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See better ride better

Every frame we design pairs a unique style and personality with uncompromised fit, clarity, and technology so even the snowiest conditions won’t stop a clean run. If you’re looking for a sharp and accurate vision, maximum comfort, and the quickest lens change systems on the planet, keep scrolling…


If you like to change your lenses easy and fast, look for TSG Goggles with Magentic Lens System.

Magnetic Lens System

Our Magnetic Quick Lens Change Technology with self-locating rare earth magnets embedded in the lens and frame allow for a fast, on-the-fly lens interchange. It features unsurpassed retention, coupled with convenient self-locating engagement.


Whatever lens type you decide for, we promise you clear vision for better riding.

Spherical Dual-Lens

Our spherical polycarbonate lens is curved and mimics the curvature of your eye to maximize your field of view. You experience distortion-free superior vision in all direction. Our dual lens configuration provides a thermal barrier between the cold outside temperatures and hot body temperatures from within. This thermal barrier prevents fogging in varying weather conditions.

Cylindrical Dual-Lens

Our cylindrical lens combines the optical quality of an injected lens and the classic low-profile styling found in a thermos formed lens. Curved horizontally while remaining flat vertically, our cylindrical lenses promote better optics by eliminating peripheral distortion.



Light conditions can change at a moment’s notice, and our color range of lens and lens change options allow you to quickly adapt, letting you focus on your run instead of the sun.

goggle enses sunny

lenses mixed light

TSG lenses flat light conditions

lenses night



An coating on the inside of the lens absorbs moisture immediately so you can enjoy clear lenses all day.



An anti-scratch coating on the outer lens acts as a protective layer, making the lens more durable and safe. Please note that the anti-scratch applies to the lens and not to the revo (chrome) coating.

Flexible Frame

Our frame is made of a flexible scratch resistant PU material that allows for maximum shape retention during low temperatures and varying weather conditions. In case of an impact, the frame spreads and absorbs some of the impact energy instead of transmitting it straight to the face.

Frame Vent

The vent positioning keeps hot air circulating up and out slowly, reducing eye watering and lens fogging.

Triple-Layer Face Foam

All day comfort of moisture wicking triple-layer fleece lined face foam. Enhances fit, comfort and performance.

Silicone-lined dual-adjust strap

The Silicone-printed strap provides added grip and superior helmet compatibility (dual-adjustable) to keep your goggles on your head.

Articulating Outriggers

Engineered to adjust to a full range of face shapes and sizes, the articulating outriggers evenly transfer pressure across brow and nose to ensure a complete seal against the face. When used with a helmet, the outrigger articulates allowing the goggle frame to sink into the helmet face port, providing a comfortable and consistent fit every time.

Helmet compatible

Our goggles are designed to perfectly fit with our helmets and a wide variety of other helmets for a comfortable fit for all day comfort. The inside of the goggle straps are silicone printed to make them stick to the helmet. This allows you to adjust the position of the goggle by placing the strap at a comfortable level.



With every TSG Goggle you get the full set and don’t have to worry about changing light conditions or how to store it. 

Spare Bad Weather Lens

Your goggle comes with two lenses for bluebird and bad weather conditions

Microfibre Goggle Bag

Use it to store and clean your goggle.