International Women’s Day

Lady Riders Speak Out

Navigating Women’s Sports

Get ready to hear the unfiltered perspectives of being a woman in today’s sports scene.

Our lady riders have spoken, sharing their raw and real perspectives on the world of women in sports. We reached out, they recorded, and now we’re bringing their insights straight to you.

From snowboarder Leilani Ettel’s thoughts about mentorship to the role of technology in advancing women’s sports with swiss mountain biker Minu Stoffers, these athletes are paving the way forward.

Listen in as BMX rider Lara Lessmann and Teresa Fernandez share their thoughts on challenges and career insights, while Nikita Ducarroz and downhill skateboarder Anna Pixner dive into the dynamics of being a woman in professional sports.

Snowboarder Lea Jugovac and Kona Ettel round out the conversation, discussing the impact of role models and moments of pride in their athletic journeys.

Ready to be inspired? Tune in to their videos below!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Nikita Ducarroz bmx