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What protective gear should I buy for my biking kids?



Read on for our tips on finding the right protective gear to keep your kids safe while biking.

Find the right protective gear for biking kids

Kids have no mental brakes when it comes to biking as they haven’t yet earned the forethought that experience brings. It is therefore the responsibility of us parents to step in but with no hope of slowing their learning curve all we can do is make sure they’re padded up to keep them riding happy.

There are a few key questions that need to be asked when padding up your children and hopefully the following feature will give you the answers you need.

So here goes: Droppin’!

TSG Kids Protective Gear Junior-Set

It’s more fun when the first tries don’t hurt.

What to consider when buying kids’ pads?

Protecting your child’s head is of paramount importance but if you really want to keep them safe then perhaps you should consider rigging them up with elbow, knee and shin protectors. This is certainly important if they’re keen to take their riding to the park.  

A good secure fit is essential when buying knee and elbow pads as slippage is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, as you don’t want pads sliding around in bails. If possible get your child to try on the pads for a guaranteed fit.

We recommend choosing ergonomically shaped pads that mimic the little ripper’s riding position and stay fitted around the joint.

Smart foam padding is also good as it molds to the kid’s form and is comfortable as well as protective.

kids bike protection

Better to pad your kid’s knees and shins when they check out the local bike park.

Bike protection for mini kids / Starting out

At this stage of a grom’s biking history they are going to spend plenty of time rolling about on their pads, so hard capped protection is recommendable for durability. Kids’ sets are two a penny and can be cheap but remember you get what you pay for. Better quality pads are a fraction more expensive but the benefits of better fit, comfort and protection will ensure your loved one is keener to wear them.

kids bike protection

Kids have less frustration and therefore more fun if they wear good protectors on their knees and elbows right from the start.

TSG recommends:

TSG Junior Set

A high quality beginner’s set including knee pads, elbow pads and wristguards. State-of.the art manufacturing with flatlock seams for maximum durability.

TSG JR Plain-Set

Same as the Junior Set but without the Wristguard. Knee and Elbows perfectly padded.

TSG JR Skate-Set

A full set including knee pads, elbow pads and wristguard for a lower price. Same materials as Junior Set but a more simple sewing process in order to offer it for a more affordable price. 

(Tip: Use Elbow pads as knee pads for very slight kids when starting out.)

Bike protection for Trail riding kids

Now your little one has ditched the balance bike and outriggers and pushing hard on the pedals of progression its time to get them into knee and shin combos and elbow pads. Again, we advise that these pads fit snuggly with no movement; are ventilated for all-day comfort; and provide good coverage to defend against bails and the sharp teeth of pedals. Pre-shaped pads with ride-savvy articulation are top of our recommendation list, as they deliver a secure fit with less slippage and more comfort, which equals more time in the saddle.  

kids bike protection

TSG kids protectors are perfectly adapted to the body dimensions of the little shredders.

TSG recommends:

Youth Knee-Shin and Youth Elbow

These knee-shin and elbow pads  give your child full coverage with an pre-bended fit and strong protection. Available in two sizes. 

Junior Bike Set

This set is for the young ones that don’t fit into Youth Knee-Shin and Youth Elbow and it comes in an attractive price. 

Bike protection for medium to advanced kids pushing the limits

As your kids combine hard, fast riding with next-level tricks the risk of injury goes through the roof and the need to pad up with advanced protection is paramount. We recommend that knee and elbow pads provide good coverage and preferably are ergonomically pre-shaped for all-day comfort and wear-ability with a secure fit. On the legs there is an option to just protect the knee joint or go for full coverage with a knee and shin combo which can spare a rider some serious pedal scrapes or worse. The same goes for arms with combined elbow and forearm pads reducing the damage from slams and slides.

Once biking at this level it’s pointless telling your kids to “ride safe”. So if you can pad them up to the point where they’re protected then your job as parents is done and our purpose as a protection supplier to the action sports stars of the future is fulfilled. The safer we can make your kid’s journey from grom to pro the better.

kids bike protection

Dermis Knee-shin combo and full elbow protection for trail shredders.

TSG recommends:

Youth Knee-Sleeve Dermis Pro A and Youth Elbow Sleeve Dermis A

Softshell and really comfortable. The Dermis Sleeves are great for trail riding. They provide a good coverage and the ACF foam inside and the foam reliably absorbs the impact energy. Also a very good choice for bmx racing kids. 

Youth Kneeguard Escape A

The Escape A is our dirt pad for young riders. It reliably cushions your youngster’s knees when his riding becomes more aggressive. Thick layer of ACF foam inside a slip-free neoprene body.

kids bike protection

Maximum protection for kids knees with our Youth Kneeguard Escape A.

Let’s go and have some fun!

TSG kids protective gear

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range of use chart TSG kids protectors

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