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Max Fredriksson

on TSG Apparel

Max adds TSG Bike Apparel to his list of rad riding gear




We are stoked to announce that Swedish FMB wonder Max Fredriksson will be burning about on his bikes wearing TSG Apparel.

Totally on TSG

“Max has been on the TSG bike team riding helmets and protection for some time,” says the CEO of TSG, Ruedi Herger. “But, we are super stoked to get him into our technical bike apparel now as well and design him his very own signature line of clothing for S21. There isn’t a more deserving trailblazer out there than Max!”

I’m incredibly stoked to be riding for TSG protection and now clothing

Max grew up with a bike between his legs and has been jumping them for over 13 years to get to his level of trickery. Since his 2011 debut on the international slopestyle scene he has collected a king’s ransom of peachy contest results and a top three World Ranking. Alas, an arm breaking bail at the 2018 Crankworx NZ put the brakes on his skyward trajectory, but in his own words 2019 was his “best year ever”.

Max Fredriksson TSG Apparel

One of Max’ favorites, the Riding Hoodie Corp. Super comfy for riding and relaxing.

Max Fredriksson TSG Apparel

Max is getting his own apparel line

Max Fredriksson’s S21 kit is being design by TSG’s very own bike apparel guru, Jonas Janssen: “The Outfit is inspired by Max’s personality and his country of origin,” explains Jonas. “It reflects his riding style, which is technical, cool and clean and is not loud or intrusive”. “The colours harmonize well,” Jonas signs off…

“I’m incredibly stoked to be riding for TSG protection and now clothing,” says Max. “It is such a great company with amazing technology behind the products. They are also such a friendly and personal brand and I am loving being a part of it!” 

Max rides save with these products of the new TSG line:

What to expect for 2020

2020 is also looking like a humdinger for Max, who apparently has three crispy new tricks to drop on the contest circuit – “to be shown when the time is right” says Max – and his brand new deal with TSG Apparel.

Be sure to drop by for all the latest news and information about Max’s S21 signature line of apparel. And remember to follow his YouTube channel so you too can learn to shred like a pro. You might even get to see Max’s wingman Theo dial tail whips and win a game of BIKE…

Max Fredriksson

Max in Barcelona during the winter season

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