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The Vertice Wmn helmet is designed specifically for the female shredder, embodying comfort, fit and all-day lightweight wearability in a stylish low-profile in-mold construction. The helmet features plush fake-fur earpads and our hyped Snug Fit Design, combining a set of interchangeable size pads and neckroll, the easy adjustability of the Dial Fit System and the fine-tuning of the Tune Fit System, for precision fit and comfort. The snugness of the helmet is further enhanced by 12 free-flow vents, while a coated front brim adds a touch of cool and a goggle lock keeps your eyewear in place even in the worst yard sale. Keep your head (in the Vertice Wmn) when others are loosing theirs.
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Full wrap In-mold
Full-wrap In-Mold construction adds a second PC shell for a clean look and additional strength in the helmet’s bottom rim.
EN 1077 B


Dial Fit System
The Dial-Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds. An adjustment wheel on the back of the helmet ensures size adjustment and in­creases stability for helmets that do not have our Snug Fit. Some of our mountain bike enduro/trail helmets also come with a height-adjustable Dial Fit System.
Tuned Fit System
Our Tuned Fit System allows a rider to dial in their fit using different thickness pads on the interior of the helmet. Our helmets always come with two sizes of pads. Each size comes in a different color which makes it easy to determine the right pads to fit the helmet to the head. It is very important to adjust the helmet with these included pads. For example, if necessary, the slightly thicker pads can be mounted on the back of the head and the pad for the front of the head can be thinner, or vice versa.
Low Fit
A helmet can only protect what it covers. Our Low Fit design sits low and fully protects the entire back and sides of your head without impairing field of vision or restricting movement.


Air Flow Channels
Our innovative Air Flow vent system delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet. The air channels have been designed to pull fresh air over and around the head while forcing stale air out.
Coated Front Rim
A protective layer of PC is bonded to the front foam for a clean look and additional strength in the helmet’s bottom rim.
Comfort padding in 2 sizes
Removable soft ear pads and neckroll
Goggle lock
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Certification: NF EN 1077 12/2007 B
Weight: 430 g
Material: Polycarbonate, ABS, EPS, Polyester, Nylon
Article No.: 791410-35-123
Head Circumference
54-56 cm
57-59 cm