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Wearing the right protection

How mountain bike enduro champs stay safe




Mountain bike racers and enduro champions Mary & Mike regularly put their bodies on the line. So they know exactly what gear they need to stay safe. Read more about Mary McConneloug’s experiences.

by MARY MCCONNELOUG  – 23. April 2020

I. Why we ride with TSG

As racers, putting our bodies on the line is something we do regularly, with out abandon… Giving time and energy into being fit, healthy and ready to go has become second nature. The gear and protection we use in training and competition is key to staying safe.

Designed in Switzerland

mountain biker going down

Mike sends it, landing on the masters podium EWS Rotorua, New Zealand – wearing the Advance Carbon Full Face Helmet and the Knee-Shinguard Temper A 2.0. Mary on a scenic ride in front of the Matterhorn.

Mike and I are stoked to be partnering with TSG  for our helmet and body armor protective needs. All TSG products are well designed (in Switzerland) by athletes for athletes, so they are comfortable, low profile and offer the best sport specific protection to athletes of all levels. From Kids to professionals, TSG strives to comply with or do better than certification standards!

Mary McConneloug mountain biker

Zermatt offers some epic rides.

II. Protective gear that keeps its promises

This year, I took a few good tumbles, hits, dings and ‘over the bars’ – even landing on my head and face in two cases! I felt lucky, or more like prepared (!), to get up unscathed. I could feel the impact was cushioned perfectly inside my helmet, protecting me from serious harm.

Sport can be dangerous – so please arm yourself!

Thank you TSG for having our backs!

Mike Broderick mountain biker

Mike fully kitted in TSG in Canazei, Italy at the EWS Val Di Fassa 2019.

wearing the right protection

If you are brainstorming for your next piece of protection or a useful cool gift – check out TSG’s bike safety gear for every rider type. From helmets to ankle pads and everything in between, a snug low profile fit is key to both comfort and safety.

Here’s a little video of me showing some of the pieces I ride just before racing in Northstar, CA.

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Watch more of our videos here:

Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug mountain bikers

Ready to ride! Mary and Mike above Val di Fassa in Italy.

III. What protection we wear

Thanks to TSG from protecting our greatest assets – our head and bodies!

IV. Some words about the current lockdown situation

It has been a challenging few months.  With pressure to get ready for the race season, prepare physically, mentally and financially to set out on another year of racing always takes a lot of energy… And then with the current global situation with Covid19 is like having the rug pulled out from under us all, so to speak. It is unfortunate that we have to postpone our racing and travel but we fully respect the decisions to postpone our events as the health of the world is the priority.  

To all the riders out there we would like to say – Be patient with this process, and proud of the work you have put into your fitness, it is not over!  keep smiling and seek your next goals on the horizon as you continue to flow this trail in a positive way.

We are in this all together. It is a time to think outside the box, find new ways to connect and enjoy life.

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