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BMX beyond your daily routine

Lara Lessmann presents her new video




Away from the usual! In this video TSG BMX rider Lara Lessmann shreds on new terrain.


FEBRUARY 1, 2021

BMX beyond your daily routine

Lara Lessmann is a BMX Freestyle athlete in the German national squad and therefore she focuses mainly on training for international competitions and recently especially for the Olympic Games.

Lara Lessmann bmx beyond your daily routine

Lookback Transfer in perfection.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the therefore cancelled contests there were some changes and challenges for Lara this year. After the Simple Session in February there were no more international contests on the calendar and at the latest with the official postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, for which Lara was already qualified, it was clear that this year would bring a completely different character.

Get out of the daily routine

The extra time and travel restrictions forced her to get creative and look around for new challenges in her adopted home Berlin. No sooner said than done, Lara packed up her homies and Mellowpark locals Daniel Tünte and Mati Echeverria to ride three skateparks in Berlin’s surroundings together. Get out of the daily routine, away from the usual ramps, discover new things, have fun and enjoy BMX riding. That was the motto.

bmx Lara lessmann

Lara with her homies Daniel Tünte and Mati Echeverria.

To capture the good vibes of the group, Lara had asked ATAB (All Tricks Are Beautiful) filmer Raph Jeroma-Williams, who was keen on capturing the action with his VX and Super-8 cameras in classic BMX style.

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