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Must-Have Skate Products

Our pro skaters reveal their favourites




It’s the TSG Skate team’s turn to tell you which TSG products are their favourites, so drop into a world of products with the rippers who push them the hardest. Read on to find out their essential must-have items for street, vert and the park. 

I. Poppy Starr Olsen: Nipper Maxi Helmet

“My must have is the Nipper Maxi helmet. I know that it is sized to fit kids as young as 6, but it feels so comfy and with the Tuned Fit System it fits my head so perfectly. It’s light and protective and I feel safe skating in it!”

I love it

TSG must-have skate product Nipper Maxi Helmet Poppy Starr skateboarding

Poppy sails out of the lip in the TSG Nipper Maxi Helmet

“I have so many competitions around the world and it doesn’t weigh much in my luggage. Normally I can take a couple of different colours to each comp. I love it”.

The Nipper Maxi Helmet’s ultra-light in-mold construction makes it a real featherweight, weighing only 250 g, just like the Ivy helmet which also features the same build.  

See all our super light Nipper Maxi and Ivy Helmets:

II. Jono Schwan: Meta Helmet & Force V Kneepads 

“My must-have product is definitely the Meta helmet! The design fits my head perfectly, it’s so light it doesn’t move about when I skate, and most importantly, it’s certified so I can completely trust it and just focus on learning new tricks”.

Skateboarder Jono Schwan  TSG must-have skate product The Meta helmet

edit caption for Jono Schwan

Check out this episode of “What I Ride” where Jono explains what he likes about the Meta helmet.

The Meta helmet comes in 4 combined sizes to fit a broad range of head sizes from 48-62 cm.

“I also really love the Force V Kneepad. It is light, fits your knee really well, so I still have your full range of motion, you don’t have to worry about it sliding around, and it has really good foam in all the right places, so I know I can always trust it”.

Explore our complete Force knee pad line:

III. Pontus Bjorn’s all times must-have: Force III A Kneepads

“My must have products are the Force III A Kneepads”.

A good pair of kneepads is a must-have to save your feet, knees and back while skateboarding

Pontus Björn puts his pads to the test on vert.

TSG must-have product skateboard Pontus Björn TSG Force IV Kneepads

“To be able to do the thing you love for a long time in life you need to look after your body. A good pair of kneepads is a must-have to save your feet, knees and back while skateboarding. After skating vert and big transitions for almost 20 years I have tried all sort of kneepads and have felt the difference on how they absorb impacts. The best one I have tried so far is the Force III A, which fits perfectly and makes slams so much smoother!”

Shop the TSG Force III A Kneepads: CLICK HERE

Now you know which products our skateboard pros are rocking go check out our TSG skateboard gear.

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