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TSG supports Adrenaline Alley


Together with our UK partner Ison Distribution TSG supports the pioneering skatepark in Corby, UK

We are stoked  to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with the incredible venue Adrenaline Alley.

Adrenaline Alley is Europe’s largest action sports venue and boasts a unique combination of ramps, foam pits and training areas catering for new riders, world champions and future Olympians alike. This great sporting facility based in the heart of the UK enables anyone from complete beginners right through to Olympic medallists to enjoy their chosen sport and develop their skills all year round.

Adrenaline Alley skate ramp

What a beauty!

Adrenaline Alley is a registered charity operating as a social enterprise. This makes it all the more attractive for us. We like to support facilities and projects that give young people low-threshold opportunities to participate in sports.

Adrenaline Alley skateboard ramp

Mandy Young MBE DL, Adrenaline Alley’s co-founder and chief executive, says: “TSG is a fantastic brand for us to partner with as our values are very much aligned. While we focus on providing a safe environment for action sports, TSG focus on safely protecting the individuals who take part in them.”

Declan Brooks TSG bmx rider

AA is Declan Brooks favourite training facility

Adrenaline Alley already act as one of the main training facilities for a number of TSG’s team riders including BMX freestyle Olympic Bronze Medallist, Declan Brooks, and aspiring Team GB athletes Ashley Finlay and Sasha Pardoe.

Watch video of Declan helping to prepare the skate park with new TSG logos:

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So go visit Adrenaline Alley skate park and by the way TSG products are available from the onsite Skatehut store at Adrenaline Alley.

Find more TSG retailer in the UK by clicking here: ISON 

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bmx video

Good times with Paul Thoelen

flow and speed


We just met Paul at Northbrigade skate park on a beautiful sunny day and filmed his lines. Enjoy!

video by WOOZY BMX

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So much flow and speed in these lines. Check out more about Paul Thoelen.

Paul Thoelen bmx

TSG saved my life

Rider Down

Hannes’ story

Mountain bike team rider Hannes Klausner had a crash that could have easily ended his career. In his TSG saved my life story he tells you why he wasn’t knocked out totally.

story by HANNES KLAUSNER – photos by ROMAN KLOTZ

A Day like any other

Entrance check. Get ready. Focus. Go. A Day like any other. Been out riding and shooting. Aggressive and fast trail riding as I love it.

Mountain biker

Ritual. Last check of the trail entrance. Line choice is crucial.

aggressive mountain biking

Hannes loves to find and use natural berms. Extremely good support in loose and slippery trail conditions and a lot of fun to gain propulsion from the counterpressure. Aggressive riding the way he likes it best.

Out on trails I know very well. Trails I know every single root, every single rock and every single hole on.

Trails I really know my lines on. Trails I feel comfortable on going fast.

mountain biker in the flow

Full Speed. When you fly over bumps like roots or stones and get support and control again when the front tyre touches down. That’s where flow comes in!

A good day

A good day spending time in my comfort zone doing what I love most. A day feeling super well on my bike and being happy with my riding.

mountain biker in the sunlight

What a mood of light. Hannes loves being in the forest. Absolute happy place.

Mountain bike full face helmet

Concentrated look back at a tricky part of the trail and the question in him if another line is possible there. It’s definitely worth a try. Let’s go!

Good fun. Good times. Good day. Pretty much all perfect.

Mountain biking

Trail mode. Fully in preparation for the approaching next section.

Mountain biking

Set high to be early enough for the rest of the section and take the speed with you. This is the only way to maintain the flow. You sometimes have to accept that you have to cross higher roots.

All of a sudden everything changed

But then. All of a sudden everything changed.

I still don’t exactly know what happened.

I went down hard on a very fast section right in between the trees and it felt like one of the hardest impacts I ever had.

Not rolling down the hill after going over the bars. Not loosing my front tire and sliding down the trail. Just a very hard impact that stopped me on point and felt really painful.

A tough one.

Rider Down Hannes Klausner

Rider Down. The moment shortly after everything has taken a different course than originally planned. That’s when you have to lie still for a while. But everything was going really well.

Rider Down Hannes Klausner

After staying on the ground for quite some time to even realize what just happened, I got checked in hospital and luckily walked away with no major injuries. Scratches and bruises all over and a sore body like never before, but no broken bones and no major inner damages.

A crash that could have easily ended my career, but also a crash that left me extremely thankful to be alive and be able to come back to do what I love most.

Super thankful for the high-quality pads and helmet

Such a privilege.

TSG saved my life

Looking back, I’m also super thankful for the high-quality pads and helmet that helped a lot to protect me from bigger injuries on this one and for every single gym session to keep my body fit and be able to take slams like this without being fully knocked out.

A day that ended a lot different than planned, but happy and thankful to be alive after a crash that could have ended a lot worse.

After a crash that could have changed the rest of my life pretty much. Make sure to keep your body fit and use high quality protection if you’re keen to get out there and ride bikes properly. It’s an amazing sport that we have and so much fun to shred bikes down the hill and through the woods, but it’s also a dangerous one.

You wanna keep riding bikes a lot longer, right?

Get out, enjoy the ride but make sure to stay safe and protect yourself.


Click to visit Hannes’ rider profile.


Check out Hannes riding gear:

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Nick Puenter 3rd at Big Air Chur

Nick jumps onto the World Cup podium

We are super stoked that TSG’s Nick Pünter takes 3rd place at the Big Air World Cup in Chur. 

PHOTOS by Big Air Chur/ Lämmerhirt

Nick Pünter has ensured a TSG podium finish at the kick-off of the snowboarding season. The 20-year-old from Zurich jumped to 3rd place at the Big Air event in Chur. For him it is the first podium in the World Cup.

Big Air Chur 2022

It started exciting, because Nick couldn’t stick a clean landing in the first run. But after that it went smoother and he had his local crowd screaming after he landed a front double 1080 weddle on his final jump to move into second. Ruki would bump him into the third spot on the podium though, with his final jump effort.

Luckily the other competitors were not able to improve significantly and could not pass Nick. So he landed on the podium, absolutely deserved and the swiss crowd went wild!

Congrats Nick!

Japan celebrated a double victory at the top. Takeru Otsuka won with a total of 166.50 points, clearly ahead of his compatriot Ruki Tobita (140.00).

Snowboard Podium Big Air Chur 2022

The snowboard podium at Big Air Chur 2022

Snowboard Podium Big Air Chur 2022 with Nick Pünter on 3rd place

Big Air Chur Trophy

And the awesome trophy made of our Gravity helmet and Goggle Four.

Watch the best-of-snowboard showing Iwabuchi, Gasser, Otsuka and young star Nick Pünter in action.

YouTube player