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Downhill Fast – Only Just Catching Up With Kevin Reimer

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TSG caught up with downhill skateboarder Kevin Reimer to find out how he’s getting on, what plans he has for the future and milk him for some top tips on how to point it like a pro.


MAY 25TH, 2021

TSG downhill skater Kevin Reimer has made a career of going downhill fast and has a closet full of awards to prove it, including two World Championship crowns. But in 2019, while out on the hills in his adopted home of California a freak accident led to a severed ACL and meniscus and a year on the sidelines.

I’m hungry to be back out there again but in a lighter weight role

As he nears the end of the road to full recovery TSG caught up with him to find out how he’s getting on, what plans he has for the future and milk him for some top tips on how to point it like a pro.

Helmets and pads on? Let’s go downhill with Kevin ‘K-Rimes’ Reimer…

Kevin Reimer portrait

Downhill skating is a crazy discipline of board riding and the consequences of slamming at speed are pretty big?  

Downhill skating is indeed a wild discipline or niche of skateboarding, but in some ways it’s actually safer than street or bowl skating. It’s a two-dimensional form of skateboarding largely without airtime (unless you make a mistake anyhow) and thus it is rare to have direct impact into the ground. On the other hand road rash is ultra common and it can be extensive.

What TSG gear do you use to minimise your chance of injury?

When I’m out skating on the hills there are some crucial pieces of gear that I simply will not skate without. Number one is my TSG Kraken helmet – it’s comfortable, it fits my big head, and I’ve now cracked two EPS liners and suffered no consequences. The next is the only kneepad designed for downhill skating, which is the TSG DHP. The wrap-around puck protects the side of the calf when you fall; a common place to crash especially while learning. The next thing is TSG Crash Shorts, which are a recent addition to my safety gear collection and I’m never going back to skating without. It has been awesome to take a hip fall and have no bruising or road rash.

When I am going for top speed, racing, or skating over 50mph I opt to use the TSG PASS helmet, which is by far the best full face as well as being the safest on the market.  

In this video Kevin explains you the Kneepad Sk8 DHP’s:

Can you tell us about your most recent slam and the consequences?

My most recent slam was extremely unexpected and quite honestly a total freak accident. I was casually skating down a canyon in Malibu with a group of other riders and coming to a stop at a common meeting place. I looked behind me and the nearest skater was pretty far behind me, I put up my hand to signal I was going to stop and then WHAM, the skater behind me crashed into my leg as I jumped off my board. It was clear something was wrong immediately and I couldn’t get up or feel stable on it. I was pretty sure it was my ACL being torn, and I wasn’t wrong. It ended up a fully torn ACL ligament and torn meniscus. 

Kevin Reimer downhill skateboarder

Taking the curve in full perfection.

What has been your journey of recovery? 

The recovery journey for an ACL is long and arduous, and slowed down even more by having a meniscus tear. My surgery was on October 9th and today, April 14th, I still don’t feel confident doing everything. It is the type of recovery that generally takes a whole year so I’m patient. I started off with 6 weeks of pre-hab to get my flexibility back and strengthen it up and I think it was worth the effort. Now I’m going to physio two to three times a week and hitting the gym while also working hard in the garden, which has been great for me. 

What are your plans for when you’re back on board and downhilling?

Getting back to skateboarding is high on my priority list, but I am not trying to rush it. COVID gave me an optimal window to recover and not really miss out on too much of life or skating since no one was really piling into cars or holding events. My goal is to get back to freeride skating and being a part of the community. I haven’t felt the urge to race and feel that if you’re not on the track to really push it, it’s not the best venue for downhill skaters. There are so many quality freeride events and other ways for me to be present and I’m hungry to be back out there again but in a lighter weight role and without being so attached to the racing scene. 

Kevin Reimer downhill skateboarding

old one from a downhill race back in the days.

Can you give some advice to kids who are thinking about getting into downhill? 

Downhill skateboarding involves speed and any time there is speed, there is danger. The number one thing for kids who are getting into it is, LEARN TO BRAKE BEFORE YOU GO DOWN HILL! A fast rolling skateboard on any hill will get up to speed easily and you need to be able to stop. When I was 14, there wasn’t any information online and I couldn’t find videos that explained how to stop and I ended up getting hit by a car and breaking my wrist. Now there are so many videos, tutorials and stuff. Do your reading and video watching and get the essentials down before hitting the hills. And DON’T FORGET YOUR HELMET! 

What are the essentials that they will need for starting out? 

Luckily downhill skating doesn’t require much. A longboard with soft wheels (or street skate with hard wheels also works for learning); gloves with a puck; a helmet; and any level of pads you’re comfortable with wearing. I recommend kneepads and elbow pads if you don’t have much skating experience. 

Watch why Kevin Reimer rides with the TSG Kraken Helmet:

What video projects are you working on? 

Lately due to my knee I haven’t been able to walk around while carrying camera gear and haven’t wanted to risk dropping it or tripping. I’m starting to get strong enough to feel comfortable getting out and about with my gear and plan to film a video showing off the TSG PASS and its features as well as some How To videos for Powell-Peralta. People are stocked on using our Snake wheel to learn, so it’s time to offer some new material. 

You have been instrumental in the progression of downhill trucks, decks and wheels – What are you working on at the minute?

We’re about to release a brand new ultra premium soft wheel formula that is like nothing else I’ve ridden, it’s called Powell-Peralta Dragonskin. On the other side of things I’ve been working on re-releasing some of Aera Trucks‘ most favourite models and we did a 10-year anniversary re-run of the Aera K3. I’m planning to get an order in for more K4 trucks and will get the new P2 slalom style truck out as well. It’s an amazing year for product sales.

downhill skateboarder Kevin Reimer

can you spot the skateboarder? Kevin rushing down in Santa Barbara, California.

What are your top 5 spots for downhilling that are a must hit up post lockdown? 

I can’t name all the names specifically in the interest of protecting the spots but some of my most favourite areas to skate are: 

Canary Islands, SPAIN
French Alps, FRANCE 
West Vancouver, CANADA

Kevin Reimer rides safe with the following TSG Gear

Explore now all TSG products for skateboarding 

New 2021 products


Recommended by the TSG Team and Staff



We asked our team riders what their top 8 new TSG products are this season. Keep on reading to find out.


APRIL 28. 2021

2021 is the year to go biking, whether you’re getting out for your daily lockdown burn, commuting to work, busting air in rhythm sections or letting off steam on single track.

For this reason the team at TSG asked our bike pros and staffers to work up a list of 8 must-have 2021 products that you shouldn’t get in the saddle without. Here’s what we came up with.

TSG Ridere Hannes Klausner

Hannes Klausner is excited about the new season.

1. Catchy Glove

Swiss American biker Chris Räber, who rides for our MTB national team, brought the idea of a super slim, fitted glove with grippy palms to the TSG table. “Wearing gloves always felt kind of weird to me since I have huge, thin hands and very long fingers,” recounts Chris. So for years Chris rode without gloves.

In response TSG created the Catchy Glove, a supremely snug, comfortable, access-all-areas glove with a sticky palm and index, forefinger grips for exact control over brakes and bars. Chris now has a glove that stretches to fit his hands and avoids crumpling on the grips. And it has zonal grip for a precision ride. “I am so stoked on the Catchy Glove,“ Chris says, “I won’t ride without them.”

mtb glove TSG catch glove

The new Catchy Glove fits like a second skin.


2. Tahoe Zip A and Tahoe Cap A

You don’t win a rack of top 10s on the world tour and get elected Red Bull Rookie of the year without taking some tumbles. Perhaps that’s why Lucas Huppert is so stoked on the original Tahoe A Kneeguard, Kneeguard Tahoe Zip A and Tahoe Cap A, with its outer plastic cap:  “The Tahoe is my absolute favourite knee pad,” says Lucas, amped that it now comes with a zipper.

Now I don’t even have to take off my shoes

bike protection TSG Kneeguard Tahoe Zip

Featuring Tahoe performance with the benefit of a zip for easy on and off.

bike protection TSG Kneeguard Tahoe Zip

Lucas is also stoked on the stretch neoprene sleeve of the pad with its tear-resistant nylon, which is super comfortable and secure. It keeps the double layer knee protection – a conformable inner ACF impact-foam soft cup and flexible plastic cap under the tear-resistant nylon – in place even through slides. It’s lightweight construction and inherent comfort make it perfect for all-mountain, dirt and park riding. And as Lucas points out, “now I don’t even have to take off my shoes to put on my protectors! Thanks TSG.”

Find out more about our Amplified Soft-shell Design that is used in the Tahoe Zip A

The Tahoe Cap A features an ACF foam inner cap with a flexible injection-molded outer cap. This is the right choice for all riders that prefer a plastic outer shell. 

bike protection TSG Kneeguard Tahoe Cap A

Lucas is putting on and testing the new Tahoe Cap A with a flexible outer cap.

3. Ankle Support 2.0 with new lacing system

Daniel Wedemeijer sends it for the TSG global BMX team and is more than familiar with the bite of pedals on his bony ankles. For this reason his top protection pick for 2021 is the Ankle Support 2.0, whose supportive and protective features have spared him torsional twists, knocks and bruising for years. The new 2.0 version now comes with a super easy lace free strap-in system.

protection I’ve been dreaming of

“The Ankle Support 2.0 is the protection I’ve been dreaming of,” reckons Daniel, who is stoked on the supportive arch, breathable 3D mesh tongue and new fast lacing system: “The strapping system made my life a whole lot easier”, he jokes. No more hassle with laces for Daniel when strapping in for a ride.

TSG ankle support 2.0 protection for mountain biking and bmx

Daniel is stoked about the new easy lacing of the Ankle Support 2.0. You just need to pull instead of binding the straps.

TSG ankle support 2.0 protection for mountain biking and bmx

4. Wrist Brace

Not keen on slams, Daniel also picked out the Wrist Brace, to add to his selection of prime 2021 products: “Sometimes a wrong landing can cause a heavy impact on my wrists,” our global team ripper says. “And the wrist brace allows me to keep riding even after these hard hits!”

The Wrist Brace is a one-size-fits-all wrist protector that as well as providing some support and comfort make for unrestricted rider grip. It features a lightweight breathable chassis and a secure Velcro strap closure for easy wearability. Time to hit the track Daniel!

TSG wrist brace bike protection

The wrist brace helps stabilise your wrist.

5. Pepper Helmet

Our ex-designer Jordi Torres was an essential member of the TSG and well versed in all things biking. Jordi’s pick from the TSG 21 product stable is the Pepper Helmet. A piece of kit he says he won’t leave home without: “From my local trails and bike park to bike packing and commuting, it consistently delivers.” The helmet has a super safe triple-frame construction, held in place with TSG’s Dial Fit and Tuned Fit Systems, and sport-focused 20 vent system to keep Jordi cool even when the going gets hot.

“The Pepper surprised me ever since our first ride out: It looks great, sits properly on my head, is easy to adjust and really well ventilated. “And the adjustable visor also deserves special mention,” he adds for good measure. “You gotta try it out!”

bike helmet TSG Pepper Helmet

Triple frame construction for E-Bike certified safety.

bike helmet TSG Pepper Helmet

6. MTB Crash Pant A

Ruedi is the founder of TSG, and his pick of the 2021 pack is the MTB Crash Pant. The pant combines a lightweight chamois to reduce chaffing and for saddle comfort with a full protection inner, including ACF foam thigh, hip and tailbone pads that absorb 95% of an impact’s energy.

“I love simple ideas,” says Ruedi, “they are always the best.” He goes on to say, “layering up for weather conditions is really smart but layering up for comfort and protection is a no-brainer.” And the Coolmax chamois crotch gusset means you can cut out a layer of protection – Lucky Ruedi!

MTB Crash Pant A bike protection with Chamois

All-around padding with the MTB Crash Pant A.

7. Seek FR Helmet

The Junior Seek FR is arguably the most versatile bike helmet ever. No surprise that TSG now also introduces it in adult sizes. Nadja, TSG’s head of marketing, picked it as her bike product of 2021: “The Junior version of the Seek FR, which we launched last season, was such a great success that adults asked us to produce a larger version specifically for them.”

The cool thing about the Seek FR is you can remove the face guard for climbs and cruising and simply bolt it on when the going gets tough. “It is also made of ABS which makes it way stronger than regular bike in-mold helmets,” adds Nadja, before going into one about its 17 vent cooling configuration, removable visor and precision Micro-Dial Fit System. Now Nadja can rock the same lid as her kids!

Seek FR Mountain Bike Helmet with removable chin part

The Seek FR with removable chin guard in adult sizes.

boy with full-face helmet. TSG Seek Youth FR with removable chin part

The Seek Youth FR fits kids with head circumferences from 52-54 cm.

8. Chatter Helmet

Ruedi, being the boss of TSG, got to pick a second product out of the 2021 line to include in his list of must-haves; the all-rounder mountainbike helmet, The Chatter. “I picked the Chatter because on the one hand it appeals to a more price-sensitive group and on the other fills the size gaps that our Scope helmet can’t serve”. “Plus,” he adds, “it’s equipped with a 15 vent cooling configuration, adjustable visor, and a slam-proof full wrap, in-mold construction with adjustable dial fit system and customisable padding.”

In short the Chatter is equally at home burning through the city as it is on leg burning enduro rides. A proper go-anywhere-do-anything lid for everyone, not only Ruedi.

TSG Chatter Bike Helmet

Starting at a retail price of 84.95 €.

What is your favourite new TSG bike protection product?

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new snowboard video

Two Olympic champions light up the halfpipe

Gian Simmen & Iouri Podladtchikov present their illumination project


The halfpipe of Grindelwald-First was illuminated with impressive projections after dark while the two snowboarders Gian Simmen and Iouri Podladtchikov performed their spectacular tricks.

photos by DAVID BIRRI

MARCH 31, 2021


The two Olympic snowboard champions and TSG team riders Iouri Podladtchikov and Gian Simmen joined forces for an extraordinary project: The 100 metre long and 5.5 metre high halfpipe in Grindelwald-First was illuminated with impressive light projections while they performed their runs.

Spectacular tricks under changing light conditions


Light it up

The halfpipe was illuminated with moving projections after dark. So Gian and Iouri could show an impressive spectacle in front of the majestic Eiger north face. 

This was an extra challenge, because they not only had to concentrate on their run and the tricks, but also cope with the changing light conditions.

The result blurs the four elements and the line between dream and reality.

Gian Simmen and Iouri Podladtchikov light up the halfpipe

2 partners in crime when it comes to snowboarding and always up for sensational projects.

light up the halfpipe Iouri Podladtchikov Gian Simmen

Style with perfection, fully illuminated.

“The illumination of a halfpipe is an enormous challenge, as the moving projections are not projected onto a straight surface but into a curve,” says Jann Schoch, project manager at the Event- & Rental Service Kilchenmann AG.

light up the halfpipe Gian Simmen

Iouri with a super high BS Air in a purple setting.

light up the halfpipe Gian Simmen

Gian followed up with a huge FS Air.

light up the halfpipe Iouri Podladtchikov

Iouri is surfing the wave with a BS Indy.

A gigantic project

“A gigantic project!” says Gian Simmen happily. “And extremely tricky! You start in the dark, then you have to orientate yourself despite the projection, the headlights blind you from behind and right after you land in the dark again.”

It took an extremely long time from the idea to the realisation, because all conditions had to be perfect. They needed an empty moon, 2.5 tons of material had to be brought up the mountain, the weather had to play along and the pipe had to be perfect.

The result is just stunning!

light up the halfpipe Gian Simmen

Gian with another FS Air above this magic wall.

light up the halfpipe Iouri Podladtchikov

Iouri is carving outta space.

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team rider interview

Watching Sam Pilgrim – A Life On Film

Sam Pilgrim chats lockdown, airbags, Audi Nines and the TSG SP 5 Line.




We were lucky to catch Sam at home during lockdown to quiz him on socially distanced bike missions, having a blast with airbags and portable ramps and to tell us more about the latest TSG SP 5 Line.


MARCH 26, 2021

If you’re into mountain biking then Sam Pilgrim should need little introduction. However, if somehow you’ve never met the toothless bike wonder from Colchester here is his bio in brief: He started biking at 14; Did super good at contests; loves MTB more than a dog on heat; has made some of the most watched riding videos on the web; and takes sending it to never before thought of heights.

Sam is the guy you want to hang with

Sam Pilgrim

From Audi Nines to long jump contests with inner tubes full of water Sam is the guy you want to hang with on two wheels!

TSG was luck to catch him at home during lockdown to quiz him on socially distanced bike missions, having a blast with airbags and portable ramps and to tell us more about the latest TSG SP 5 Line.

Check it out.

First off, thanks for keeping us entertained throughout lockdown? How much fun have you had?

Lockdown has ended up being really fun because luckily mountain biking was totally allowed throughout so I’ve been able to have fun and stay active the whole time!

We are loving you van full of ramps and packable airbag. That MTB Hopper Ramps and Airbag hook-up is epic!

Yeah this is so incredibly fun and I can now never moan that I don’t have a place to ride because I have so many new options with these ramps and the new airbag. The Hopper ramps can totally transform boring spots into super fun and trickable zones, I love it!

Sam Pilgrim mtb Airbag

This is how to build your own fun setup with ramps and airbag.

The empty streets and urban spots must have allowed you to hit spots that you never expect to be able to?

It’s definitely been emptier on the roads with less cars but there has actually been way more people out walking and cycling so I have actually noticed more people in locations they normally wouldn’t be at. It doesn’t stop the fun though; it just means I have to wait longer until the coast is clear!

Sam Pilgrim

Shredding the bike park in Cornwall.

Also looks like you sent it after the first lockdown with trips to Bike Park Wales and much more?

Yeah we had a nice break in between lockdowns where I was able to get out to Morzine, in France, and shred some real downhill tracks. We also had some great adventures in the UK at Bike Park Wales and surf trips in Devon. The weather was also pretty amazing last year!

Sam Pilgrim surfing

It doesn’t matter on what Sam is riding or surfing, he is always ripping it.

Sam Pilgrim surfing

How was the Audi Nines too?

This event is always a pleasure to be at and the organisation did such a great job at making sure everyone was tested correctly and getting everyone riding on the sickest jumps ever! 


Sam Pilgrim Audi Nines

Photographer Klaus Polzer took this amazing shot at Audi Nines 2021.

Sam, have you missed being out on the road?

Yes I love flying around and visiting new places, shredding sick riding spots and meeting my friends from all around the world. So I’ve definitely missed it, but when it opens back up again, it’ll feel even better! 

Have the travel restrictions made you be more creative? Given you a new appreciation of your home spots?

I’ve always loved my home spots and lockdown has just given me an excuse to ride them way more! 

While we are on the here and now can you tell us some stuff about your latest SP 5 line with TSG?

I love bold colours and comfy riding apparel and together with TSG we created just that! The shirt is made of a moisture wicking material, which keeps me dry even when its mega hot, and the goggle cleaner hidden in the shirt is an epic bonus that I use more than I thought I would! The technical shorts are mega comfy and stylish so I feel good shredding the trails!

SP 5 Line by Sam Pilgrim and TSG

Performance packed into a colourful design: The new SP 5 Line.

SP 5 Line by Sam Pilgrim and TSG

What is the pieces of TSG kit that you won’t get in the saddle without?

If I’m riding my dirt jump bike then I’ll be rocking the TSG Evolution helmet that has been a firm favourite of mine for over 15 years. It’s comfy, stylish, and lightweight, which makes it the perfect helmet for throwing down tricks in.  

When I ride my E-bike and enduro I like to wear the TSG Scope helmet, which is mega stylish, and with endless airflow it keeps my temperature at a good level while shredding through the woods or urban environments! Of course both helmets have saved my brain on numerous occasions and that’s why I couldn’t ride without them!

Sam Pilgrim

Sam wears the Scope helmet on his enduro.

Sam Pilgrim

And the Evolution helmet on his dirt bike.

And finally, where are you going to take us on your first How I See It when we get out of lockdown?

Hmm, I’m thinking about Miami, what do you think?

Stay up to speed with all Sam’s adventures on his YouTube channel where he’ll give you a running commentary on being stoked on life and check out his brand new signature line right here

Sam Pilgrim

Sam and is brother on this crazy sidecar bike.

Sam stays safe on his crazy rides with the following products:

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team rider

Introducing Alban Aubert

Joining the TSG Bike Apparel Team




Alban Aubert joins the TSG Bike Apparel team. Find out more about what he has been up to and and what his plans for the future are.


MARCH 4, 2021

Alban Aubert is special type of mountainbiker, using his two wheels to break world records, explore territories where other tires fear to tread, and in a former life coached the Swiss downhill bike team to heady heights.

Alban Aubert TSG

Lockdown may have clipped his wondering wings for a year but he’s still been stretching his legs in new adventures closer to home.

To find out more about what he’s been up to, his plans for the future and to quiz him about joining the TSG Apparel team we virtually put him under the spotlight for a Q&A.

First off Alban, you must be stoked to have signed up to the TSG Apparel squad?

It’s motivating to work with TSG

I think you’re right, and especially for three reasons: It’s interesting to be involved in the development of products for a Swiss company; Ruedi (the boss) is a really passionate person and that means a lot for me. And lastly, TSG is the fastest sponsor I have to produce prototypes. It’s motivating to work like that. 

Alban Aubert TSG

Stoked about joining the TSG Apparel team.

Can you tell us a little more about the bike apparel you are working on with TSG for S22? Apparently, its inspiration is your style of adventure and travel. 

Yes, I’m involved a lot with the creation on the line-up for S22. From the type of product that TSG needs, to the colours and also the choice of fabrics. The goal is to have something very technical but very stylish, ideal to wear when you’re biking and for lifestyle.

This summer Alban Aubert will ride with some of the following bike jerseys:

Sounds very cool. Now, even though lockdown has meant you have had to stay closer to home, you have still come up with some cool missions: The environmental hook to your 3 passes story is pretty cool; tell us a little more about that? 

The idea was to ride some hiking passes in the Alps and be able to charge the battery of the ebike with green energy. I found the Kesch hut which is powered by all the green energies, of water, solar and wind. This adventure was also interesting because it shows the way to other people to do the same. After this project, the hut is investing in new solar panels to welcome other ebikers. But we need to wait until 2022 to see if it will be technically possible. 

Alban Aubert TSG three passes

Alban on his three passes trip.

What do you think the future of ebikes is within the mountainbike enduro clan? 

Ebike will be the future or already is. We need to work on the recycling part of the battery, which is still a problem. What amazed me with the ebike, and that we also saw on my three passes story last year, is that you can also have fun pedalling up. Before ebikes, the peddling up section was just something you needed to do to reach the downhill. With ebikes you can have fun on the way up and on the way down, and you can pedal up sections that are impossible with a normal bike.

Alban Aubert TSG

Alban with his new e-mtb from his new sponsor Flyer.

Your second was Grimentz to St Moritz, staying over 1000m – did you solo that? And what sort of kit were you packing for that mission? 

I did this project with my girlfriend, Julia. I love the feeling of being in nature with your bike and totally free and normal bikes, rather than ebikes, give you that freedom. Expect for the food – we bought food every 2 days – we were self-sufficient with our tent, sleeping bag, stove and all the rest of the material you need for such a trip. It was a 10 days trip in the Swiss Alps with 2 sections in Italy, with the goal was to stay above 1000 meters. And we did it except once.

Alban Aubert TSG

Descent towards Septimerpass and sunrise near Grächen.

Alban Aubert TSG

Looking back at your records and challenges is there one which stands out from the rest and why? 

Probably the first one, the longest downhill ever – 5078 meters down the slopes of the volcano Chimborazo, in Ecuador. It’s interesting because it’s still the longest downhill ride in the world on singe trails and I learned a lot during this adventure. My biggest lesson was probably not to listen to all the people that tell you that your project is impossible.

At that time I was a Swiss guy living in Ecuador and a lot of locals told me that the downhill was not possible and that it could be dangerous. But I did a lot of scouting and searching on physical maps and I did it. Good preparation is the key for such projects and also in life in general, I think.

Alban Aubert TSG

Alban in Ecuador on the world longest single trail downhill. He starts at 5150m. The 2nd photo was taken at 4200m with thew Chimborazo in the back.

Alban Aubert TSG

And looking-back, how did you make the leap from coach to adventurer? What facilitated this move?  ​

For me, I never did a leap from coach to adventurer. They are a little bit the same. I like to try and experiment with new things and not to do the same thing all the time. For example, when I was coaching the Swiss DH team, I was already travelling.

In 2004, Seb and I weren’t able to be at the DH Swiss Championship because we planned a trip to Whistler and nobody told us if it was a good or bad idea to cross the world to spend 2 weeks in the same place, riding the same bike park! It’s now clear you NEED to go to Whistler as a MTB rider. Even now I’m continuing to coach for some sponsors at camps, press camps and dealer events. I’m just more concentrated on adventures because I have more time.

Alban Aubert TSG

So now you’re on the apparel team is there any bits of TSG kit that you won’t be leaving out of your pack on your next mission? 

One product which is technical for riding and stylish for lifestyle is the TSG Insulation Jacket. I love it!

And where is that post lockdown trip going to take you? 

Good question, and to be honest, I have no idea! I’m working on three projects: One in Africa, one in Asia, and the last one in the Swiss Alps. But when I look at the actual situation, the trip will probably take me in the Swiss Alps.

Alban Aubert TSG

What will the next trip look like?

Alban Aubert TSG

Follow Alban Aubert on his next trips and visit his website

And check out Alban’s TEAM RIDER PROFILE

Alban Aubert with his dog

Whenever possible Alban’s dog Manchas joins him on his bike trips.


straight outta Berlin

BMX beyond your daily routine

Lara Lessmann presents her new video




Away from the usual! In this video TSG BMX rider Lara Lessmann shreds on new terrain.


FEBRUARY 1, 2021

BMX beyond your daily routine

Lara Lessmann is a BMX Freestyle athlete in the German national squad and therefore she focuses mainly on training for international competitions and recently especially for the Olympic Games.

Lara Lessmann bmx beyond your daily routine

Lookback Transfer in perfection.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the therefore cancelled contests there were some changes and challenges for Lara this year. After the Simple Session in February there were no more international contests on the calendar and at the latest with the official postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, for which Lara was already qualified, it was clear that this year would bring a completely different character.

Get out of the daily routine

The extra time and travel restrictions forced her to get creative and look around for new challenges in her adopted home Berlin. No sooner said than done, Lara packed up her homies and Mellowpark locals Daniel Tünte and Mati Echeverria to ride three skateparks in Berlin’s surroundings together. Get out of the daily routine, away from the usual ramps, discover new things, have fun and enjoy BMX riding. That was the motto.

bmx Lara lessmann

Lara with her homies Daniel Tünte and Mati Echeverria.

To capture the good vibes of the group, Lara had asked ATAB (All Tricks Are Beautiful) filmer Raph Jeroma-Williams, who was keen on capturing the action with his VX and Super-8 cameras in classic BMX style.

Check out Laras Team profile!

Lara rides with

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Team rider visit

BMX stopover in Zurich

Daniel Wedemeijer is shredding some spots in Zurich




Daniel Wedemeijer came on a short BMX stopover with his family to Zurich. He spend two days discovering and shredding our hometown.


I. BMX stopover in Zurich

When Daniel Wedemeijer called and announced his visit in Zurich we organized a photographer friend and made sure Daniel could have a good time with some TSG team mates. 

Daniel tells you personally about his journey to Zurich during the Corona time.

it was great to catch up again

“The reason we came to Zurich all started in a different country. After 8 months of not competing, finally a Covid proof event was going to take place in Italy. While planning the trip we decided that we could visit the skatepark in Cadenazzo, Switzerland on the way home.

While looking at maps I came to the conclusion that Zurich was also on the way so it was easy to call another stop at TSG. After 6 years not visiting my TSG family it was great to catch up again.”


II. Shredding Skatepark Zurich

“The first day we had a session in the Zurich bowl. Which is an amazing bowl and I wish I had more time to ride it.”, states Daniel.

We invited local Alessio Tonoli and they met in Zurich’s skate park. Enjoy the photo story, commented by the riders themselves. 

Bmx stopover in zurich Daniel Wedemeijer

Always fun to tweak a foot jam on a smooth quarter pipe.

Bmx skatepark zurich Alessio tonoli

Love the feeling of a little canjam in Zürich.

Alessio Tonoli TSG BMX rider

Good sesh with Daniel

Skatepark Zurich bmx Daniel Wedemeijer
Skatepark Zurich bmx Daniel Wedemeijer

Daniel is spreading his wings.

Skatepark zurich Daniel Wedemeijer bmx

Wall Tap on a crazy bowl corner set-up.

Skatepark zurich bmx Daniel Wedemeijer

And another angle of the same trick.

Alessio Tonoli BMX skatepark Zurich

Alessio: Try to fly like a bird with a tuck nohand, got enaugh time to really stretch the arms, love it.

Daniel Wedemeijer TSG BMX rider portrait
Zurich skatepark bmx Daniel Wedemeijer TSG

The beard got a little big on the 3 weeks road trip ending in beautiful Zurich. Full focus to get the hang 5 over the long box.

Alessio Tonoli BMX Skatepark Zurich

Alessio: Onefoot table over this hip feels way to good, glad to have rode this bowl with Daniel.

Flair by Daniel Wedemeijer in Skatepark Zurich

One of my favorite tricks to do is the flair. Such a great feeling to go upside down.

Daniel: “Sometimes you find the perfect set up for a trick. This hip below was for lookbacks.”

bm Stopover in Zurich Daniel Wedemeijer
Indian Air by Alessio Tonoli in skatepark zurich

Alessio: This indian air scared me! But the feeling of landing it is way to good !thats why we do it.

Next to the bowl there was a huge pumptrack so I could finally take Mick for a ride and show him how to do it. 

Daniel Wedemeijer family pumptrack
Daniel Wedemeijer family pumptrack

Yep we were the parents standing in the middle of the pumptrack… and Mick having the time of his life on his bike.


III. Session at Skillspark

The next day Daniel met mountain biker and TSG team mate Lucas Huppert in the Skillspark in Winterthur. The mission of getting them both on the same shot was clear. Lucas states: “It‘s been quite a mission but after some try’s we had the perfect timing for the shot! Daniel is boosting the flair!!”

Daniel was super stoked to ride the Skillspark.

“I finally got the chance to ride Skillspark indoor park. At the end I spent two amazing days with TSG and hopefully soon again.”

Awesome session together with Lucas

skillspark bmx and mtb session with Daniel Wedemeijer and Lucas Huppert

Daniel with a Flair and Lucas with a Fufanu.

“Yep the word is out mtb and bmx doubles training has started for the Olympics… Oke maybe not haha.”, laughs Daniel.

fufanu bmx daniel Wedemeijer Skillspark

Can’t be a good session without a fufanu.

bmx stopover in Zurich Daniel Wedemeijer

Lucas Huppert Skillspark 360 Downside Tailwhip

360 Downside Tailwhip, Feels quite scary to be hanging over the bike in the air, but if you catch the pedals and ride it out it’s just the best feeling!

Daniel Wedemeijer clicking a turndown on the step up at Skills park

Clicking a turndown on the step up at Skillspark.

table top air with Lucas Huppert at skillspark

Table Top Air, Push as hard as you can and tweak in the table.

Awesome session together with Lucas on the step up.

All the tricks came out in 20 minutes

Daniel Wedemeijer bmx skillspark step up
Footjam by Daniel Wedemeijer bmx skillspark

Slammed walls… sometimes scary but so fun to footjam.

Daniel Wedemeijer and Lucas Huppert TSG team

TSG kept us both safe again! Time to check today’s work and videos.

Lucas enjoyed the session with Daniel: “It was cool to have Daniel in Town and see him shred my local Skatepark! Skateparks  aren’t really my terrain but I pushed myself with Daniel and even did some new tricks which made me stoked! It’s been a great day, that’s for sure!”

Thanks for the visit Daniel. Come back soon!


Read here how our riders are staying fit and happy in lockdown.

video release

The world of TSG

three decades of shredding safe





Discover the world of TSG: Where do we came from and who are we today.

New video release 

Discover the world of TSG: Where we came from, who we are today and how we’re taking protective gear to the next level in the future. This epic clip kicks off in ’88 with footage from our archives and rides full-throttle through three decades of shredding safe on the limits of action sports. Designed by riders for riders since 1988. Enjoy our new video!



The World of TSG in print

We went to the basement for you and opened our print archive. We rummaged through three decades of TSG and captured a few gems for eternity.

TSG posters Tony Hawk

Some old posters and catalogs and the Tony Hawk pro model helmet from 1999.

TSG Helmet signed by Tony Hawk

Thanks TSG!

This is the TSG helmet that Tony Hawk signed in 1999 and sended back to us to thank us for keeping him safe. The Birdman tested its quality in a very odd way when he landed on his head doing a loop. The film crew expected him to be in a coma, but Tony was fine.

old TSG print advert skateboarder Sascha Müller

More old stuff from 1999.

See all these cool company logo helmet models. We had cooperations going on with most of the skateboard brands.

the world of TSG

This campaign dates back from 2005.

Read more about our history

or watch the new clip again on youtube:


How to

Get ready for winter and split

Tips for Splitboarding






Splitboarding is the perfect solution to a socially distanced winter. So skin up, layers on, sticks out and go hike for some solitude and fresh lines.

by DANNY BURROWS – Gigi Rüf’s photos by TOM KINGSNORTH

TSG pro riders Gigi Ruef and Lea Jugovac have already been out splitboarding for early freshies and here share their wisdom on the best way to escape the lift lines and resort lockdowns.

Gigi Ruef snowboarding powspray smile

Splitboarding brings you to untouched off-piste snow. Nice pow spray and big smile from Gigi!


Legend has it that in 1991 Brett “cowboy” Kobernik showed up at Voile with a prototype splitboard and ever since snowboarders have been sliding into the backcountry under their own steam in search of virgin snow. It has had some very famous proponents over the years, including the likes of Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice, but this year over all others it will come into its own.

splitboarding gets you places that lifts can’t.

“Splitboarding gives you opportunity to reach places on the mountain that are not on the usual slopes,” says Lea who is a recent convert to splitboarding. “You get time to enjoy every bit of nature while going up and the best of the snow on the way down.”

Splitboarding Lea Jugovac

Lea enjoys the calm of a splitboarding tour.

A splitboard is a board that splits down the middle to make a pair of fat hiking skis. To ascend on these an adventurous rider sticks skins to the base, which have a similar makeup to sharkskin – smooth in one direction to slide forward and rough in the other for climbing traction.

Make sure that you don’t get your skins stuck together.

“Make sure you don’t get your skins stuck together though,” advises Gigi. “And always clean the snow off the base and skins before you stick them on.” Otherwise you’re likely to lose them on the way up.

Putting on skins on a splitboard

Gigi is putting on the skins on his splitboard.

Splitboard bindings are similar to regular bindings but act as a lock and stiffener when the board is assembled. In ski mode the bindings attach to each plank via a front pin that allows the foot to pivot for easy hiking.

Preparing your splitboard to ride down

Lea Jugovac prepares for the ride down and puts the bindings on her splitboard.

II. Get Familiar with your Gear

Both Gigi and Lea stress that it is essential to grips with your gear before heading out on the hill: “It is easier to learn how to adjust your equipment in the warmth of your home,” says Lea, “but not so easy on the top of the mountain.”

Other bits of essential hardwear are collapsible poles, which can be stashed in a backpack on descents and all the regular snowboard gear that you would usually wear when winter riding. “Dress smart,” adds Lea. “It is best to dress in layers so you can regulate your temperature.” The layering system is comprised of a thermal base layer, windproof and warm second layer and a breathable and waterproof shell.

Lea Jugovac with Splitboard

It is best to dress in layers so you can regulate your temperature.

Gigi Ruef

As you are heading out into the wilds it is imperative that you go with friends, carry avalanche gear, including peeps, poles and a shovel and know how to use them in an emergency. Lea also suggests packing “snacks, water and dry layers and gloves.”

Lea also never rides without her TSG Fly Helmet: “It is so light that you don’t even feel it in your backpack while skinning up,” she claims. It only weight 350g and with a solid outer shell provides ultimate protection. She also packs some extra lenses for her Goggle Four S so she’s prepared for any light conditions the mountain might throw at her – the magnetic lock system makes it easy to swop out lenses even in gloves.

Shop Lea’s Gear


In short splitboarding gets you places that lifts can’t. “It’s the perfect social distancing option,” Lea teases. If you want to get away from the crowds and find new lines with friends then splitboarding is the way to go. “Splitboarding is always a special experience,” chimes in Gigi who is an old hand at hiking and riding. “It’s all about slowing down, being self-sufficient, making your own plans, and getting some exercise and sneaky fresh tracks.”

Gig Ruef's Splitboarding Gear

Gigi among all his gear.

Gigi rocks the TSG Insulation Jacket, a Back Protector, TSG Facemask and like Lea the super light Fly Helmet.

“Splitboarding is a really calming activity for me,” says Lea. “You appreciate riding more because you came up by foot and not with a chairlift and you can reach places that are otherwise not accessible.

cornice slash Gigi Ruef

Slashing on some untouched terrain.

Make your break from the crowds this winter and go splitboarding. It is snowboarding as Brett “cowboy” Kobernik meant it to be!

Recommended TSG Gear for Splitboarding

Looking for a Splitboard?

Check out Gigi Ruef’s snowboard brand SLASH by Gigi Rüf


new product

Goggle Four

Our all-new favourite goggle





The brand new Goggle Four is TSG’s latest and greatest contribution to surround vision on the mountain with magnetic lens change system.

Say hello to our brand new Goggle Four and Four S! These amazing supersized goggles, for riders with small to large faces, are equipped with an oversized, distortion-free cylindrical dual-lens that is both anti-fog and anti-scratch treated.

Nick Pünter TSG Goggle Four Fly Snowboard Helmet

Nick Pünter likes the lowchecker design.

TSG Fly Helmet and Goggle Four

The frameless design is one of our team rider’s favourite.


My choice, because the Four fits super nice and the lens can be swopped in seconds.

Michael Schärer, Snowboarder


This lens can be swopped out with the flip of a thumb – even with gloves on – thanks to our magnetic locking system and an easy-grip changing tab.

TSG Goggle Four Magnetic Lens

The magnetic locking system makes it easy to change your lens.

And we even supply a bonus bad weather lens and microfiber goggle bag to keep ‘em in.

Both goggles are also graced with a conformable TPU frame, backed by ergonomic triple-layer face foam for superior comfort, and kept in place with a non-slip 40mm silicone strap.

The larger version fits best from medium to large faces. The small version fits best with small to medium faces.

I love the GOGGLE FOUR for its combination of minimal design and maximum functionality

Markus Keller, TSG Pro Team Snowboarder


TSG Gravity Helmet and Goggle Four

Fits perfect with most of our helmets.

TSG Gravity Helmet and Goggle Four

  • Magnetic lens change 

  • Supreme field of vision

  • Frameless design

  • Cylindrical dual-lens with anti-fog inner lens and anti-scratch treatment

  • Frame vent ports

  • Comes with 2 lenses (for sunny and bad weather conditions)


Goggle Four fits best with these helmet models

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Goggle Four S fits best with the following helmets

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Explore all TSG Goggles