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Anna Pixner

it’s all about the love of adrenaline, nature and art

Austrian downhill skateboarder Anna Pixner is one of the fastest downhill skateboaders around. We’re stoked to keep her safe on the ride.




Innsbruck, AUT





Years riding

There are athletes out there who you just can’t fault. They’re doing what they do for all the right reasons; taking everyone along for the ride because they want to share the love; and being good humans along the way while they shred as hard and fast as they possibly can. Austrian downhill skateboarder and TSG team rider Anna Pixner is one such athlete. For her, in her own words, it’s all about the love of “adrenaline, nature and art” and “inspiring people to be themselves and believe in their own potential.” That said Anna rides like a demon, which has earned her a stack of rad sponsors along the way, including Powell Peralta, Rayne Longboards, Skoa Trucks, Moreboards, Hanfstube and Gundi Surfhouse, with TSG keeping her safe and sound in our next level protection. “Riding for TSG gave me a big push to give 100% in skating again because after I had a bad accident and broke a vertebrae and ribs I lost a lot of confidence to ride at the same level again,” says Anna. “Since I got on TSG and realized how much of a difference good protection makes I actually feel more confident on my board than ever.” Anna got into longboarding because she was shy riding a park, but then in her own words when she’s in a comfortable environment she’s unstoppable. She is now busy travelling around the world skating fast downhill “with passion, to share it with others and to inspire.” We’re stoked to keep her safe on the ride.