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Chris Visscher

The Flying Grizzlybear

The guy with one of the best whips in the business.




Rorbas, CH





Years riding

Swiss Mountainbiker and freerider Chris Visscher is a proud member of the TSG National Bike Team. He rips in every conceivable piece of TSG protective kit, from the Ankle Support, BMX Tailwhip Shin Guard, a choice of the Task and Tahoe Knee Guards and BE4 Downhill pants on the bottom half; Raindrop and Insulation Jacket in the middle; and a selection of Advanced, Superlight and Scope Mips helmets, depending on what the terrain he’s riding demands. “TSG got the best gear for pushing my limits”, says the guy with one of the best whips in the business, as his mountainbike shredding lady friend Stephanie German can confirm. “Chris won’t give up until the trick he is going for is not only landed, but landed with steeze,” she says with pride.