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BMX in South Africa

Last call to lockdown




TSG’s Jason Watts did a trip to South Africa right before the Corona Lockdown. The video released after this trip is just epic. 

photos by WAYNE REICHE

BMX in South Africa

Jason Watts together with Greg Illingworth, Boyd Hilder, Dan Lacey, Murray Loubser and Corey Walsh trip around South Africa, riding some of the best ditches, pools and street spots in the world! The vibe on this trip was incredible and the video captures the true energy and beauty of South Africa and the crew.

Jason Watts states about his South Africa experience:

“My South Africa trip was incredible but also risky at the same time. A lot of countries around that time were starting to close their boarders because of the corona virus. I felt as tho it was a once in a life time trip so just sent it and I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

Greg set up the most bad ass trip with some of the best dudes. We got to ride some incredible spots, eat so good food and see so many crazy situations and animals.

Even tho the trip got cut short and I had to fly home early, I still had an amazing time and recommend anyone if they get the chance to ride any sorta bikes in South Africa, DO IT!..

Jason Watts riding BMX in South Africa

One of my favourite go to tricks is a one foot tabes and even better was to be able to make the locals stoked while doing it. Most people who where watching have never seen bmx before and seeing the smiles on there faces was awesome. This session is one I’ll remember for years to come.

BMX in South Africa Jason Watts

Flair tabes – Funny that I only usually do this trick a couple times a year and usually always at a drain for some reason. This setup in the middle of no where was too good not to give one a go and it turn out nice thank you Wayne for the shot

Last call to lockdown

Now enjoy watching the beautiful vibes of this trip and country.

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Jason rides with the Dawn Flex Helmet

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