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Must-Have BMX Products

BMX Team Riders reveal their favourites




You’ve already heard from our MTB riders as to which TSG product is their favourite and now it’s the turn of our BMX team riders. They reveal the essential must-have item that they cannot do without when they’re off to ride the streets or park. Similar to the MTB riders choices it’s a varied list, so read on to discover what the Pro riders rely on.

I. Daniel Wedemeijer’s must-have product: Ankle Support

“My must have product is the TSG Ankle Support. For years I have been riding BMX with them and it surprises me every time how good they help during heavy impact”.

A must-have for every bike rider

TSG Must-Have BMX product Ankle Support  Daniel Wedemeijer

Daniel Wedemeijer never riders without the TSG Ankle Support.

BMX rider Daniel Wedemeijer TSG must have product

“Everyday I’m riding my BMX to the fullest and this wouldn’t be possible without the TSG Ankle Support. This is not only a must have for myself but should also be a must have for every bike rider!!!”

The Ankle Support comes with  wraparound velcro construction and a lace-up fit system. It stabilises your ankle to prevent against sprains and other ankle-related injuries. The hems are flexible and the 3D mesh padded tongue offers max wearing comfort.

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II. Lara Lessmann and the Evolution Helmet 

“My all time must-have is the Evolution Special MakeUp Helmet, not only because it looks very special, it’s also comfortable and fits perfectly. Throughout the years it saved me several times, no matter where on the globe it follows me and my bike”.

TSG must have product bmx Lara Lessmann TSG Evolution Helmet clear white

Lara loves our Evolution helmet in clear white

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III. Jose Cedano’s must-have bmx product: Knee-Sleeve Joint

“My must-have product is the TSG Knee-Sleeve Joint. They are incredibly light weight and it feels like you’re using nothing plus they are super strong”.

I knew these were going to be my must have for ever!

“I had my first big fall with them in the last FISE stop in Japan where I went straight to my knees and absolutely nothing happened! After that I knew these were going to be my must-have for ever”.

TSG must have product bmx Jose Cedano TSG Knee-Sleeve Joint

Jose never rides without the Knee-Sleeves Joint

TSG must have product bmx Jose Cedano TSG Knee-Sleeve Joint

“I would never ride without them because I barely know they are there and if you’re using bigger pants you can’t even tell you’re wearing them, that’s for all the people that doesn’t like using big pads but still being 100% protected”.

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