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This sweater combines a soft touch with a simple and straight design. That makes it the perfect piece of clothing for an active weekend outside or a day at the office.


Soft polyester cotton blend

Small logo embroidery on breast

4Way stretch

Flexibility in all directions for maximum freedom of movement.

Adjustable Hood

3-Point adjustable hood for a perfect fit.


Coolmax® moves perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

Double Closure

Hook and button for a double security.

Oxford D600

Rough structured and tightly woven fabric that ensures maximum tear and abrasion resistance. Treated with a PU membrane it provides water and dirt repellence. A mesh lining makes it comfortable to wear.

Reflective straps

Reflective straps and or prints for additional visibility and safety.

Sunglass Wipe

Integrated micro fibre cloth to clean your sunglasses or goggles.

Ticket Pocket

Small pocket for your lift ticket or other tiny things.


Stay fresh with soft mesh inserts for breathability and comfort.

Waist Regulation

Elastic mesh at waist or interior adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit.

Magnetic Lens System

Our Magnetic Quick Lens Change Technology with self-locating rare earth magnets embedded in the lens and frame allow for a fast, on-the-fly lens interchange. It features unsurpassed retention, coupled with convenient self-locating engagement.


An coating on the inside of the lens absorbs moisture immediately so you can enjoy clear lenses all day.

Active Shell Venting

Channels between the EPS foam segments in our FlexTech instant fit helmets allow heat to rise and are then pulled out of the shell.

Adjustable visor

Tool-free, bolt-on adjustable visor for custom height placement

15 vents

Vents delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet.

Basic padding

Light, interior fit pads: Removable and hand washable.

Closable venting

Control your helmet climate with the one-handed convenience of adjustable venting. Open for maximum airflow, closed for keeping warmth in.

Washable Comfort liner

Quick-dry liner padding: Removable and machine (hand) washable.

Comfort padding

Premium heat-sealed padding that is pre-formed and quick-drying: Removable and machine (hand) washable.

Fogging blocker

The exhalation-fogging-blocker positioned around the nose of your Pass helmet ensures that exhaled air doesn’t flow up to fog the visor. The fogging blocker is made of soft foam and is supplied in two sizes for premium adaptation to different facial geometries.

Screened Vents

Mesh protected vents block insects.

Size adjust cheek pads

Additional foam wedges can be installed into the cheek pads to adjust thickness to fit all faces

2 Spherical lenses (clear and tinted anti-scratch/anti-fog treated)

The spherical lens geometry of your Pass helmet visor supports distortion-free vision right to the periphery. Each helmet comes with two visors: mirrored tinted and clear, for various light conditions. The inside of the visor is anti-fog coated and the outer anti-scratch treated to protect it from light wear and tear. Please note that the anti-scratch applies to the lens and not to the mirror coating. Visors are CE EN174 certified.

Dial Fit System

The Dial-Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds. An adjustment wheel on the back of the helmet ensures size adjustment and in­creases stability for helmets that do not have our Snug Fit. Some of our mountain bike enduro/trail helmets also come with a height-adjustable Dial Fit System.

Full wrap In-mold

Full-wrap In-Mold construction adds a second PC shell for a clean look and additional strength in the helmet’s bottom rim.

Hardshell construction

Hardshell helmets are constructed from ABS or PP plastic. This outer shell gets bonded to the EPS core for a two-piece construction that provides high durability and ultimate high-impact protection.

360 Strap

The strap wraps around the whole limb offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection.

Anti-shift silicone print

A silicone print on the inside of the joint padding supports a slip-free fit and minimizes shifting

Anti-slip cuff

Silicone lamination inside top cuff to keep protector in place.


Ariaprene is breathable, light weight and durable. Air can circulate, the skin can breathe and moisture is reduced.

Buckled Strap

Buckled straps allow great size fine adjustment

Butterfly Strap

No shoe removal needed. Accessible open-back design with comfortable neoprene butterfly velcro closure for easy on and off.

Strong tear resistant nylon

Tear resistant nylon is known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. Used in highly stressed areas, this tear resistant improves the durability of the protectors.

Flexible Spandex

Spandex is used for a thin and low-profile design, easy usability and a flexible and comfortable wearing experience.

Stretchy Neoprene

Very strong and at the same time flexible over a wide temperature range, Neoprene offers great temperature regulation and shock absorbing qualities. Perforated for breathability.

Tough Stretch Cover

Strong abrasion-resistant fabric offers great resistance against wear and is used in areas prone to high abrasion. Extremely durable but still light and flexible.

Open-back design

No shoe removal needed. Accessible open-back design with comfortable neoprene butterfly Velcro closure for easy on and off.

Power Band stripes

Strategically placed PU Powerband stripes, inspired by kinesiology tape, add strength to the lightweight material and significantly reduce movement when worn.

Vented 3D Mesh

This three dimensionally structured fabric offers the optimal properties in ventilation and cushioning for the covers of padding and shoulder straps

Vented Mesh

Elastic and breathable mesh for best possible ventilation. Lightweight and stretchy fabric for additional freedom of movement

ACF impact foam

ACF (Arti-Lage Foam) is engineered to mimic the physical structure of human cartilage with molecular freeflow technology. Flexible and soft in the normal state but when met with impact the molecules in ACF form a hard, protective shell. The remaining impact energy is converted into barely noticeable heat before it can reach the body.

EVA foam

EVA provides great shock absorbing properties, stress-crack resistance and low-temperature toughness. It can be used in multi layers and backed with hard shell caps for a solid performance.


Hardshell covered pads reduce friction against the ground in case of a fall. Maximum protection from impacts often associated with pedals, rocks and other objects found on varied terrain or falls from great heights on concrete or wooden ramps.


High impact strength and low friction caps for use on rough and concrete ground.

Memory Foam

This smart PU foam gives you a great level of comfort and safety. It absorbs impact, is comfortable and soft to wear and adapts to create an individual fit.

Pure Softshell

Soft foam protection for the softest and most flexible performance. Your choice when you prefer wearing the most comfortable pad but still want reliable support

UV Protection

TSG lenses offer a 100% UVA and UVB protection

EN 1621-2 certified

European standard for back protectors

EN 1621-1

European standard for motorcyclist protective clothing, harmonised for mountain biking

CE certified

The protector is CE marked to denote compliance with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

EN 14120

European standard for skateboard protectors

CE EN 1078

European bike and skateboard helmet standard

CE EN 1077

European ski and snowboard helmet standard

CE EN 1385

European water sport helmet standard

ASTM F2040

US-American snow sports helmet standard

Reflective Details

Small reflective details and prints for additional visibility and safety.

CE EN 1077 B

European ski and snowboard helmet standard

Comfort liner

Quick-dry liner padding: Removable and machine (hand) washable.

Air Flow Channels

Our innovative Air Flow vent system delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet. The air channels have been designed to pull fresh air over and around the head while forcing stale air out.

Removable ear pads

Soft ear pads with comfortable neckroll that simply attach with velcro to your helmet. Your ear pads add warmth to enhance comfort and easily convert for multi-season use.

Certification: 0
Weight: 640 g
Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester, knit fabric, 305g/m2
Article No.: 443834-30-686
1/2 Chest
54 cm
56 cm
58 cm
60 cm
62 cm
Sweatshirt Length
72.5 cm
75 cm
77.5 cm
80 cm
82.5 cm
Body Height
165-170 cm
170-175 cm
175-180 cm
180-185 cm
185-190 cm