TSG saved my life

My helmet had done its job

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Australian skateboarder and TSG legend Renton Millar tells you about his last major slam during a Madonna. Luckily his TSG Evolution helmet had done its job.

Story and photos by RENTON MILLAR

Unfortunately I can speak with experience about hitting my head, although luckily I don’t think I have had any majorly heavy hits.

I’ve had over 13 concussions

I’ve had over 13 concussions, a lot that had me out for a second, or a few minutes. None were enjoyable, but looking back I’m just glad I’ve never had to spend weeks in hospital, or been in any sort of coma. I’ve done it without helmets, in many different brands, and of course in certified helmets. For the past decade or so I have ridden TSG, so I can say I have been lucky in that time as I can say as a person with experience, they offer the best possible protection.

My helmet did its job

The last time I had a head hit was this year. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again, but I was very keen, and was skating a rad ramp, with a great crew. It was Jeff Grosso’s ramp in California. And I was stoked to be skating with the man himself.

I started to blast, and I made a mistake on a Madonna

TSG saved my life broken helmet Renton Millar

Renton’s helmet did its job and took all the impact energy. So his head stayed safe!

skateboarder Renton Millar Vert Ramp

As the session got on, I started to blast, and I made a mistake on a Madonna. A pretty staple trick for me, but I got tangled up, and bailed on my board. My body whipped and I hit my head. I knew from the second I hit, it could have been very gnarly, but luckily I didn’t hit really hard. I was in the USA to judge the first Olympic qualifier the day after the next day and I needed my brain!

After I slammed I checked my helmet, as I tried to regain my dizzy thoughts. There was a big crack in my TSG Evolution helmet… it had done its job. I couldn’t believe the crack was so big, but my head didn’t seem to take a great deal of force. I was concussed, but I got out of it.

Thanks TSG, yet again!

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