Bike Trails Flims: Nothing but Flow!

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it is pretty clear that our cooperation with Laax doesn’t stop in the summer. We equip the trail shape crew and really don’t mind business meetings in Laax, which end with a round on their trail. We definitely should increase the numbers of meeting…

photos by bike crew laax


The bike trails of Flims Laax in Grisons are a double pleasure: Runcatrail and Neverend Trail are perfect for a blast. Measuring 7.6km in length and 740m vertical, Runcatrail is one of the longest flow country trails in Europe. Rookies enjoy the waves while pros jump and surf the doubles, tables and rollers. This playground provides maximum flow fun!

perfectly equipped with TSG for the daily work in building, maintaining and testing the trails

Neverend Trail starts at Crap Sogn Gion at 2,228m above sea level and leads over 7km down to Laax at 1.020m. This speedy and rocky trail, with its countless kickers, offers fun galore and combines north-shore elements with wild nature. Neverend Trail is perfect for intermediate and pro mountain bikers who prefer medium to difficult trails.

We love these trails and so have supplied the shape crew with our TSG protection gear. They sent their love in return: “Thanks to the cooperation of TSG and the Biketrails Flims crew, we’re perfectly equipped for the daily work in building, maintaining and testing the trails. Thank you very much for this great support!”

Shaping the banks

Perfectly geared while digging new obstacles

TSG brandig on the bike trail

This beautiful bench now has a special place in our office. Thanks a lot guys for this great surprise!