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Who are we?

 Ever wondered why we make protective gear? 

TSG is a wild bunch of former pro snowboarders and avid freeskiers, skateboarders, BMXers, mountain bikers and all-round thrill seekers with experience in product development, who just happen to be science-minded perfectionists: And we’re all about creating the best protection possible.   

I. How it all started

Back in 1988, we simply couldn’t find protective gear that measured up to our high expectations – so we decided to make our own. With years of riding already behind us, we knew exactly what we wanted to make. And, with years of field-testing ahead of us… we couldn’t wait to get started!

Dedicated to make the best protective gear for riders by riders

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Today, a dizzying 30 years on, with tremendous progress in technology, design and style, TSG is still rider driven, still privately owned and operated, and still dedicated to making the best protective gear in the world. Gear that constantly raises the bar in terms of style, comfort, design, technology and, above all, safety.

 II. Certified Protection

Your body and your brain are the two most valuable assets you have. That’s why we invest in the best design, materials and construction technologies possible to protect them.

100% team tested and lab certified

So when you’re putting your body on the line, you do so knowing your protective gear is 100% team tested and lab certified. TSG strives to comply with or do better than certification standards. Our development team is forever growing its knowledge to make sure that TSG products meet and exceed the latest safety requirements in all conditions.

TSG Chamber KneeguardsHelmet impact testing in the lab and knee pad performance test by the rider

III. Riders for Riders

The driving force of TSG is to provide the best sport-specific protection to athletes of all levels, from kids dropping into the learning curb to professionals cracking codes on new tricks. Leading the charge is our global team of solid rippers, whose ranks have included international pro athletes from the world of BMX, mountain biking, skateboarding and snowboarding.

The gear we protect them with is the same that safeguards our customers

The gear we protect them with is the same as the gear that safeguards our customers. The harder the team slams the better TSG protection gets as their experience and visionary expertise is fed directly back into our design process, completing the circle that unites every core action sports brands – for riders by riders.  

Declan Brooks TSG bmx riderTogether Declan Brookes must rely on the protection of our products. 

IV. Award-Winning Fit

From helmets to ankle pads and everything in between a snug low-profile fit is key to both comfort and safety. It’s at the core of our philosophy, and is what makes us the best. Take our award-winning FlexTech system, the Kraken Helmet is the first ever helmet that quite literally embraces every head shape with its flexible foam segments.

TSG Kraken Helmet. Flexible helmet with FlexTech TechnologyJonas Hasler shows how the FlexTech system in our Kraken helmets works. It makes the helmet more flexible and thus more comfortable for demeaning head shapes.

V. Lightweight

Our goal is to create protective gear that is so comfortable and so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. This is why we developed the lightest halfshell helmet series for adults and kids.

TSG was the first company to manufacture skateboard half-shell helmets using lightweight inmold technology. The Superlight helmet weighs only 300 g

VI. Designed in Switzerland

At TSG, we believe that when something is beautifully designed, it should not only work beautifully but it should look great too. Our products are designed for both functionality AND style, which is why we work closely with our team riders and exciting artists to deliver the widest range of colours and designs. We bring all of this together in our headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland to finalise product design and colours.

TSG Helmet design

Back in 1988, we started TSG for one reason: To create the best gear for riders by riders and nothing has changed as we’ve branched out into goggles and MTB apparel. We’re as passionate as ever about creating the perfect gear for your riding experience and ours.

TSG – progressive protection gear for riders by riders

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