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Whether you’re an urban biker saddling a fixie, racer, hybrid, foldie or e-bike this super sporty peaked triple-frame construction helmet, with enhanced EPS impact foam protection will protect your head, even in high-speed collisions. The helmet features 20 vents for a cool ride; fully customizable fit via TSG’s Dial Fit and Tuned Fit Systems, which include two removable sizing pad sets; an adjustable visor with two positions and reflective straps to keep you visible on the road. So to wrap up the Pepper defines safety in a comfortable good-looking shell. Enjoy the road!


Full wrap In-mold

Full-wrap In-Mold construction adds a second PC shell for a clean look and additional strength in the helmet’s bottom rim.

In-Mold construction

In-Mold Construction is a technique that connects the shock absorbing EPS liner directly to the polycarbonate shells to create a lightweight and strong structure. In the first step, the flat PC sheet is heated and deep-drawn over the helmet mold. Then the outline of the helmet shell and the holes are milled out. This PC shell is then placed in the helmet mold and the anchors for straps and fitting systems are placed. Then the mold will be closed, and the EPS is injected. Now the polycarbonate shell bonds with the EPS and a super light, yet extremely stable helmet is created.

Strong 3-Frame construction
Amplified EPS

Thicker EPS for more safety even at higher speed.

EN 1078


US-American bike helmet standard



Dial Fit System

The Dial-Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds. An adjustment wheel on the back of the helmet ensures size adjustment and in­creases stability for helmets that do not have our Snug Fit. Some of our mountain bike enduro/trail helmets also come with a height-adjustable Dial Fit System.

Tuned Fit System

Our Tuned Fit System allows a rider to dial in their fit using different thickness pads on the interior of the helmet. Our helmets always come with two sizes of pads. Each size comes in a different color which makes it easy to determine the right pads to fit the helmet to the head. It is very important to adjust the helmet with these included pads. For example, if necessary, the slightly thicker pads can be mounted on the back of the head and the pad for the front of the head can be thinner, or vice versa.

Low Fit

A helmet can only protect what it covers. Our Low Fit design sits low and fully protects the entire back and sides of your head without impairing field of vision or restricting movement.


15 vents

Vents delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet.

Air Flow Channels

Our innovative Air Flow vent system delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet. The air channels have been designed to pull fresh air over and around the head while forcing stale air out.

Adjustbale visor (2 positions)

Reflective straps

Reflective straps and or prints for additional visibility and safety.

Comfort padding in 2 sizes

use it for: beginner, urban,
Certification: NF EN 1078+A1:02 2013, UKCA
Weight: 320 g
Material: Polycarbonate, EPS, Polyester, Nylon
Article No.: 750101-35-147
Head Circumference
54-56 cm
57-59 cm