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Max Fredriksson

The swedish style machine

Meet the Bounce back kid Max Fredriksson known for combining progressive tricks with a silky smooth style.




Stockholm, Sweden




Years riding

Max Fredriksson grew up with a bike between his legs and has been jumping them for over 13 years to get to the head heights he now finds himself at. He has amassed a stack of peachy contest finishes and a top three world ranking since his 2011 debut on the international slopestyle scene, but a nasty injury in 2017 and arm breaking bail in 2018 on the glory booter of the Crankworx NZ course put the brakes on his skyward trajectory.

In Max’s words though, “it was nothing that a bit of hard work down the gym couldn’t cure,” and in 2019 he came belting back, stacking up a season of banger edits and travel stories, as well as playing plenty of BIKE with his right-hand-man Theo – you can check out on their mind-bending trickery on their YouTube channel.

With 2019 in the bag, which Max described as his “best year ever”, 2020 is looking like a humdinger, with Max promising to dial three crispy new tricks on the contest circuit – “to be shown when the time is right” says Max.

Keep watching this space and his YouTube channel for his latest news and views, and fingers crossed Theo gets his tail whips down and wins a game of BIKE…