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Marc Diekmann joins TSG

MTB freestyler and Ridegang founding member



TSG and the 24-year-old German freestyler mountainbiker Marc Diekmann make their mutual admiration official as Marc joins the TSG global bike team!

All-round amazing Marc

“Marc is one of those all-round amazing riders and good guys you just want in your crew,” says TSG’s CEO Ruedi Herger. “He loves to ride and goes hard whatever the terrain!” No matter the bike frame and from stair sets to freeride trails Marc is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Marc grew up burning around the woods of his local hood Melle, in Germany, on a road bike but quickly racked up airtime and an enviable trick list when he moved on to a BMX and then a mountain bike.

I`ve been using TSG products ever since I started riding

Him and his crew, the Ridegang, have since earned themselves an emperors share of fans on youtube, with their constant flow of credible bike porn and trickery pulling in the clicks, which Marc backs up with some serious hunger on the contest circuit.

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Staying safe with TSG

He put himself on the benches last season after separating his shoulder but with a some serious gym time and determination he is back in the saddle and riding harder than ever – TSG will be keeping him safe in all the latest TSG protective gear.

“I`ve been using TSG products ever since I started riding” says Marc. “And I am super glad to now be on this Team!”

Marc is repping the Kraken and Advance Fullface Helmet, depending on what and where he’s riding. He also sports the Crash Pants, Task Knee Pads and BMX Shinpads and even slips on ankle guards when he’s on the jump bike. 

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Big plans for 2020

Marc has got big plans for 2020, including a bunch of trips, loads of cool video edits on Ridegang and getting bank-rolls by the bundle stuffed in his bag of tricks. And, word on the street, or at least the single track, is that he wants to go huge in the “big mountain freeride scene”. Judging from his already handsome skill set he is bound to succeed.

TSG are stoked to have him on the team. Stay tuned for all the latest news on Marc and much much more on

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Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

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