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Share your TSG saved my life story and receive a 30% discount for a new TSG product.*

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I. Tell us your TSG saved my life story

The driving force of TSG is to provide the best sport-specific protection to athletes of all levels, from kids dropping into the learning curb to professionals cracking codes on new tricks. Leading the charge is our global team of solid rippers.

The harder the team slams the better TSG protection gets

The gear we protect them with is the same as the gear that safeguards our customers. The harder the team slams the better TSG protection gets as their experience and visionary expertise is fed directly back into our design process, completing the circle that unites every core action sports brands – for riders by riders.  

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Chris Visscher photo by Dominik Bosshard

II. What we offer

You had a crash but luckily your TSG protective gear saved you from severe injuries? Tell us your story, we will publish it and reward you with a 30% discount voucher for a new equivalent TSG product. *

III. How to apply for TSG saved my life

All you need to do, is to fill out the form below completely with as much details as possible. We are going to tell YOUR story but we haven’t witnessed it, so the more info you can provide, the better the story. Add photos and/or video of you with the TSG product that protected you before, during (if it exists) and after the crash.

Download the TSG saved my life form and send it to info@ridetsg.com



* Offer only valid for customers in the USA and Europe residing in countries we ship to.