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10 of the best with Mark Diekmann

MTB freestyler and Ridegang founding member



TSG are stoked to welcome all-round bike trickster Marc Diekmann to the team, and to celebrate hit him up with a bag of 10 golden questions.


If you don’t know Marc Diekmann yet check out Ridegang edits or… read on to find out what trick he wants to dial in 2020!

Already as a kids I wanted to ride MotoX one day

How did you start out on two wheels and when did you make the transition from hobby peddler to pro? 

I always rode my street bike through the woods when I was a little kid and wanted to ride motocross one day. Some years later I bought my first BMX and then transitioned to mountain bikes soon after and kept going ever since. My transition to becoming a pro rider went hand in hand with my increasing social media output, which allowed me to focus on the sport completely.

Who were the riders you most admired when you were earning your pedals? 

I’ve always been inspired by FMX riders in general! 

How’s California treating you? How come you were there? 

I don’t live in Cali any more; I just lived there for a couple months in 2017 and 18. I’ve been back quite often though. It’s one of my favourite places as it’s always sunny and you get some of the best food J

You’ve got quite the quiver of bikes: If someone said you had to stick to one type of bike and one terrain, which would you pick and why? 

I can’t even imagine that but if it really came down to it I’d probably choose my freeride bike; it’s the most versatile in my eyes. And, I absolutely love freeriding terrain!

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Can you tell us a little bit about Ridegang?

The RideGang started out with some friends, just randomly saying the tag “#GangGang“, inspired by Hip-Hop tracks. And when the YouTube community started to grow it seemed like there was almost a demand for a tag which people and riders could identify with! RideGang was the perfect fit! 

Last year was a standout year for you: Hit us up with a list of the places you visited and tell us which was your favourite spot to ride? 

I started out in Barcelona, for winter training. Then to New Zealand for Crankworx and Queenstown and directly after that, I went to California for Sea Otter. Then, unfortunately, I had to take a couple months off, as I separated my shoulder and had to get surgery. It was right in the middle of the Season – bad timing. Got back on the bike for the Evo Freeride Jam, in southern France, and then went to China for a unique downhill race and from China to Utah for more freeride action. I finished the year off with some indoor & urban riding at home and a trip to Malaga to shoot some more videos! New Zealand was a first for me and excited me the most for sure!

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

How is the shoulder coming along now? 

The diagnosis went from bad to worse at the beginning but I am on a good way and feel really confident on my bike again already. I’ve spent lots of time in the gym and I’m enjoying it as I know what I’m working for!

On the subject of injuries and avoiding them how stocked are you to get on the TSG protection team?

For those injuries that can be prevented by protection gear I’ve been relying on TSG products for many years now and therefore even more stoked to join the Team!

What TSG kit do you ride? And have you got a standout piece of kit that you never ride without? 

I use the Kraken Helmet as well as the Fullface Helmet, depending on the bike I’m riding. I also ride the Crash Pants, Task Knee Pads, BMX Shinpads & also ankle guards when it comes to the jump bike. 

The helmet is a must of course but I also always ride with kneepads as I try to avoid getting scarred by my own pedals.

What have you got planned for 2020 and have you got a trick that you’re working on? 

I want to get some big video projects done besides my regular YouTube videos and have as much fun on my bike as possible. I’m currently working on Cash-Rolls but there are some more tricks in the back of my head. Also I’m aiming to get my name more into the big mountain freeride scene!

Marc Diekmann

Check out Marc Diekmann’s youtube channel or watch his 2019 season edit below.

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