TSG saved my life

I missed the bars whilst barspinning

Roland’s story

Roland was trying barspins on dirt and after an initial successful attempt he missed the bars and fell heavily.

Text and photos by ROLAND JANKU

I. TSG Saved My Life – Roland’s story

I was trying barspins at my local dirt jumps. I landed the first one but on the second attempt i didn’t catch the bars and crashed heavily hitting my head on the ground.

I was thinking I had suffered brain shake

I got up and felt ok but two minutes later I couldn’t remember what had happened (I thought I maybe had suffered brain shake).

My friends called my Mother and she picked me up and we drove to the hospital. After examination they told me that I had indeed suffered brain shake but due to wearing a helmet it was only minor and they allowed me to go home.

Roland’s head was saved by the TSG Evolution helmet. Here is a photos after his crash. Still looks pretty good! But remember to always replace your helmet after a crash on the head. 

TSG Evolution Helmet after a crashTSG saved my my - Roland's story

II. Video of Roland’s crash

Roland’s buddy filmed his crash.

III. Well protected

Want to check out the helmet that saved Roland’s head?

Anatomically designed bike and skateboard helmet featuring a tough hardshell construction. The low fit protects all the useful bits of your noggin. 460 grams.

The Evolution comes with a snug fit that curves anatomically around your head for a great fit and tailored wearing comfort. This helmet fits without jiggling, no sizing band needed. The inside pads are washable and come in two sizes.

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