TSG Helmet Guide

How to adjust the Prevention Helmet

Convertible mountain bike helmet

Release – Unlock – Remove! The Prevention is a 2-in-1 helmet. Learn here how to adjust it.

Your Prevention helmet is convertible from jet style for increased safety on more aggressive trails to a regular open face helmet for light trail days.

Video Instruction on how to remove and reinstall the ear panels

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Turn it into an open-face helmet & remove ear panels

TSG Prevention helmet remove ear panels
  • Remove the inner ear padding 
  • Unthread the strap from the elastic loop
  • Slide the strap divider to separate it from the ear piece
Prevention helmet remove ear panels
  • Open the clip lock
  • Remove the ear piece
  • Close the clip lock

Turn it into a jet helmet & install ear panels

  • Open the clip lock
  • Insert the ear panel into the helmet slot
  • Close the clip lock
TSG Prevention helmet install ear panels
  • Insert the strap divider and slide it until it clicks into place.
  • Thread the strap through the rubber loop
  • Attach the padding to the Velcro fastener
TSG Prevention helmet install ear panels

Adjust the dial size system in width and height

Prevention helmet sizing system
Prevention helmet sizing system

Storage room for your glasses

Sunglasses Storage in front vents
Prevention helmet goggle garage
Frontal goggle parking below the visor
Mountain biker with TSG Prevention helmet on trails