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TSG signs Jason Watts

The BMX wonder from Down Under



TSG are pleased to announce the signing of Australian born BMX master and overall 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup winner, Jason Watts.

Welcome Jason

“We are over the moon to have Jason on our team,” says TSG’s CEO Ruedi Herger. “Few other BMX riders embody the lifestyle like Jason, and as one of the best transition riders in the world, he always shows an incredible amount of style alongside as his huge bag of tricks and creative lines!”

absolutely stoked

Jason Watts bmx

Stoked to be on the team.

As Ruedi says, no matter the arena Jason is always pushing the limits of what is possible on his Walsh frame. He is also widely praised in the BMX for flavouring his riding with a medley of heritage tricks, showing a knowledge, commitment and respect for BMX that few other riders have.

The BMX Wonder from Down Under

Jason’s democratic and dynamic style, and his propensity to go HUGE out of transitions, won him the overall crown at the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup, scoring what Jason describes as “the highpoint of his career so far”.

Jason Watts bmx australia pool

“I’m also absolutely stoked to be a part of the TSG team this year,” Jason effuses. “I can’t wait to work with the crew on new designs, photos and videos and of course have fun along the way”.

Jason will be strapping into the Dawn Flex helmet and the Ankle Support which will help keep him in one piece for the coming year of travelling and riding: “On his trips around the world he inspires all who watch him ripping bowls, parks and dirt,” signs off Ruedi. He is the perfect addition to the TSG Team!”

TSG Dawn Flex Helmet Jason Watts

Jason’s sticker job on his new Dawn Flex Helmet

If you want to catch up with Jason this year then watch out for his video parts with Fast and Loose and Cult video as well as news and views of his latest antics right here on

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And follow him on instagram @wattzup

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