TSG / Jason Watts

Jason Watts

The Goofy-footed BMX Wonder From Down Under

Meet Aussie BMX ripper Jason Watts, overall winner of the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup and the latest addition to the TSG BMX team.




Brisbane, AUS


Albany Creek



Years riding

Born in Brisbane and raised on a diet of trickery from the likes of Corey Bohan, Mike Aitken, Mark Webb, Jason Watts was always destined for great things on two wheels. Then, when a golden ticket to the Van Doren Invitational Bowl Contest arrived, courtesy of Colin Mackay, his BMX life went from good to amazing, with hook-ups from Vans and Haro cutting in close behind. Now, with an overall win at the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup under his belt and video parts with Fast and Loose and Cult video dropping in 2020, Jason is on the ride of a lifetime with only good times visible on the road of infinite BMX joy. TSG are stoked to be along for the ride and to help keep him in one piece on his journey.