioli to live on I can cope with these situations quite well. That’s something I only learned by doing it.

Paul Thölen bmx

180 T-Bog. Right at the beginning of the project & One And Table in the Metall Quarter.

Paul Thölen bmx transition

It’s good to have a nice homebase, though. You’ve been living in Cologne, Germany for a while now. What do you like about living there?

That’s right! I moved in with my good friend and fellow BMX rider Marcel in 2021 and absolutely love the city. Cologne always had a big BMX and Skate scene and good spots in and around the city. Plenty of bars and hangout spots to spend your nights out as well, haha.

Speaking of partying, your new web video just dropped and you guys had a premiere at the re-opening of Halle 59 in Cologne, Germany recently. How did that go? And how does it feel to watch the video on a big screen with a bunch of your friends?

After we figured out some sound problems, it went really smooth. It was the first time premiering a video of myself and it definitely was exciting. I usually like to stay in the background a little more so I felt a little uncomfortable in the beginning, especially when I had to say a few words. But other than that it was good fun. Thanks Felix and Dany for making it possible!

Are you happy with how the video turned out?

Yes, I definitely am. I love Felix‘ work anyways and we always wanted to do a project together. I was really stoked we finally got to do it and even more on the outcome.

Paul Thölen bmx

Flip Foot on the wall.

Paul Thölen bmx

Let’s talk shop! How did the idea for this project come about and how long did you guys film for.

Felix and I always wanted to work on something together and since we both were stuck at home due to Covid, we thought it was the right time to do it. We filmed pretty much all of last year. Not necessarily because stuff was taking so long, but because we both started to travel again and it got harder and harder to find time slots that worked for us.

Have you ever filmed this long for a video part before?

Not really. But I definitely like to not have a fixed deadline, as it just releases the pressure.

Transition riders don’t really film videos too much anymore. Why do you think that is?

I feel like it’s harder to film a proper transition video, because there are simply not as many transition spots and skateparks as street spots. It just makes it harder to not repeat yourself, if that makes sense?! Other than that I just enjoy riding without filming anything so much, haha. Not that I don’t like filming, but everyone knows riding is little different with a camera pointing at you.

One thing that’s cool about this video is, that you’re riding a bunch of street spots in it, too. Now, you’re primarily known as a Park rider. Do you ride Street regularly?

Street riding is definitely something the pandemic got me into. All the skateparks were closed for a while, but I still wanted to ride. I also love, when transition riders come out their comfort zone for a video part and bring some transition style to the streets. Corey Walsh and Dennis Enarson are a huge inspiration for that!

Paul Thölen bmx

Paul is checking out the new trails in Kalk, Germany.

Paul Thölen bmx

There’s also some trails footage in the video. The spot you’re riding is fairly new and I know you also had a hand in it. Give us the low-down.

I think, these are the clips that get me stoked the most. Michael Hanfler and myself started a new trails spot in the beginning of last year. We put in so many hours of work and we’re super happy with how the jumps turned out. They’re big, fast and steep.

Nice! Did you guys set out to film an all-round video (Park, Street, Trails) or is that something that happened organically?

No, we didn’t have a plan for the video at all. All the street clips happened organically. The trails clips we’re something we both wanted to get. But when we started filming, it was no even sure, if we could ride the jumps by the end of the year haha.

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There are a couple of guest clips in the video. Sharing the fun with your friends is a big one for you, right?

Yes, that’s what BMX is all about in my opinion. I love all the clips the homies got, Michi’s 360 over the big set especially. That was the craziest thing to happen at the trails so far.

Which trick was the biggest struggle to get done?

I’d say the 360 fast plant at the very end. I had that one stuck in my had since 2015 probably. I’m not kidding. I wanted to do it so many times already, but never came anywhere close to landing it. Then that day I somehow had a good feeling about it and the guts to go upside down. It still took me about 20 or 30 tries to actually land one and clear the box.

And which one was the scariest?

Probably the Cannonball out of the slide. I had to give it all pedaling towards the slide without knowing if the “landing” was clear. There was no way to stop once I jumped on the slide. Luckily nothing happened and no one got hurt.

That sounds stressful. Do you get stressed out while filming or are you only going for stuff that comes naturally?

I never really stress out to be honest. Of course there were a few clips that took me a little longer than others, but I always try to be relaxed about it.

Paul Thölen bmx

This railhop took 3-5 tries…

The Ender was something you’ve been wanting to do for a while now, right? Walk us thru the process of finally getting this trick done.

When I was filming for a project with Markus Wilke back in 2015, I think I stumbled across the idea of it. Not because I saw it somewhere before, but just because I was getting into fast plants a lot more back then and loved dipped 360s anyways. But I still had a hard time with it ever since. Besides the one in Duisburg there are not many setups that would work for that trick, so I was unable to try it all the time. So in the end it took me years to finally land one. Once that happened, Felix and I decided this one to be the ender quite quick. It was also the very last thing we filmed for the video, haha.

What about the rest of the filming? Did you have a trick/spot list you ticked off or was everything more a spur of the moment kind of thing?

I think every single clip other than the fast plant, I decided on the spot. I always used to imagine tricks or lines in my head before actually going somewhere and it very often did not really end up the way I wanted to. So for the most part I stopped doing that. I just go to a spot and do what I feel like doing the most.

I know you’re very particular about what tricks you’re doing. A few years ago you were doing a lot of “circus tricks”, but lately you’ve been leaning more towards style, flow and unique lines. Was that a conscious decision?

I’d say, that was something that developed over the years. There was no hard cut between the two types. The Vans Pro Cup series definitely had an impact on my riding, when I first entered in 2017. I just more and more fell in love with trying to ride as smooth as possible and trying to find lines in unique skateparks. It’s such a pure form of riding, I think. I just love the feeling of becoming one with your bike and going fast and smooth without letting go off the pedals and bars. Also the geometry of my bike has changed so much throughout the years, which makes all the tricks that I used to do even harder than they already are.

Another thing you’re really picky about is your helmets. Which one is your favorite one from the TSG collection?

That’s right, haha. I always struggled finding the right helmet for my weird head. TSG gave me the Meta helmet to try and it felt awesome right away, when I put it on. It’s super light and comfortable to wear, but still makes you feel save.

In the end of the video your infamous red VW camper makes a brief appearance. I know you enjoy that van life a lot. So much actually, that you bought a mobile home last summer. How’s that been going?

Yes I have two campers right now, which is kinda stupid, I know, haha. I’m trying to sell my motor home again, though, because I’m so in love with my transporter.

When’s the next time you’ll be hitting the road again?

I might hit the road at the end of February down south to wherever the weather is better than at home. Probably something like Malaga and the south coast of Portugal as I would love to go surf as well as ride bikes.


Obviously a huge shout out to Felix Prangenberg and Anton Arens for doing the project with me. Also shouts to Vans, kunstform BMX Shop and TSG for supporting our idea. Love you guys!

Paul Thölen bmx rider

Read more about Paul Thölen by clicking here.

new partnership

TSG supports Adrenaline Alley


Together with our UK partner Ison Distribution TSG supports the pioneering skatepark in Corby, UK

We are stoked  to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with the incredible venue Adrenaline Alley.

Adrenaline Alley is Europe’s largest action sports venue and boasts a unique combination of ramps, foam pits and training areas catering for new riders, world champions and future Olympians alike. This great sporting facility based in the heart of the UK enables anyone from complete beginners right through to Olympic medallists to enjoy their chosen sport and develop their skills all year round.

Adrenaline Alley skate ramp

What a beauty!

Adrenaline Alley is a registered charity operating as a social enterprise. This makes it all the more attractive for us. We like to support facilities and projects that give young people low-threshold opportunities to participate in sports.

Adrenaline Alley skateboard ramp

Mandy Young MBE DL, Adrenaline Alley’s co-founder and chief executive, says: “TSG is a fantastic brand for us to partner with as our values are very much aligned. While we focus on providing a safe environment for action sports, TSG focus on safely protecting the individuals who take part in them.”

Declan Brooks TSG bmx rider

AA is Declan Brooks favourite training facility

Adrenaline Alley already act as one of the main training facilities for a number of TSG’s team riders including BMX freestyle Olympic Bronze Medallist, Declan Brooks, and aspiring Team GB athletes Ashley Finlay and Sasha Pardoe.

Watch video of Declan helping to prepare the skate park with new TSG logos:

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So go visit Adrenaline Alley skate park and by the way TSG products are available from the onsite Skatehut store at Adrenaline Alley.

Find more TSG retailer in the UK by clicking here: ISON 

TSG Gift Guide

Gifts for Park Riders



Selected gifts for everyone who feels at home in the snow or bike park.

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