TSG Saved My Life

Young Rippers Need Full Face Protection Too!

Philip Metzler’s story





Philipp went over the bars and onto his face but luckily he was wearing his TSG helmet. Thanks for sharing your TSG saved my life story.

Photos by Philipp Metzler


Philip had received his TSG Squad helmet as a gift on Easter Sunday as his riding was improving daily and he had progressed on to bigger jumps. The fall that he experienced was exactly one week later.

All day he had been sessioning the cable car playground and hitting various jumps, getting more airtime on each attempt. For such a young rider Philip has a lot of natural “pop” and bike skills. His whips are already pretty dialled-in!

I rode over the ramp and then tilted over in front, although I had to go home.

As is often the case, Philip was having so much fun shredding the park that he overstayed his time to head home. He set up an additional ramp at the jump-off point to get even more air and rolled in again. Unfortunately, this time the “one more run” Crash Gremlins were waiting for him and he fell heavily going OTB (Over The Bars) and onto his face.

TSG saved my life main teaser full-face helmet after crash

Philip’s Squad Junior helmet after the crash.

TSG saved my life young boy kid on bike

Fortunately he didn’t suffer any head or facial injuries as his TSG Squad Full Face helmet took the brunt of the slam and dispersed the impact force. This resulted in nothing more than a fractured chin protector. It’s a much better scenario to have to replace a helmet rather than face a trip to the Hospital!

His parents believe that with a normal, open-face, bicycle helmet he would have surely injured himself, because the chin protector of the squad was cracked. They are very thankful that Philip chooses to wear a full face helmet and will continue to do so.

Philip loves riding his 16” bike everywhere and is very happy that, due to TSG, he can continue to do do.

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