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Replacement lens for the TSG Goggle Expect 2.0
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UV Protection
TSG lenses offer a 100% UVA and UVB protection
ISO 18527-1:2021


Cylindrical Dual-Lens
Our cylindrical lens combines the optical quality of an injected lens and the classic low-profile styling found in a thermos formed lens. Curved horizontally while remaining flat vertically, our cylindrical lenses promote better optics by eliminating peripheral distortion.
Anti-Fog inner lens
An anti-scratch coating on the outer lens acts as a protective layer, making the lens more durable and safe. Please note that the anti-scratch applies to the lens and not to the revo (chrome) coating.
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Certification: NF EN 174 :2001
Weight: 24 g
Material: 68% PC (outside lens), 30% Acetate (inner lens), 2% Glue
Article No.: 196650-90-504