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Exercising Tricks, Come Rain or Shine

Laax is our second home and the Freestyle Academy is our living room. Read now about our collaboration.

photos by Daniel Ammann

The Freestyle Academies in Laax, Switzerland, and Stuttgart, Germany, are the answer to a burning question: how can I safely learn the next trick and improve my style? It’s why Laax built Europe’s first ever Freestyle Indoor Base! The Freestyle Academy, in the Swiss canton of Grisons, is a modern playground of 1,200 square metres. It features trampolines, skate ramps and a kicker set-up with a huge air bag to land on for snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders and mountain bikers.

This is the place where you can practice your moves anytime, no matter what the weather or season. And in case the sun shines, you’re not far away from the mountain, as Freestyle Academy Laax is located directly next to the Crap Sogn Gion station.

Innovative, quick, and high quality. It’s just fun to work together with TSG

A similar set-up awaits you in Stuttgart. The Freestyle Academy, in the capital of Baden-Württemberg, is the first ever freestyle hall in Germany: 1,600 square metres in size, it’s the largest of its kind in Europe. It provides similar services as the Laax Freestyle Academy and provides ideal training conditions for snowboarders, freeskiers, skateboarders and mountain bikers.

In addition, there’s a kid’s area for young freestylers. No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro, everyone gets their money’s worth at both Freestyle Academies. TSG supplies both halls with protection gear and helmets.

“Innovative, quick, and high quality – the products were tailored individually for our needs and have proved to be very solid. The work flow is always uncomplicated. It’s just fun to work together with TSG”, said Ivan Capaul, Head of Freestyle Academy Laax and Snowboard School Laax.

Big Air Jump for almost all freestyle toys

overview with trampoline area and skate bowl in the background

Huge air bag for soft landing and climbing wall

Explore TSG skateboard helmets and protective gear