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Gamux Factory Racing Team

Solid crew of shredders

We believe that success will come if we pursue our dreams uncompromisingly.







Years riding

TSG are proud to sponsor the Gamux Factory Racing Team, including DH riders Lino Lehmann and top U19 DH rider Mike Huter. United under the banner of this progressive Swiss mountain bike label this solid crew of shredders will be pedalling hard to push the company’s mission to “drive, measure and display” the brand’s unique stable of bikes, with their cool option of customizable biometrics for their customers. With the full arsenal of TSG protection, from helmets to gloves and technical riding apparel to full body armour, the Gamux Racing Team will be able to give 100% on speed and tricks knowing that they are wearing the best in mountain bike safety gear. Mike has already proved himself to be the best in his category when it comes to pointing it downhill. As for Lino, Gamux says “he doesn’t do things by half”, so expect big things from this style master when the competition start lights go green. We’re stoked to have their back on their way to the top.