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150 Parks in 5 Countries





The people behind QParks have definitely set the standard of today’s snow parks. If you’ve ever had fun in a snow park in Europe, chances are high that one was a QPark.

photos by QParks

When four snowboarding friends founded QParks in 2002, machine-shaped snow parks were rare to find. Today, these structures are standard in all modern ski resorts. QParks has contributed plenty to this success story. The company runs 150 parks in 5 countries today. This was only possible because they have always served as mediator between the local scenes and the resorts. In addition, their professional concepts ensured the highest quality and gave riders the opportunity to have fun while progressing.

safely equipped and in a stylish appearance with TSG

Events such as the QParks Tour as well as special formats for girls and youth have made sure that the freestyle scene always continues to grow. TSG provides protection gear for the park team. The Head of Events QParks, said: “About 250 shapers are working day by day on the mountain for our snowparks and funslopes. Each and every jib and jump is tested by the crew itself, who is always safely equipped and in a stylish appearance with protection from TSG.”



The beautiful QParks TSG collab Gravity helmet

Staff testing the park

The shaping crew is happy after a long day of work

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