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Must-Have Bike Products

Bike Team Riders reveal their favourites




Every rider has a favourite item that they cannot do without. It’s the first thing they grab before a session. We asked some of our team riders what their must-have product is from the TSG range. Here a some of their answers.

I. Matt Jones: Evolution Helmet

“My must-have product this season is the TSG Evolution Helmet. It has always been my number one choice of helmet for slopestyle and dirt jump riding”.

It gives me confidence to send it harder

TSG must have product bike Max Matt jones Evolution Helmet Red Bull

Matt with his must-have TSG product, the Evolution helmet, on his local dirt compound

TSG must have product bike Max Matt jones Evolution Helmet Red Bull

“This year I’ll be riding more dirt jumps than ever, going on road trips and hitting new spots so to have a helmet that is fully tested and proven literally gives me confidence to send it harder, go bigger and have 100% faith in the safety of my helmet”. 

The Evolution Helmet comes in many colours and even more designs: CLICK HERE

II. Erik Fedko: Superlight Helmet 

“A Helmet is a must have when you do extreme sports so my must-have product is the TSG Superlight Helmet because it is a safe, light and compact helmet which is perfect for skatepark and also dirt jump riding”.

Erik Fedko loves the protection that his featherweight Superlight helmet gives him so is free to concentrate on his runs. This has earned him some terrific results including a 3rd place at Crankworx Les Gets 2018.

Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

Check out the TSG Superlight helmet:

III. Amir Kabbani: Scope Helmet

“The all new TSG Scope Enduro helmet is my must-have product from the the new TSG collection. Here are a few of my reasons: It starts with the look of the helmet, TSG was able to create a cool and sharp looking design which allows me to wear it with glasses or goggles”.

I fell in love with the new scope right away

“The only thing I need to do is to easily adjust the visor through the three positions by hand. Having a smaller head isn`t a problem either as the adjustable strap and different padding options make the helmet fit perfectly on my head”.

Amir Kabbani Scope Helmet TSG Must have bike product

Amir has been waiting for his perfect trail/enduro helmet and now he has it! His Scope is so comfortable and ventilated that he can spend even longer on ripping down the trail on epic rides.

Amir Kabbani Scope Helmet TSG Must have bike product

“It sits super low which gives me the extra safety I need when it gets a little faster on the trail. The good ventilation through those 20 air channels allow me to stay cool even when the weather is hot.

I fell in love with the new Scope right away. This is the helmet that I have been looking for, for a long time”.

Shop the TSG Scope helmet:

IV. Max Fredriksson: Kraken Helmet

“My must-have product that is always with me is probably my Kraken helmet. I wear a helmet at all times when I’m on a bike and thanks to TSG my head is always safe”. 

TSG must have product bike Max Fredriksson Kraken Helmet

Max Fredriksson rides with the TSG Kraken helmet. It adopts perfectly to his head due to a flexible segmented inner shell.

Like his team buddies Sam and Matt, Max has a cool youtube channel. You should check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/FredrikssonMax

Shop the TSG Kraken helmet:

V. Sam Pilgrim: Patrol SP3 Gloves

The stylish looks are awesome

“I really like the Patrol SP3 glove because of the increased grip I get on the handle bars and of course the stylish looks are awesome, but most importantly I know if I do crash wearing these gloves I won’t destroy my hands because of the slight padding and the material used! And if I’m in the middle of a session and my phone rings or I need to answer a text then these gloves allow me to use my phone as normal without needing to remove them, the dream!”

TSG must have product bike sam pilgrim SP3 Glove

The Patrol Glove comes in the SP3 Line’s colour way as it is Sam Pilgrims favourite glove.

TSG must have product bike sam pilgrim SP3 Glove

Check out the TSG SP3 Patrol gloves and the SP3 mtb apparel line or click to explore all TSG mountain bike gloves

VI. Lucas Huppert: Tahoe A Kneepads

The best kneepads I’ve had

“The Tahoe A kneepads are hands down the best kneepads I’ve had. They are super comfy and slim but still strong enough to protect you from big impacts. They fit super good under the denim pants and are easy to wash in the laundry. Such a good kneepad isn’t it?”

TSG must have product bike Lucas Huppert Tahoe A Kneeguard

Lucas knows how important it is to wear strong knee protection below the denim

Check out the Tahoe A Kneepads:

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