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How to install helmet pads

Your guide for TSG helmets

Learn here how to install your helmet comfort pads into your TSG helmet.

I. Remove installed helmet pads

Carefully separate the Velcro strips at room temperature to remove the pads on the inside of the helmet. Do not pull too abruptly, but loosen the padding very gently, otherwise you could tear off the Velcro adhesive points as well. 

Your helmet package contains spare fastening points in case one of the Velcro adhesive points becomes detached.


II. Helmet Pads Installation Guide

Determine which helmet model you have (compare article numbers) and see in the illustrations how to properly install the pads in your helmet. If you don’t know your helmet model, you can see which illustration applies to your helmet by looking at the helmet pad shapes.

Classic Halfshell Helmets

TSG Helmet Comfort Pads Guide


Mountain bike enduro & all-mountain helmets

TSG Helmet Comfort Pads Guide


II. Helmet pads colors & sizes

To help you easily determine which helmet or pad size you have, each pad size at TSG has a different color.* Compare your pads color and see below what size it is.

*doesn’t apply to Seek, Pepper and Chatter helmets.

TSG Helmet Comfort Pads Size and Color Guide


III. Want to know the difference between our helmet pad styles?

Your TSG helmet is supplied with either Basic Pads or Comfort Pads.

Comfort padding

Premium heat-sealed padding that is pre-formed and quick-drying: Removable and machine (hand) washable.

Basic padding

Light, interior fit pads: Removable and hand washable.