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Jason Watts

The Goofy-footed Wonder from Down Under



Meet the latest addition to the TSG’s biker team, the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup overall winner, Jason Watts.


Born in Brisbane, Western Australia, Jason was always going to be a shredder of some persuasion. It was an off-the-cuff roll-by of his local dirt jumps that changed him from four wheels to two.

Read on and find out more about TSG’s newest BMX team ripper…

When, why and how did you get into riding in Brisbane?

I got into riding because when I was around 13 years old I was skateboarding with my two cousins and we thought we would see what the local dirt jumps where like. When we got down there, there were some really good riders and it was awesome to watch, so we started riding instead of skating that week. It just took off from there (haha)…

What riders did you have on rewind on your clips while you were learning and earning your pedals?

A few of the riders that I watched all the time were Corey Bohan, Mike Aitken, Mark Webb, and many. But they were definitely the 3 I watched the most growing up.

Jason Watts bmx australia pool

How did you get onto the pro circuit and sponsorship?

I got into the pro circuit and sponsors mostly though Colin Mackay, I’d say. He randomly hit me up one day, before I knew him personally, and gave me an invite to the very first Van Doren Invitational Bowl Contest at Huntington Beach. Everything sort of kicked off from there. He got me on Vans and Haro, which I’ll be forever thankful for!

What’s the biggest ball-ache about being goofy-footed?

Haha, the biggest ball-ache would be running pegs. At the start, every time I’d loop out a manual, my foot would hit the peg instead of the ground and I’d hit the ground harder because the peg is on your back foot.

Winning the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup last year must have been near the top of your stoke list in your career?

Winning the Vans BMX Pro Cup definitely is the Stoke of my career (haha)!
I was blown away to win two stops in one year. Then to top it off win it overall. I was absolutely pumped!

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Are you still rocking the Walsh frame for 2020?

I’ll definitely be rocking the Walsh frame in 2020. I love the way it feels and looks. I don’t think I’ll be changing it for a long time.

What TSG kit are you going to ride this year?

I’ll be riding the TSG Dawn Flex because it feels unreal and comfy to ride in. And possibly the Ankle Guards when my ankles are busted and need to heal.

And what bit of protection would you not ride without?

The piece of kit I never ride without is my helmet. But if you’re out to learn new tricks or dropping something big or new I advise you to pad up. Getting hurt sucks!

TSG Dawn Flex Helmet Jason Watts

Jason’s new Dawn Flex helmet

What are your plans for 2020?

Plans for 2020 are definitely hitting all the stops of the Vans Pro Cup. Also, I’ll hopefully get invites back to XGames, as I missed it last year because of visa issues which are all sorted no.
I am also dropping a DVD part for Fast and Loose and working on a Cult video and much, much more…

Shout outs?

Shout outs to all the brands that support me and help me do what I can do on a bike.
TSG, Vans, Cult, Demolition, Backbone and Fast and Loose

Jason Watts bmx

If you want to know more about Jason watch his interview with Vital BMX. Discussing his unique riding style, living in a van, mastering nose manuals, surviving his crazy lifestyle, and much more!

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