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Kids Bike Helmet Guide

What helmet should I buy for my biking kids?



Read on for our tips on finding the right helmet to keep your kids safe while biking.

Find the right helmets for biking kids

In this guide, we’ll provide practical advice on selecting the appropriate helmet for your child’s biking needs. We’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing a helmet and how to match it with your child’s biking activities to ensure their safety.

A comfortable secure fit is key

TSG Kids Helmets Nipper Mini

Keep them safe while having fun.

What makes a good fitting helmet? 


A kid’s helmet should fit snuggly without wobbling around and should definitely not obscure their vision. A comfortable secure fit will boost them confidence, not distract their minds from riding and keep their mellow in one piece when they do come off.


Good helmets come with adjustability and range from easy micro adjustments with sizing wheel – not to be used to fit an oversized helmet in the hope that they might grow into it – and removable sizing pads. These are a feature of skateboard and slopestyle helmets, and different thicknesses of sizing pads can be used to get the perfect fit. These helmets are lightweight, provide superb coverage and unimpaired lines of sigh and are perfect for kids stepping up their freestyle game.


Children are still growing and their necks are not yet as strong as a full-grown adult. Therefore, a light helmet is an advantage. Our smallest helmets are all built in a lightweight in-mold construction and start at a weight of 210 gr.

What type of helmets is the best for my kid?

Helmets for Mini Kids / Starting out

Kids starting out on a balance bike or riding with stabilizers need a snug fitting helmet, with a deep fit that provides full coverage, including the back and sides of the head. It is also advisable to avoid having a peak, as super groms tend to keep their heads down when they start out.

TSG Kids Helmets Nipper Mini

Helmets should fit low without restricting the vision.

TSG recommends:

Nipper Mini helmet  & Nipper Maxi helmet

Our lightest helmets in the line and the first inmold half shell helmets every made when we launched them back in 2010. Our Snug Fit does not need a dial adjustment system. The Nipper helmets simply fit perfectly and, thanks to their low fit, also cover the child’s temples and the back of the head securely. The Mini Version protects heads from 48-51 cm head circumference. Maxi from 52-54 cm. 

Meta helmet

The Meta is a helmet model for life. We offer it in a total of 4 shell sizes and within the shell sizes there are also size adjustments. So you can start with it as a toddler and as your head grows, you will always find a suitable Meta helmet. Lightweight Inmold construction with integrated size adjustment system. Smallest size Meta starts at 48 cm head circumference

Helmets for Trail riding kids

Once your kids are out riding trails they’ll need to change up their helmet. Firstly, ensure that the helmet has fine tune-ability with either removable pads or a dial system and once fitted the helmet should not move backwards or forwards, so it doesn’t distract them while riding and stays firm in bails – always good to remind them that the chin strap is not decoration but an essential part of the helmet. Also the harder they ride the hotter they will get, so ventilation is key to keeping them comfortable.

TSG kids Trail Helmets with removable chin bar

You can remove the chin bar on the Seek Youth FR helmet and convert it into a open-face helmet.

TSG recommends:

Seek helmet

The Seek helmet is robust thanks to its hard shell construction and super ventilated with 17 large air vents. For kids we offer it from 52 cm head circumference (size XXS/XS).

 Seek Youth FR helmet (with or without mounted chin bar)

The Seek Youth FR comes with a chin bar that can be optionally removed. This means you have two helmets in one.

As your child begins to push the envelope on progression and starts going bigger, faster and higher, you might want to consider a half-shell skate style lid design for more protective coverage.

biking kid on a pump track

A halfshell skate-style helmet like the Evolution Youth covers all sensible parts of the head.

TSG recommends:

Evolution Youth helmet

The Evolution Youth features a tough ABS hardshell in a shell size optimised for youth and young adult riders. The low profile skate-style fit fully protects temples and nape.

Nipper Maxi helmet

Helmets for Park/BMX kids

When your young recruit moves into the park the frequency and severity of slams goes through the roof, so their helmet needs to be even more protective with a deeper fit for more coverage for the back and sides of their skull. A secure fit is imperative in these conditions and it’s also worth noting that they will be spotting landings so a clear field of vision is essential.

Lennox Zimmermann at Butcher Jam in Flensburg

Lennox Zimmermann goes big on his bmx and needs to rely on a helmet that fits perfectly and protects all sides of his head. His choice: The Evolution Youth helmet.

TSG recommends:

Evolution Youth helmet

Nipper Maxi helmet

Helmet for Urban kids

Urban riding is perhaps the most frequent type of biking that your child will do, so comfort, lightness and perfect fit are paramount. We recommend that you choose a helmet with a deep fit and nice overall head coverage, as concrete and cars have big consequences for bikers. Also, on a more ephemeral note, always consider the aesthetic taste of your child, as they will be keener to wear a helmet if they think it is cool. We offer a great selection of colors and designs.

kids bike protection urban biking

Let your kids cruise around town with friends and know they’re well protected with our Meta helmet.

Happy biking kid with helmet

The Nipper Maxi helmet is super light, safe and comfortable.

TSG recommends:

Nipper Maxi helmet, & Nipper Mini helmet

Meta helmet

Evolution Youth helmet

Little child with helmet on a balance bike in the pump track

Let’s go outside and have some fun.

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