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The world of TSG

three decades of shredding safe





Discover the world of TSG: Where do we came from and who are we today.

New video release 

Discover the world of TSG: Where we came from, who we are today and how we’re taking protective gear to the next level in the future. This epic clip kicks off in ’88 with footage from our archives and rides full-throttle through three decades of shredding safe on the limits of action sports. Designed by riders for riders since 1988. Enjoy our new video!


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The World of TSG in print

We went to the basement for you and opened our print archive. We rummaged through three decades of TSG and captured a few gems for eternity.

TSG posters Tony Hawk

Some old posters and catalogs and the Tony Hawk pro model helmet from 1999.

TSG Helmet signed by Tony Hawk

Thanks TSG!

This is the TSG helmet that Tony Hawk signed in 1999 and sended back to us to thank us for keeping him safe. The Birdman tested its quality in a very odd way when he landed on his head doing a loop. The film crew expected him to be in a coma, but Tony was fine.

old TSG print advert skateboarder Sascha Müller

More old stuff from 1999.

See all these cool company logo helmet models. We had cooperations going on with most of the skateboard brands.

the world of TSG

This campaign dates back from 2005.

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