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Jake Atkinson

Rookie of the year 2023

Jake rode straight out of Kendal to land second place at the 2023 Red Bull Roof Ride. From cash rolls and 360 triple truck drivers to guts and natural style this UK slope ripper has got it all. 




Kendal, UK




Years riding

Jake Atkinson grew up bumping and jump Kendal’s rocks, in England’s green and pleasant Lake District. He’s ridden it all, from trials at seven, BMX at eleven and now MTB slopestyle at the highest level. 

His intuitive style and ease on anything two wheeled and hunger for a seat at the top table has seen him rise from unknown rider to Red Bull Rookie of the Year 2023 in the turn of a cog. And although he’s always dreamt of riding the biggest contests – he bagged silver at the 2023 Red Bull Roof Ride, only his second big contest ever – he’s not into it if it’s not fun: “I’m just trying to have a good time and keep whatever I’m doing as fun as possible!”

Jake and TSG are set to have hulla fun together: “It feels great to be a part of a team of riders you have always looked up to and I’m looking forward to the future to see what comes!” 

TSG has no doubt that Jake’s future is golden!