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On The Bounce with Max Fredriksson

TSG’s new recruit on the Apparel team



Swedish FMB ripper Max Fredriksson has just signed up to ride TSG bike apparel and to celebrate we fired over a few questions to check up on his and see how he’s liking the idea of a brand new signature line of clothing.


Find out where, when and how hard Max Fredriksson has been shredding and read about his new team kit!

Lets get the bad out of the way first: How is the arm coming along?

The arm is at 110% again and I’m super stoked to finally be fully healthy!

After another bail on the last hit of Crankworx NZ did you go back and nail it to exorcise the beast?

Yeah, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs on that last jump over the years but I’m stoked to get back and conquer it.

We just watched your 2019 edit and see why you describe it as the “best year” of your life: What was your favourite destination and why?

My favourite trip in 2019 was probably the Hawaii trip, together with my fellow TSG Teammate Sam Pilgrim! It was overall the most fun trip I’ve ever been on!

Watch below Max’ Best Hawaii Experience

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As far as contests go, Nines looks so rad: What do you love about it?

The event is always super crazy, the jumps are huge and all the boys together are pushing the limits. It’s just straight up good times!


Audi Nines Max Fredriksson

Max Fredriksson playing with the insane setup at Audi Nines 2018. Photos: Klaus Polzer/Audi Nines

Audi Nines 2018 Max Fredriksson

We are really stoked on your YouTube channel and all the trick tips and stuff – You must get some good feedback off riders who are learning from your stuff?

Yeah, the YouTube channel is something fairly new for me and it’s extremely fun to get so much great feedback from it! It’s a great platform to share my knowledge and experiences!

Who was the most influential rider for you when you were coming up?

Martin Söderström, for sure. He is a fellow Sweed and my main mentor. He has taught me so much over the years!

Also on the subject of videos can you tell us a little more about your “partner in Crime” Theo? And what trick do you always know you got him beat on?

Theo is a great kid. I started riding a lot with him 2 years ago. We rode a lot before but never as such close friends! We love to do fun carnage together and come up with new exciting things to try all the time! Man, it has to be the tail whips that I’ve always got him beat on (laughs)! But he’s getting a lot better at them now!

Wearing protection is part of your everyday life: How stoked are you to be on the TSG crew? And what is your favourite bit of kit that you never ride without?

I’m incredibly stoked on riding for TSG

I’m incredibly stoked on riding for TSG on both protection and clothing! It is such a great company with amazing technology behind the products but they are also such a friendly and personal brand, which I am loving being a part of!


TSG Kraken Helmet

Max rides with the TSG Kraken helmet. He likes that the interior foam is slightly flexible and thus perfectly adjust to his head shape.

Max Fredriksson

Also you have an amazing signature line coming out with TSG now you are signed up for apparel as well as protection: You must be really stoked?

“I’m super happy on working together with TSG apparel on my own signature line for 2021! We’re working together with the super talented designer and ex-rider, Jonas Janssen, and I we’ve got a good chemistry! The line will end up being super sick!”


TSG apparel designer Jonas Janssen

“The Outfit is inspired by Max’s personality and his country of origin,” explains Jonas.

TSG apparel designer Jonas Janssen

drafts for TSG apparel by Jonas Janssen

“It reflects his riding style, which is technical, cool and clean and is not loud or intrusive”. “The colours harmonize well,” Jonas signs off…

Finally, what have you got planned for 2020? And what trick do you want to bank?

I have some sick plans in the pipeline and some oil video projects along with three new tricks I’ve been working on for the contest season! The tricks will be shown when the right time comes, haha!

Max rides save with these products of the new TSG line:

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