the team


‘Designed by riders’ is not just an empty marketing slogan but a fundamental building block of our DNA. Our athletes are actively involved in the product development process. The team’s riding know-how together with our experience in product development results in superior products. Please meet the TSG team!

Global Team

designed by riders

World champions, innovators, and leaders in the sport – the TSG Global Team embodies the TSG lifestyle, and defines what it means to be pro.


National Team

Local heroes

Heroes that dominate the local scene – TSG National Team riders travel in search of the best trails and competitions to showcase their skills. They ride to inspire.



Next generation and inspiring riders

The leaders of action sport’s future, TSG’s Ambassador Team supports the next wave of progression and innovation. These super talented kids spend their free time mainly on a rolling or sliding base. TSG ambassadors are also legends and riders that inspire a large public with who they are and what they do.