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The Snowboarding


Three generations united by one activity



Three generations, one passion! The Krebernik family has snowboarding in their blood. And they are still riding together as a family from granny to grandchild. 


The Snowboarding Family – just unique

The Krebernik family, aka The Snowboard Family, has been shredding since the mid-eighties and nowadays three generations of them hit the slopes together.

He said “You are a snowboarding family!”

Snowboarding unites this amazing family so we wanted to know a few more things about them. We asked Lilo, who is the Father of the four children, to give us the lowdown on his unique family and his thoughts on kids wearing protection whilst snowboarding.


Lilo, can you tell us a little about The Snowboarding Family?

We are nine riders aged between 4 and 76 years (young), made up of three generations from Grandpa down, and have been snowboarding for quite a while. When we started in the mid-eighties it was unusual to have both parents go riding with their kids. One day in 1988 we met Bert LaMar in Sölden and he was surprised to see all of us riding together. He said “You are a snowboarding family!” so that’s where the name came from.

The Snowboarding Family

The Snowboarding Family – fully kitted out and ready to hit the slopes

The last three seasons have been more intense than ever as the kids have started to ride more so it was a good excuse for all of us to shred more. Grandma has restarted after a break of more than ten years so she could ride with the Grandkids. It’s quite special for us to have Grandparents share the passion with the kids!


When you started snowboarding in the mid-eighties what reception did you get at your local ski resort?

Dieter bought his first board in 1986. He was a skiing instructor back then at the local resort, and already in his forties, so people thought he was crazy and that it would only be a craze. A year later his wife Ingeborg and Lilo and Mac started riding on snowboards, or snowsurfers, and Dieter took part on the first official course to become a snowboard instructor. We have never stepped back on skis since and looking back at it now one would call us crazy 😉

The Snowboarding Family

Grandpa Dieter enjoys riding the slopes with 4 years old Ferry


So it’s good for everyone that attitudes have moved on which has allowed progression in skiing as well as snowboarding?

Things did change of course, some for the better but others not really. It’s definitely great that there are more suitable products out there now, especially for small kids because when we started out the children’s equipment was all DIY.

But then again, it was great to have all the powder for ourselves as there weren’t any skiers in the backcountry, just a few snowboarders who rode really well. Even thought it was a different time, riding with the kids still feels the same, it’s about pure fun!


Do you feel that attitudes towards wearing protection on the slopes has changed for the better?

That’s a tricky question, the biggest plus is that the individual decisions are now easier to make. There are great products out there and everyone can decide what they want to use. And it’s nice to have a wider range of gear, so there’s a good fit for every rider if they want to use a certain item.

The Snowboarding Family

The Snowboarding Family

A big family means a huge amount of gear!


Why do you choose TSG for your kids’ protection?

We grew up using TSG protection in skateboarding and we even still have some of the old skateboard bags from ’89 at home (and packing slips, no joke!). All the photos we have from back then, we’re using these pads, with the legendary spider design.

The Snowboarding Family Lilo Krebernik Judo Fakie The Snowboarding Family Lilo Krebernik skateboarding in the 80ies

Lilo skateboarding in the 80’s with TSG helmet and pads

And that was also the same year when we met Ruedi Herger at a snowboard event in Sölden. Our paths have crossed every now and then and when he got involved in the TSG brand Kathi designed a few helmets for them. 

TSG Lotus Helmet design by sixxa, Kathi Macheiner 

TSG Lotus Helmet design by sixxa, Kathi Macheiner

Here are two examples of Kathi’s work for TSG. The Lotus helmet with Kathi’s “Circus” (2010) and “Sixxa” (2011) designs.

So when the kids started riding it was an obvious choice! It’s great to see the product portfolio grow and that the kids really benefit from it. It’s also great to work with a brand, and the creative minds behind it, that have been in the sport for so long!

The Snowboarding Family - Hedi

Hedi in powder heaven! She relies on the TSG Expect Mini Goggle, for crystal clear vision, to choose her lines


What TSG helmets and Goggles do the kids use whilst snowboarding?

They are all currently riding Arctic Nipper Maxi helmets with the Expect Mini goggles and lately the backbone vest junior. It’s great that there are vests specifically designed for small kids!

The Snowboarding Family - Wally snowboarding kids

When you see Wally snowboarding you know she is having fun

The Snowboarding Family - Wally snowboarding kids -


Do they choose the colour/design?

Each of them has a favourite colour and usually they try to match their clothes as well somehow. There are enough options for them to combine and it’s great to see how they go for different designs! I guess they would prefer designs that Kathi did but, who knows, maybe there’s another design up her sleeve in the future? It would be fun to see the kids ride with her graphics 😉

The Snowboarding Family - Wally and Hedi snowboarding kids

Wally and Hedi fully equipped. These kids have style! Colour-matching their Arctic Nipper Maxi Helmets and Expect Mini Goggles to outerwear and boards.


Do you worry at all when the kids are on the slopes?

It’s tricky at crowded resorts in high season as sometimes you do have the feeling that many others don’t know or respect their own limits. They go too fast and don’t pay attention. We’re less concerned about the kids trying things or going fast than others possibly crashing into them. That’s why helmets and back protectors are really important!

The Snowboarding Family - Ferry- Kids that snowboard

4 year old Ferry is already sliding over boxes in the park so it’s a good job that he is fully protected with TSG


What other sports do the kids participate in and do they involve wearing TSG?

They skateboard and use the Skate helmets, the TSG Meta in XX/XS and the Nipper Maxi, as well as the Junior Padsets (knee and elbow pads). 

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The Snowboarding Family - skateboarding with TSG skate protection The Snowboarding Family - skateboarding with TSG skate protection

If you are a good skateboarder, snowboarding should be a piece of cake. The Snowboarding Family kids have fun on any board.

They also use them whilst riding their BMX bikes.

The Snowboarding Family - riding bmx with TSG protection Kid with helmet

BMX ride in summer

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Finally, can we get a couple of fun statements/comments from the kids about their TSG protection? Let’s put a smile on the readers’ faces!

They call their back protectors “Turtle Vest”! So every time we go snowboarding one of the last questions will be “Turtle”? Even though most of the time they already have it on! And they love the helmets when they try to do breakdance moves because it’s much easier for them to do headstands on the helmet and rotate!

The Snowboarding Family - Kids in gondola with TSG back protector The Snowboarding Family - Kids in gondola with TSG back protector

Hedi doing a great turtle impression with TSG Backbone Junior Vest

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