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Renton Millar

True blue Australian legend

Renton Millar is a global force in transition skateboarding




Melbourne, Australia


The Shred & Prahran



Years riding

Born and raised in Melbourne, Renton is a true blue Australian legend, with a huge bag of tricks and a personality to match. Skating since the late eighties, Renton came to prominence in 2001 with a standout part in Globe’s Opinion, where he and fellow Aussie Ben Pappas introduced a new brand of vert skating based around innovative kickflip variations and a ‘hands off’ approach to lip tricks. Since then, Millar went on to be a global force in transition skateboarding, with several titles (2003 Asian X Games Gold, 2009 World Cup Overall Vert Champion, 2013 Australian Bowl Champion, 2016, 2017 Australian Masters Bowl Champion, and 2017 Australian vert champion ) to his name. These days Renton announces the big events like Bondi Bowlarama and XGames in Australia as well as works developing the Australian Olympic Skateboarding Team. Whenever he gets a spare minute he is skating Street, Vert, Bowl or Megaramp or hanging with the family.