Protection Technology

Amplified Softshell

Softshell look & feel but hardshell performance




Our Amplified Softshell Construction provides you with a superior wearing comfort while protecting your body against hard knocks.

Learn now how it works.

I. Smart construction explained by Sam Pilgrim

Amplified Softshell is one of our three available protective gear constructions. It is probably the smartest, as it is a soft shell protector amplified with an non-noticable hard protective support over the soft foam.

Mountain biker Sam Pilgrim is a big fan of our Amplified Softshell construction. He explains you in our new youtube video series TSG TECH TALK how it works and how it looks like.

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II. Soft impact foam for a great wearing comfort

All our Amplified Softshell protectors are equipped with our intelligent shock-absorbing foam called ACF. You can recognize it by its blue colour. 

molecular freeflow technology

ACF  is engineered to mimic the physical structure of human cartilage with molecular freeflow technology. Flexible and soft in the normal state but when met with impact, the molecules in our ACF foam form a hard protective shell. The remaining impact energy is converted into barely noticeable heat before it can reach the body.

TSG ACF Impact-Foam

ACF foam insert for TSG knee and back protectors.

TSG ACF Impact-Foam Back protector

It features an excellent shock absorption by absorbing up to 95% of the impact energy. With a thickness of 6 mm: 32% higher shock absorbance than EVA. With a thickness of 13 mm: 97% higher shock absorbance than EVA.

At the same time ACF is lighter than other common PU foams and even after multiple use comes back to its original state. With its semi-open cell structure the foam is breathable and anti-microbial (99% resistance).


II. A little extra provides amplified protection

Soft foam has one big disadvantage. If you fall and hit any sharp object laying on the trail, the foam can get damaged and the object could go straight to your knee or elbow resulting in an injury.

This is why we secure the foam and your body with a very thin and flexible cover made of polycarbonate. This little plate sits right on top of the foam inside the protector.

TSG ACF Impact-Foam Amplified Softshell

A thin and flexible pierce-proof insert inside the pad on top of the soft foam secures the foam and your joints from sharp objects.

IV. Amplified Softshell is available in the following TSG products