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jr skate-set
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The Jr Skate Set is the ultimate introductory protection pack for junior shredders, which can be used for the full range of action sports. The set includes knee and elbow pads made with comfortable and durable slip-on base sleeves that are re-enforced with form-fitting EVA foam pads to absorb impacts and covered with hardshell PE caps for protected sliding and puncture wound prevention. The pads are kept in place by 360° Velcro straps. Wrist guards are also included in the set. These feature an easy-on pull-over design, held in place by 3 size-adjustable Velcro straps and equipped with a tough palm plate and hardwearing mock-leather palm pad.


Hardshell construction

Hardshell helmets are constructed from ABS or PP plastic. This outer shell gets bonded to the EPS core for a two-piece construction that provides high durability and ultimate high-impact protection.


Hardshell covered pads reduce friction against the ground in case of a fall. Maximum protection from impacts often associated with pedals, rocks and other objects found on varied terrain or falls from great heights on concrete or wooden ramps.

EVA foam

EVA provides great shock absorbing properties, stress-crack resistance and low-temperature toughness. It can be used in multi layers and backed with hard shell caps for a solid performance.


High impact strength and low friction caps for use on rough and concrete ground.


High impact strength and low friction caps for use on rough and concrete ground.

EN 14120:2003+A1:2007

EN 1621-2 certified

European standard for back protectors


Pre-Shaped Design

Our pre-shaped body protection comes with a pre-bended articulated design for unrestricting wearing comfort and superior fit.

Horseshoe Shape

Our custom Horseshoe shape that greatly surrounds knees, elbows or shoulders. The compression-moulded foam pad with a raised top part sits perfectly around your protected joints. This shape minimizes shifting and down-sliding to keep your pad in place during action.

360 Strap

The strap wraps around the whole limb offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection.

Wristguard with 3 velcro straps and artificial leather palm pad

Pull-over design

Pull up and fix straps for the most secure and shift-free fit and wearing comfort.

use it for: dirt/park, vert/park,
Certification: EN 14120:2003+A1:2007, Level 1
Weight: 418 g
Material: 42% Polyethylene, 25% EVA, 15% Polyester, 10% Cotton, 5% Rubber, 3% Nylon
Article No.: 760090-90-102
Elbow Pads
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20-23 CM
18-20 CM
26-30 CM
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