A Visual History of 

Helmet Graphic Designs

 Which is your favourite? 

We’ve been designing and building helmets for ages, so we thought it was about time to show you a history of our graphic design evolution, created by our in-house art team and invited artists.

Check out our visual history of TSG helmet Graphics. They range from our first game-changing designs of ’98 and ’99, followed by brand collaborations and a 2001 Tony Hawk pro lid and all the way through to our 30th year anniversary skin designed by HRO Design

skulls, racing stripes, full chrome, vikings

There are skulls, racing stripes, full chrome, vikings, bullets and the inimitable characters of Barca local artist Jan Barcelo.

Which design would you resurrect from the archives if you had the chance? Drop us your answers on Instagram @ridetsg. 


Check out some of our current graphic designs

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