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Watching Sam Pilgrim – A Life On Film

Sam Pilgrim chats lockdown, airbags, Audi Nines and the TSG SP 5 Line.




We were lucky to catch Sam at home during lockdown to quiz him on socially distanced bike missions, having a blast with airbags and portable ramps and to tell us more about the latest TSG SP 5 Line.


MARCH 26, 2021

If you’re into mountain biking then Sam Pilgrim should need little introduction. However, if somehow you’ve never met the toothless bike wonder from Colchester here is his bio in brief: He started biking at 14; Did super good at contests; loves MTB more than a dog on heat; has made some of the most watched riding videos on the web; and takes sending it to never before thought of heights.

Sam is the guy you want to hang with

Sam Pilgrim

From Audi Nines to long jump contests with inner tubes full of water Sam is the guy you want to hang with on two wheels!

TSG was luck to catch him at home during lockdown to quiz him on socially distanced bike missions, having a blast with airbags and portable ramps and to tell us more about the latest TSG SP 5 Line.

Check it out.

First off, thanks for keeping us entertained throughout lockdown? How much fun have you had?

Lockdown has ended up being really fun because luckily mountain biking was totally allowed throughout so I’ve been able to have fun and stay active the whole time!

We are loving you van full of ramps and packable airbag. That MTB Hopper Ramps and Airbag hook-up is epic!

Yeah this is so incredibly fun and I can now never moan that I don’t have a place to ride because I have so many new options with these ramps and the new airbag. The Hopper ramps can totally transform boring spots into super fun and trickable zones, I love it!

Sam Pilgrim mtb Airbag

This is how to build your own fun setup with ramps and airbag.

The empty streets and urban spots must have allowed you to hit spots that you never expect to be able to?

It’s definitely been emptier on the roads with less cars but there has actually been way more people out walking and cycling so I have actually noticed more people in locations they normally wouldn’t be at. It doesn’t stop the fun though; it just means I have to wait longer until the coast is clear!

Sam Pilgrim

Shredding the bike park in Cornwall.

Also looks like you sent it after the first lockdown with trips to Bike Park Wales and much more?

Yeah we had a nice break in between lockdowns where I was able to get out to Morzine, in France, and shred some real downhill tracks. We also had some great adventures in the UK at Bike Park Wales and surf trips in Devon. The weather was also pretty amazing last year!

Sam Pilgrim surfing

It doesn’t matter on what Sam is riding or surfing, he is always ripping it.

Sam Pilgrim surfing

How was the Audi Nines too?

This event is always a pleasure to be at and the organisation did such a great job at making sure everyone was tested correctly and getting everyone riding on the sickest jumps ever! 


Sam Pilgrim Audi Nines

Photographer Klaus Polzer took this amazing shot at Audi Nines 2021.

Sam, have you missed being out on the road?

Yes I love flying around and visiting new places, shredding sick riding spots and meeting my friends from all around the world. So I’ve definitely missed it, but when it opens back up again, it’ll feel even better! 

Have the travel restrictions made you be more creative? Given you a new appreciation of your home spots?

I’ve always loved my home spots and lockdown has just given me an excuse to ride them way more! 

While we are on the here and now can you tell us some stuff about your latest SP 5 line with TSG?

I love bold colours and comfy riding apparel and together with TSG we created just that! The shirt is made of a moisture wicking material, which keeps me dry even when its mega hot, and the goggle cleaner hidden in the shirt is an epic bonus that I use more than I thought I would! The technical shorts are mega comfy and stylish so I feel good shredding the trails!

SP 5 Line by Sam Pilgrim and TSG

Performance packed into a colourful design: The new SP 5 Line.

SP 5 Line by Sam Pilgrim and TSG

What is the pieces of TSG kit that you won’t get in the saddle without?

If I’m riding my dirt jump bike then I’ll be rocking the TSG Evolution helmet that has been a firm favourite of mine for over 15 years. It’s comfy, stylish, and lightweight, which makes it the perfect helmet for throwing down tricks in.  

When I ride my E-bike and enduro I like to wear the TSG Scope helmet, which is mega stylish, and with endless airflow it keeps my temperature at a good level while shredding through the woods or urban environments! Of course both helmets have saved my brain on numerous occasions and that’s why I couldn’t ride without them!

Sam Pilgrim

Sam wears the Scope helmet on his enduro.

Sam Pilgrim

And the Evolution helmet on his dirt bike.

And finally, where are you going to take us on your first How I See It when we get out of lockdown?

Hmm, I’m thinking about Miami, what do you think?

Stay up to speed with all Sam’s adventures on his YouTube channel where he’ll give you a running commentary on being stoked on life and check out his brand new signature line right here

Sam Pilgrim

Sam and is brother on this crazy sidecar bike.

Sam stays safe on his crazy rides with the following products:

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