Winter 2018/2019 preview




Team shooting for next season’s catalog

Team shootings are always fun. Especially when they take place at extraordinary locations. At the end of October we had the opportunity to take pictures before the opening in the new Laax Galaaxy. Here is a preview – just for you!

photos by Dani Ammann

At this time of year, it is always a challenge to get up-to-date pictures from our snowboard and ski team riders. The photos of last season were used up and down and the new season is just about to start.

Quickly we organized a shooting ourselves. The Winter 2018/23019 catalogue has to be printed on time. But where is there snow in October? Of course, on the glaciers, where the first huge snow parks grow into the landscape. Instagram and Facebook are full of bluebird images from the riders.

But we wanted something else. We wanted to go to Laax!

Laax has been our cooperation partner for years. This freestyle Eldorado fits TSG like a fist on the eye. But what really appealed to us this time was the GALAAXY: The redesign of the mountain station Crap Sogn Gion. This promised a completely different shooting!

We picked the weekend with the hypothetical opening because we also wanted to take some action shots. But unfortunately, the weather put a stop to our plans. The area remained closed.

Thanks to our good relations and the active commitment of our photographer and Laax-Local Dani Ammann we didn’t have to stay at home.  A huge thank you to Laax.

The gondola on the crap just ran for us. How awesome is that, please?

Together with Elias Ambühl, Michael Schärer, Leilani Ettel and her sister Kona we went on our way.

The boys prepare themselves in the gondola

The shooting starts on the way to the top

Posting over-the-clouds-shots on instagram

And then we saw the new Galaaxy. The Crap now looks like a space station. The sprayers from Zurich needed 5,000 spray cans.

Spotting the new Crap Sogn Gion

We had to enjoy the sun above the lowland nebula, so we first went to the terrace.

Elias Ambühl with the new TSG Sea Beanie and his signature Google Two

Kona fits the Cosma Snowboard helmet and Expect Goggle for women and girls perfectly

Lani is blinded by the sun

Michael Schärer with doppelgänger and the Tweak helmet with nice colour gradient

After we had the outdoor photos in the camera, we finally went in for the lifestyle and portrait shots.

The new interior design is absolutely amazing!

Michael posing in front of a wall with records. If you feel like it, just put on a record…on the way to the gondola

The waiting room of the gondola to Masegn turned into an old library. Browsing allowed.

Elias checks if he finds some interesting lecture

Michael finds his favourite series from his childhood on the VHS wall with old tube TVs

The redesign of the crap is galactic. Original decorations, colours, plants and funny retro details run through the entire mountain station: an old Cola machine becomes a toilet door, a dance floor made of parquet from a Zurich hotel, luminous neon signs with wisdom for the slopes hung up and a sticker shop for personalising T-shirts.

Nothing you would expect from an ordinary mountain station

We definitely had a lot of fun and are looking forward to the awesome photos and the new season in Laax. Thanks again to Dani Amann and Laax for the successful shooting!

The team after an exciting day enjoying some drinks in the Piazza. Check out a new colour of the Gravity helmet coming next winter

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