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making the world a better world

Action sports like skateboarding, BMX and mountain biking have been a part of many of us in Europe since our childhood. They allow us to express ourselves, to get creative and to have fun. Not everyone on the globe has the opportunity to enjoy this freedom though but there are many projects, here and in other countries that are using freestyle sports to do good. TSG supports some of these projects in their quest for a better world!


Skateboarding for a brighter tomorrow

It was our team rider Renton Millar who introduced us to this fantastic project. Skateistan was founded by his Aussie compatriot Oliver Percovich, in 2007, and provides skateboard schools as well as skate parks in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. The initiative aims to empower children and youth through skateboarding and education.


The pedagogic power of Skateboards

Skate-Aid supports kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. In times of adversity, skateboarding provides unity, equality and a stable social environment. It enables kids to grow their self-confidence and self-worth and, most importantly, to enjoy good times.


For more Uga-Uga in Life!

GORILLA brings more Uga-Uga into everyday life at school. The society’s workshops, apps and tutorials convey the fun of exercise and positive attitude to children and teens, prefer skateboarding, longboarding, breakdance, slackline, Parkour, freestyle Frisbee and more over traditional sports.

Stay Strong

Support for Stephen Murray

What started out as a simple T-shirt worn by BMX pro riders to show support and solidarity for Stephen Murray has developed into something much greater. Stephen has been paralyzed from the neck down since 2007 when he crashed his bike. From the first original T-shirt with the “Stay Strong” print, a growing range of clothing, bike parts and accessories has developed.