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We asked our team riders what their top 8 new TSG products are this season. Keep on reading to find out.


APRIL 28. 2021

2021 is the year to go biking, whether you’re getting out for your daily lockdown burn, commuting to work, busting air in rhythm sections or letting off steam on single track.

For this reason the team at TSG asked our bike pros and staffers to work up a list of 8 must-have 2021 products that you shouldn’t get in the saddle without. Here’s what we came up with.

TSG Ridere Hannes Klausner

Hannes Klausner is excited about the new season.

1. Catchy Glove

Swiss American biker Chris Räber, who rides for our MTB national team, brought the idea of a super slim, fitted glove with grippy palms to the TSG table. “Wearing gloves always felt kind of weird to me since I have huge, thin hands and very long fingers,” recounts Chris. So for years Chris rode without gloves.

In response TSG created the Catchy Glove, a supremely snug, comfortable, access-all-areas glove with a sticky palm and index, forefinger grips for exact control over brakes and bars. Chris now has a glove that stretches to fit his hands and avoids crumpling on the grips. And it has zonal grip for a precision ride. “I am so stoked on the Catchy Glove,“ Chris says, “I won’t ride without them.”

mtb glove TSG catch glove

The new Catchy Glove fits like a second skin.


2. Tahoe Zip A and Tahoe Cap A

You don’t win a rack of top 10s on the world tour and get elected Red Bull Rookie of the year without taking some tumbles. Perhaps that’s why Lucas Huppert is so stoked on the original Tahoe A Kneeguard, Kneeguard Tahoe Zip A and Tahoe Cap A, with its outer plastic cap:  “The Tahoe is my absolute favourite knee pad,” says Lucas, amped that it now comes with a zipper.

Now I don’t even have to take off my shoes

bike protection TSG Kneeguard Tahoe Zip

Featuring Tahoe performance with the benefit of a zip for easy on and off.

bike protection TSG Kneeguard Tahoe Zip

Lucas is also stoked on the stretch neoprene sleeve of the pad with its tear-resistant nylon, which is super comfortable and secure. It keeps the double layer knee protection – a conformable inner ACF impact-foam soft cup and flexible plastic cap under the tear-resistant nylon – in place even through slides. It’s lightweight construction and inherent comfort make it perfect for all-mountain, dirt and park riding. And as Lucas points out, “now I don’t even have to take off my shoes to put on my protectors! Thanks TSG.”

Find out more about our Amplified Soft-shell Design that is used in the Tahoe Zip A

The Tahoe Cap A features an ACF foam inner cap with a flexible injection-molded outer cap. This is the right choice for all riders that prefer a plastic outer shell. 

bike protection TSG Kneeguard Tahoe Cap A

Lucas is putting on and testing the new Tahoe Cap A with a flexible outer cap.

3. Ankle Support 2.0 with new lacing system

Daniel Wedemeijer sends it for the TSG global BMX team and is more than familiar with the bite of pedals on his bony ankles. For this reason his top protection pick for 2021 is the Ankle Support 2.0, whose supportive and protective features have spared him torsional twists, knocks and bruising for years. The new 2.0 version now comes with a super easy lace free strap-in system.

protection I’ve been dreaming of

“The Ankle Support 2.0 is the protection I’ve been dreaming of,” reckons Daniel, who is stoked on the supportive arch, breathable 3D mesh tongue and new fast lacing system: “The strapping system made my life a whole lot easier”, he jokes. No more hassle with laces for Daniel when strapping in for a ride.

TSG ankle support 2.0 protection for mountain biking and bmx

Daniel is stoked about the new easy lacing of the Ankle Support 2.0. You just need to pull instead of binding the straps.

TSG ankle support 2.0 protection for mountain biking and bmx

4. Wrist Brace

Not keen on slams, Daniel also picked out the Wrist Brace, to add to his selection of prime 2021 products: “Sometimes a wrong landing can cause a heavy impact on my wrists,” our global team ripper says. “And the wrist brace allows me to keep riding even after these hard hits!”

The Wrist Brace is a one-size-fits-all wrist protector that as well as providing some support and comfort make for unrestricted rider grip. It features a lightweight breathable chassis and a secure Velcro strap closure for easy wearability. Time to hit the track Daniel!

TSG wrist brace bike protection

The wrist brace helps stabilise your wrist.

5. Pepper Helmet

Our ex-designer Jordi Torres was an essential member of the TSG and well versed in all things biking. Jordi’s pick from the TSG 21 product stable is the Pepper Helmet. A piece of kit he says he won’t leave home without: “From my local trails and bike park to bike packing and commuting, it consistently delivers.” The helmet has a super safe triple-frame construction, held in place with TSG’s Dial Fit and Tuned Fit Systems, and sport-focused 20 vent system to keep Jordi cool even when the going gets hot.

“The Pepper surprised me ever since our first ride out: It looks great, sits properly on my head, is easy to adjust and really well ventilated. “And the adjustable visor also deserves special mention,” he adds for good measure. “You gotta try it out!”

bike helmet TSG Pepper Helmet

Triple frame construction for E-Bike certified safety.

bike helmet TSG Pepper Helmet

6. MTB Crash Pant A

Ruedi is the founder of TSG, and his pick of the 2021 pack is the MTB Crash Pant. The pant combines a lightweight chamois to reduce chaffing and for saddle comfort with a full protection inner, including ACF foam thigh, hip and tailbone pads that absorb 95% of an impact’s energy.

“I love simple ideas,” says Ruedi, “they are always the best.” He goes on to say, “layering up for weather conditions is really smart but layering up for comfort and protection is a no-brainer.” And the Coolmax chamois crotch gusset means you can cut out a layer of protection – Lucky Ruedi!

MTB Crash Pant A bike protection with Chamois

All-around padding with the MTB Crash Pant A.

7. Seek FR Helmet

The Junior Seek FR is arguably the most versatile bike helmet ever. No surprise that TSG now also introduces it in adult sizes. Nadja, TSG’s head of marketing, picked it as her bike product of 2021: “The Junior version of the Seek FR, which we launched last season, was such a great success that adults asked us to produce a larger version specifically for them.”

The cool thing about the Seek FR is you can remove the face guard for climbs and cruising and simply bolt it on when the going gets tough. “It is also made of ABS which makes it way stronger than regular bike in-mold helmets,” adds Nadja, before going into one about its 17 vent cooling configuration, removable visor and precision Micro-Dial Fit System. Now Nadja can rock the same lid as her kids!

Seek FR Mountain Bike Helmet with removable chin part

The Seek FR with removable chin guard in adult sizes.

boy with full-face helmet. TSG Seek Youth FR with removable chin part

The Seek Youth FR fits kids with head circumferences from 52-54 cm.

8. Chatter Helmet

Ruedi, being the boss of TSG, got to pick a second product out of the 2021 line to include in his list of must-haves; the all-rounder mountainbike helmet, The Chatter. “I picked the Chatter because on the one hand it appeals to a more price-sensitive group and on the other fills the size gaps that our Scope helmet can’t serve”. “Plus,” he adds, “it’s equipped with a 15 vent cooling configuration, adjustable visor, and a slam-proof full wrap, in-mold construction with adjustable dial fit system and customisable padding.”

In short the Chatter is equally at home burning through the city as it is on leg burning enduro rides. A proper go-anywhere-do-anything lid for everyone, not only Ruedi.

TSG Chatter Bike Helmet

Starting at a retail price of 84.95 €.

What is your favourite new TSG bike protection product?

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