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Paul Thoelen

One of the most respected bowl and park riders on the planet

BMX gives me so much positive energy




Cologne, GER


Northbrigade Cologne



Years riding

Paul Thölen is a rare talent on a BMX or as Sebastian Keep from his bike sponsors Tall Order say of his riding: “It is a gift I've only seen in only one to two riders in my 24 years riding and travelling.” That is some serious props which is all the more reason that TSG is amped to have Paul riding bowl, park and trails in our bike protection for the Global Team. Paul got hooked on BMX age five, when his dad gifted him a Props BMX DVD. “A year later me and my older brother got our first bikes for Christmas,” Paul regales “and I didn’t stop riding since!” Vans hooked him up in 2013 after slaying a bunch of am contests, and in 2018 Paul was initiated into the Vans BMX Pro Cup Tour, which he describes as his favourite contest ever. “Other than that I entered countless other events over the years, including UCI World Champs and the Red Bull Shipyard event in Santander,” he adds, but according to Paul the reason he truly loves BMX is being part of the community. We are stoked to be supplying him with protection while he pumps and jumps his bikes around the world, with the Meta helmet and Catchy gloves rating top of his must-haves while in the saddle. “I’ve always struggled to find a helmet with the right fit for my head,” he told us. “And the Meta is the first one that fits without any modification.” We are stoked to be along for the ride Paul!